What Shoes To Resell May 2020 – Sneaker Drop Information & Resell Predictions (SO MUCH HEAT!)

what is good modern entrepreneurswelcome back to another video on this channel today things are gonna look alittle bit different than usual I'm gonna go over all the resellingopportunities for the month of May 2020 usually I only put out supreme contentfor you guys but there is so many other ways you can make money with streetwearitems just as a little introduction before we get into the video if you'renot aware of all the streetwear brands that do see a resale prices obviouslythere's supreme I have extensive videos about that if you want to learn more butwe also have Palace and FTP I made a video of an FTP live cop from a coupleweeks ago I'm actually very surprised to see that the items that release fromthat drop are seeing some very high resale value and for that Palace brandthat I mentioned they released a national health services triferg thispast Friday and it is seeing quite the resale prices on ebay however that's notwhat this video is focused about in this video I'll be going over every singlesneaker that you should be reselling in the month of May including the drop dateand all the information we know in the drop as of right now but before we canget into all this content I do have to say that even though I get a look atthis lovely face for hours while editing these videos it does take a lot of timeand effort so if you appreciate that make sure you absolutely destroy thatlike button for me and consider subscribing to the best streetwearchannel even though playboy carti absolutely shit the bed when it came topain 1993 I'm gonna still show you guys how you can make a whole lot of breadthis month now quickly before I show you all these shoes my main goal on thischannel is to make you guys some money mainly through reselling products now Ilike to show you all these hyped up streetwear brands because they offer alot of resale opportunities for us however they're not the only thing youcan resell I just wanted to point this out because a lot of you may not knowthis but you can actually sell video games and make a pretty nice profit justlook at this if you think I'm lying here the Nintendo switch retails for $300 butif you're lucky enough to cop one of these limited video game consoles youcan go ahead and sell it on eBay for prices up to $500 that is absolutelycrazy guys I just want to say that you should be keeping your eyes out for anyNintendo switch restocks out there you can make a lot of money from them andespecially if you're able to cop that Nintendo switch Animal Crossing restockwho could be making a decent amount of money but I know you guys thinkin this video for me to talk about no animal crossing let's get into thesneakers dropping this month now I'm no certified sneaker head likeGod if my phone could not interrupt me we could show you these shoes sorryabout that let me just pick it up real quick oh wait this isn't my phone thisis the nike off-white zoom terra 5 I know guys that was pretty slick huh butanyway I did want to show you guys these bad boys that I've been keeping on icefor a while just to show you that I have at least some experience when it comesto reselling sneakers I'm no like king of the court here but I can't provideyou with some credible drop info for these upcoming releases and I'm prettygood at judging resale prices especially with the help of my boo stockxalright guys the very first shoe that you need to pick up this may is theRoyal toe Jordan one this nice looking sneaker right here it's gonna retail at170 dollars and it is dropping on May 9 at 10:00 a.


Eastern Time now this shoeis gonna drop on a plethora of places let me just tell you I'll include awhole list right here but probably most notably this sneaker is dropping on thesneakers at these Jordans will be releasing through a Leo type drop on theSNKRS app if you're new to the SNKRS app and do not know what a Leotype release is they'll quickly run over what exactly this is now if you used tocopping supreme or many others street wear brands they have items that are on thesite and once they are out of stock they are gone like it is first-comefirst-serve for all of these items and a great classic example is like supreme ifyou check out faster than the guy next to you you have a better chance ofcopying that item however with a Leo release that is not necessarily the casea Leo drop does factor into speed so you still should be as fast as possible whenchecking out the shoe on snkrs however instead of just rewarding thevery first people who bought this shoe the actual product sneakers will goahead and kick random winners throughout that batch of the first people whoordered this shoe so speed does matter but there is a raffle type aspect to itso if you're not like super fast at copping shoes this is a good hope foryou as it allows luck to maybe play on your side now of course this brings upthe age-old question of will it resell well guys you read my mind becausethat's exactly what I'm about to show you here obviously is already on stockXeven before the release was some exclusive access that went onprior to this release obviously there's a limited amount of these out so theseprices are going to be higher now than they will after the release however thatis not always the case as sometimes a lot of people take