whoa welcome back to what's inside today we have an interesting one when I was at CES back in January of 2018 I saw a product that I thought was super interesting drifting board drifting board there were these shoes that you put on your feet and they're like a

Segway or a hoverboard yes you do put it on your feet and you basically can just ride along the ground like a Segway we have a friend named Keaton his channel called tech smart he's in LA we are in LA you've probably seen a couple of our videos

from here we hit him up because he has the actual Segway version and also the cool wheel ones so we want to see what's the side of a cheap Chinese knockoff version of the hover wheels versus the expensive hover wheels are these a new trend or are they

going to fade away and die like the regular hoverboards did they're dead are they exploded in people's houses because the batteries didn't work this video might get dangerous that's the right one this is oh the text bar HQ right here it's a lot nicer than our office okay

before we get into the hover shoes and all the different other shoes got a few questions I'm gonna hold the hammer I feel cool it's like my microphone how many things do you have in this office that say supreme on them oh geez it's out of my control

I'm not buying it anymore we already found this what's up with this oh it's Rick that's the supreme brick so this cost 30 bucks retail if $30 for a brick so stupid I know it's dumb yes there we go supreme Lawrence we got a Kermit the Frog three

different colors [Music] supreme magazines that that's a thing that is done for some young kid when I bought this then I knew last year supreme everywhere it's not who I am anymore that hike beast coming through and then also this is the fancy office this is what you

see in the background right here and then look what you don't see is we're actually in a giant office space with like noise dampening stuff up here or thinking go yeah that is a cool hat even though he does know how to put on straight it's still cool

no it's never straight right here on the ground we found them guys here's the cool wheel these are the ones you can buy right now here's the drifting board and then we've got the Segway these are the oh geez so people in the world have these obviously less

than ten Wow Justine has a pair we have a pair I don't know anyone else that is a pair but Dan had these two nobody no one has Wow okay so I got those at CES but now what we're gonna do is we're gonna change my vlogging camera

that shoots in 4k and we're gonna switch to the setup the fancy setup you ready for this ready give him a give him a snap or something to make it happen and we're like wow look at this now that was really just editing if you didn't know no

I probably took this ten minutes and stop so okay so this is the drift board which I mean I got to give them credit because their logo on the top is money that is oh it couldn't of been better thank god you're just like the Michelin Man that

it's the Michelin Man like the tire guy yeah like you see that and you're like I have to have these shoes whoa Dan see what I'm talking about so this is the difference oh one of the wheels is just normal the other one has the motor no way

and they have two wheels so they're not even hovering but I tried them still have a little bit of juice on they're not the same as the other ones because Lincoln's show us what these ones do these ones so vroom like a turtle no these are basically levitating

hover shoes turn these on it's super simple get the button there oh oh your table we were supposed to keep this careful and not ruin it I did not do that all right there we go okay they're good at peeling out Segway didn't ever come out with the

hoverboards that you saw that were the trend if you remember those hoverboards that people would stand on that were super cool we did a video as one of our first videos to hit like three million views or something crazy we had fun on them and Segway definitely missed

the boat on that they came out with some weird ones where you put like a stick in between your legs I got it I got it of course Marcy's got one so weird they were weird yeah look painful too [Music] these these are the guys this is what

segue the company ninebot I guess came out with to combat then losing all of the market share in the space that they should have really owned really this was the first hoverboard that didn't catch on fire and it was weird with the stick but the range there's an

app we'll put a link to the his video up here you guys can check it out like the whole view of this the W ones cost 399 bucks and they're not out yet you can pre-order them these are called the KU wheels they go for very very cool

even the good thing is they don't detect our fire so they're more cool in that way these go for 499 bucks you guys see the video of him reviewing these writing them all around we need to go outside in the least try it a little bit first let's

go outside this let's go ahead and grab those zip strips yeah you hold it by the wheels it's oh that's why it's the coolest yeah here we go the cool wheels a cool wheel you'd be the responsible and help him out teach him how to do this oh

there goes all right ready link this takes three seconds to learn one foot one foot right now I can't be enough you got this I'm gonna walk you around now make sure your leg so come too far apart good got it you're going so fast look at you

okay you've totally got this wow that looks like a lot of fun now dad dad is so proud you got to be honest here it's not looking like it's that much fun okay let's see how fast you can go if you can go from here to the car

in less than a minute I'll buy you a milkshake ready go what's a milkshake he says Oh took a minute in one second you guys can be the judges you sell the timer no I think you earned that good job buddy all right my turn whoa Dan you

got that there we go whoa we can vlog while we do this come on be nice that check this out okay see got a pair actually I think the identity case to do a video of this in New York City with these I can see why he was

a little uncomfortable like top speed fast feels like top speed and I can walk faster than that right speed test let me see the fastest you can go if you train to be a bigger skater that's pretty quick is quick this right now you are witnessing top speed

and top moves now the Chinese ones these are the cheap ones that I got in China one of them does not have a motor on it it comes with a remote that has a lot of buttons way more than you would think oh I can't even put your

foot on that right I can't even stand on it sing impossible okay come on if you want to try and Link it no Yin do you want to try it at all if I do it's late a milkshake yes Oh how does one get all right Dennett I'll

just hold on to you [Music] I didn't think I could ride that's a world record right there I think the only record – yes no one else has this is the beats by dre hoverboards do not buy them [Music] here's the off Braswell this thing much the battery

I don't think that's a good idea I'll go and I've touched the batteries before oh geez no I'm just kidding okay so here's the battery circuit here I mean we have one two three four five six seven check this thing out I'm curious to see the difference between

the brains of this one and the batteries of this one versus the one that costs $400 the hover shoe how many batteries we have one two three four five only five one of the differences is you can kind of see down here you can kind of see the

metal the wheel does have a big part of the motor inside of it where the other one it's not much of a motor they do look like they're very similar and I'm sure they came from like the same factory the same plant once the Samsung the other doesn't

definitely a lot more brains on this side of things that's how much is this thing again 500 bucks 500 bucks I'll put a link in the description to this thing if you're interested in getting it it is kind of fun but you've got to have some mad skills

like key and to be able to even ride this thing yeah thanks to Keaton for showing us this and guys we filmed a video on Keith's Channel five of the strangest cell phone cases you've ever seen weirdest iPhone cases you'll ever see in the world go watch us

subscribe to tech smart there are lots of fun tech videos hope you guys like this house alright guys subscribe see ya later buddy