an L on this shoethat they were maybe going for for the personal and the resale can go up afterdrop firstly I think resale will be around that two hundred and thirtydollar range after this release is done obviously that's not that much above the170 dollar retail price but I am still recommending that you go for this shoethe reason why is that I think at bare minimumthis shoe may hit like two hundred and ten dollars that may be the lower end ofthis range but even then guys you would probably break even on the shoe if yousold at the complete wrong time that is because I think this shoe will go upgreatly in the coming years even if you just hold on to this for a couple monthsI think this price will be back around this $270 region and maybe within a yearwe could even see like three hundred and twenty-five dollars now I'm not justpulling these numbers out of my ass if you look at some other royal blue Jordanones that have released in the past you can see that they have some pretty highresale values that is because these are all pretty wearable shoes and I do thinkthe Royal toe will be just as hyped if not more hyped than this shoe as you cansee with this Jordan it released a long time ago in 2001 so it has had a lot oftime to go up in price but this just shows us that a very similar style shoeis performing well on the market same with this one right here in 2013 almostthe same exact shoe released in some kid sizes these are doing very wellquadruple retail for these guys and also for this release in 2013 which was madeup of the actual men's sizes like honestly if you compare the 2013 Jordanwith the Royal toe one they look pretty similar I mean it's pretty much just ablack body instead of a white body if this one is sitting at five hundred andthirty dollars the Royal toe definitely has some potential in the years to comeI highly recommend if you're able to pick up this piece just put it in thecloset and forget about it kind of the same thing I'm doing with these offWhite's here I think these will continue to creep higher in the coming years andwho knows we may see a 400 or 500 dollar Royal toe in like 5 to 10 years next upguys we have the adidas Yeezy quantum basketball shoesnow there's not that much confirmed information on these shoes so I'm gonnarun through this relatively quick they were scheduled to drop on May 15th we donot have any confirmed retailers at the moment however we can guess that they'llprobably be dropping on the adidas website the adidas app or Yeezy supplythese have the potential to be super limited so I would definitely try to gofor this shoe however you should note that it's probably going to be a toughone to cop it will retail for 250 dollars and I would not be surprised ifwe see prices in the 400 or 450 dollar range the very next day on May 16th weare expected to get the Nike Kobe 5 proto Lakers now this shoe is gonna beretailing for a hundred and eighty dollars and with everything that's beengoing on in the recent months this shoe will see a lot of demand behind it thatwith that being said it probably will resell I like a little bit it may hoveraround that $250 mark but guys you should be wary that not many resellersare gonna be welcome on this drop as a lot of the public is just gonna want tocop for themselves however this next shoe releasing on the21st I can recommend to resell a bit more than those Kobe's and this shoe isthe Nike Dunk Brazil low we got that nice green and yellow colorway as youknow I'm a big oregon ducks fan so again I think this shoe is fire this shoe isjust a must cop if I ever decide to go to that U of O but these shoes areloaded into the sneakers platform at the time recording I do not know what typeof release this will be going through and we may see a few more foot sidescarrying this shoe but of course everyone's wondering will this shoeresell and I can safely say that absolutely yes this shoe is gonna resellNike dunks have been very hot recently especially with like Travis Scott duringthat collab that shoe is pretty dope but we've gotten a lot of dope Nike dunksthis year as we've gotten the Strangelove'sand the plumbs as well now with that being said all of these shoes that I'vejust mentioned and the Nike Dunk Kentucky and Syracuse's are above twohundred and thirty dollars and that's really because Nike dunks are in rightnow there's a lot of demand and especially if it's a good colorwaythat's kind of unique your see some resale value now with that beingsaid this green yellow white is pretty unique and it's a pretty good color wayso it's definitely gonna see some resell value I think right off the bat theseare safely gonna be around 200 bucks maybe even closer to 250 so this isdefinitely a great shoe to go for if you're trying to resell some sneakersnext up we're gonna jump to the 23rd of May with the Ben & Jerry's Nike Dunkcollab now this puppy is dubbed the chunky dunky and man it's looking freshthis is gonna retail at a hundred and ten dollars and again you could probablyexpect a sneakers release these may also be loaded onto some skate shops as wellbut we have to see what skate stores actually open and what foot sites aregonna be stocking on however with that being said this is a super unique shoe Imean it's a super loud SB as you know Nike SBS and Nike dunks always see somegood resale value the reason why you should go for this shoe is because it'ssitting at $1500 right now on stock X now obviously prices are gonna get shotdown a ton once more stock gets onto the market but honestly I do think thesecould perform similar to the strange dunks we saw a couple weeks ago thisstrangelove right now is sitting at eight hundred and twenty dollars howeverit was a lot cheaper just a few months ago if we scroll down here we can seethat it released on the 8th of February it was selling for around 450 dollarsright after release it dips a bit like 400 but since then it has steadily beenclimbing and we've gotten all the way up to like $800 this past month it hasreally just skyrocketed up but we can see that about three months after thisinitial drop the price goes up a drastic amountI honestly think these chunky dunkys will act in a similar nature they may bearound that 400 or 450 range to start but these will continue to rise in themonths to come I honestly think these Strangelove's arereally indicative of what is gonna happen with these chunky dunkys and ifyou pick these up just hold onto them for at least three months see if theydid what the Strangelove's did but I promise you guys you will make a lotmore money if you hold them three months rather than selling right away the nextshoe I want you to pay attention to is releasing on May 30th and it's thisJordan one dark mocha now a lot of people are calling this the poor man'sCactus Jack and you can definitely see why it's kind of like that Cactus Jackin a lot of ways it that Nike logo is smaller and switchedthe other direction now if you ask me I really do like that mocha colorway Ithink it would have done well even if Travis never touched on a collab with aJordan one I think these dark mocha ones would havebeen hitters but knowing how well those Travis Scott resold I can tell youthat these are definitely gonna see some resale value as well one very verywearable colorway like even I could rock these shoes and I feel like I cannotrock most Jordans I find however this I could definitely style for sure and Ithink a lot of people out there agree with me it's a very wearable colorwayand if you look at stock X there's not many brown Jordans like it honestly theonly shoe you can compare it to is that Jordan one Travis Scott here I mean youcan see it's very similar this is sitting at a ridiculous $1300 that isjust stupid obviously these won't be as hyped because it's not with Travis Scottbut these are still a for sure flip item I think this will be a lot like theRoyal toe actually however it may perform even a bit better I think rightoff the bat these will hit around 250 to $300 well I would not be very surprisedat all if these hit 400 or 500 in the coming monthsagain this shoe will likely be releasing on sneakers and many other shoe sitesnow we're not done quite yet because I do have to talk about the nike travisscott air max 270 that is releasing this month nowthere was a lot of speculation that this was gonna release on the 1st of Mayhowever all of that ended up to be fake it is not rumored that the shoe willdrop on May 29th I recommend that you keep your eyes on the media around thisshoe as this day it has been prone to fluctuation with that being said a lotof people are clowning on the shoe and I don't know why I actually really reallylike this shoe now they're currently reselling for like a thousand dollarsbut that's because there's like not many of them out there I think once these hitthe public resell prices will definitely go down however I still see these airmaxes being around five hundred fifty dollars to resell there's a lot of dropsthis week just stay with me guys there's a couple more to tell you about and oneof them is actually a general release we have this laser orange Nike SB here it'sgonna retail for $100 and if you're seen the shoe already it's becauseit's already been out in some Japan skate shops currently it's resellingfrom about 200 to 250 I think once these shoes hit the public in the u.


resellmay dip down to like 180 to two hundred but these are still prettydecent shoes to pick up considering dunks are hot and I think if you hold onto these shoes you again will make some nice money that last up I guess we gotto talk about Yeezy's even though I hate Yeezys guys Itake Ls like a madman on Yeezy supply I have never cooked yeezys in my lifehowever I have lost so many hours of sleep trying to get them but I knowthere is money to be made off of them we do have the Yeezy 700 MNVN blackre-stocking on the 23rd of May if you asked me I think it is a overhyped shoe butthese are reselling pretty well might as well try to pick them up I would bechecking that adidas website and Yeezy supply if you want to cop that shoe letme know in the comments if you liked this video and found value in it Ireally value you guys's feedback I want to try something new I actually reallyenjoyed this I have always been wanting to get into shoes more of course I'mmaking this content for you guys so I need to know your opinion make sure youdrop me a comment or join my discord and send me a personal message but if youare needing a bit more modern entrepreneur in your life make sure youcheck out the many streetwear videos I have around my channel and make sure totake that little bell button for me so you're notified every time I post onYouTube I hope you guys have a glorious day peace out.