Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX golf shoes preview

hi everyone Kevin here from golf guyreviews and in today's video we're gonna be taking a look at the brand new UnderArmour Spieth 4 GTX golf shoes now they have a very strong focus onperformance, stability and traction so unfortunately here in the UK we arestill in lockdown so I'm not gonna be able to test these out on the golfcourse so this isn't my for review this is just a preview of the shows I'm gonnarun through some of the tech in the shows because there is a lot of tech inthese shows and I'm gonna let you know what they feel like on the feet I wasactually lucky enough as well at the beginning of March to be invited up toDan Whitaker's Under Armour Performance Center where I actually got a chance toactually look at some of the facts and figures around the show speak to theguys at Under Armour so they could kind of you know fill me in on all thetickets in the show as well as actually hit some balls in them toe so I'm gonnalet you know how I got on with them a little bit later on in the video now Ireally hope you enjoy the video today so make sure you hit that like button ifyou do and if you haven't already please make sure you subscribe to my channel soyou can keep up to date on all my latest reviews of golf shoes, clothing and techright here on golf guy reviews so first of all before we jump in and look at allthis tech that's inside this shoe actually let's take a quick look at whatit looks like so first of all you can see here that they're using a clarino microfiber upper it's kind of like a synthetic leather material andthe upper here is a mixture of this white synthetic material along with thistexture material as well so you've got some on the outside there you've gotsome on the inside and it goes right the right around the hill and the ankle aswell you've also got this big chunky hill support here in the back and againso that's in there for stability and that's got some texturing on it as wellso you can kind of see these square patterns on the actual leather itself orsorry synthetic leather you've got this crisscross pattern as well on thelateral and the medial side and again you can see here you've got some othertexturing on the sides of the foot with these little squares you've got that onthe inside as well the laces are nice and skinnyI feel very strong but they are very nice and small and you've got a fewlittle bits of color on there as well so you've got some black accents on thereyou've got the gore-tex logo on the inside you've got this little bit ofcolor here on the lace pull there and matching the color of those flecks andon the spikes on the heel there and so overall I would say that this isa personally I think it's a good-looking show but it is a very busy looking showso if you're looking for something that's a little bit more reserved alittle bit more quiet and understated maybe this might not be the shoe for youthis is very much I would say a look at me spalsh oh it looks tall ready if thatkind of makes sense you know I expect to see this you know Jordan Spieth isabsolutely going to be wearing this out on the tour next year but you knowit looks like a very kind of professional high-end show andpersonally I think it looks great it also fits quite low to the floor it'snot too big and chunky it's definitely a very slim fit on this show and againthat's more for the stability rather than her looksbut we'll come on to that in a bit but overall yeah I actually quite liked thelook of the shoe and all the things that it's got going on let me know down inthe comments what do you think of the looks do you think it's an improvementon the previous piece yeah let me know so now if we take a look at some of thetechnical details of the show and I think it actually helps first of all tolay out Under Armour's ethos of the show and predominantly what this show isfocusing on is stability and traction those are the two key goals of the shownow Under Armor have gone to pretty extraordinary lengths in regards to theresearch and development that they've done in the show and then added in a lotof tech into the show to try and give you the most amount of traction that ashow can possibly give you now what I'm talking about traction I'm notnecessarily talking about grip so we're not saying that this will grip the turfthe best while you're walking along over your 18 holes what were saying is isthat Under Armour aiming to make this shoe provide the most amount of tractionpossible and traction is basically applying the force of your body and yourgolf swing into the floor because that's where you generate the majority of yourpower from so Under Armour actually employed a gentleman biomechanics anexpert by the name of jean jacques-rivet and he's a French gentleman who is aconsultant with David Leadbetter he has worked for the European Tour and for theEuropean Ryder Cup team and he's a biomechanics expert on the golf swingand a specific focus on the feet and the way that the shoe and the feet work withyour golf swing and so they've worked with thatgentleman and they have really really focused onhow they can get a show to deliver as much power out of the floor and intoyour golf swing to help improve your shots and so really interestingly when Iwent up to Dan Whitaker's performance studio I got a chance to test out theshoes and compare them against other shoes as well and I'll let you know theresults in a little bit of the video but it was very very impressive and there isa lot to be said for getting fit properly for your golf shoes and gettingthe golf shoes that are right for you now let's start with actually howthey've made this as stable as they possibly could so first of all they'veactually worked from the inside out so normally when you think about howwell a shoe grips your feet you think about the straps that apply from theoutside and the way that it pulls across the lever of the show with these whatthey've done is they've actually started on the inside and you might be able tokind of see there is that they've got all these little pillows and they're onthe tongue that go kind of most of the way down the front of the foot there andthey've also got these little pillows on the insides of the shoe as well now thisis called their speedform mapped technology catchy name I know but go with me onthis one so what they say is is that they're trying to get as much of yourfoot in contact with the show as possible and that will allow you totransfer as much force through the floor and into your golf swing when you strikethe ball so what they've done is that they've added all these little tinypillows in because then no one's foot is exactly the same so they're trying toget as much as your foot in contact with the outside of the show and give youthis very very close locked-in fill and I've got to say that this is so far thatall the shoes I've tested so far I would say that this actually fits my feet theclosest of a golf shoe and it fits it pretty much all over so it's not as ifit's just being poured in from one position so quite like that feature whatI would say is that if you like the room in your show if you'd like a bit ofwriggle room then maybe these might not be the shows for you because that's notwhat Under Armour are aiming for they are aiming for performance and theybelieve the best way to get that performance out of a golf shoe is for itto be one with your foot and you can see here as wellyou've even got a lacing point that's a bit further down and a bit wider and youcan see here it's kind of looped in and that one really kind of tries to pullthe show onto the top of your foot so you're trying to be locked in both fromthe inside and the outside as well interestingly they told me when I was upUnder Armor quite an interesting story in regards to ski boots now personallyI'm not a skier so if you are a skier out there let me know down in thecomments whether this actually holds any validity but what they said is if you'regetting fitted for a really expensive pair of ski boots then what you actuallydo is you wear the boots and then you have foam injected around the outside ofyour foot so they fit perfectly so you and your boots are together as one inharmony and that's really kind of the focus and the fault that I've had on thespace for now still focusing on stability if we take a quick look at thefit bed of the show or what I used to call the inner sole when did people stopcalling these inner soles I don't know yeah what you can see is that first ofall it is a very thin inner sole actually that's there because they'retrying to get you as close to the ground as possible again under on my beliefthat that really helps in regards to that transference of power from thefloor upwards during your golf swing and giving you a stable a platform as youcan possibly have now they have also thought about the comfort by making thisa dual density foam so you can see here that you've got a softer foam therewhich will come on your metatarsals certainly on the inside part of yourfoot and then a more regular UVA foam for the rest of the inner sole so youcan see here Under Armor are really really doubling down when it comes toperformance and stability of the show if we start to look on the outside of theshoe now and what first of all you see is you've got a nice amount of paddingon the ankle and heel area it doesn't feel too thick but it's certainly thickenough but if it was nice and comfortable the tongue is very very thinand lightweight you have got those little pillows on the inside as Imentioned there it's kind of cushion and lock down your foot but it is a veryvery lightweight feeling tongue you do get what I experienced was quite a niceamount of breathability in regards to the textile material you've got herearound the heel and on the front the tongue area and actually the overallupper using the clarino microfiber is designed to be very very soft which itreally is it feels nice and supple and but again provide enough breathabilitycouple that with the fact that you've also got gore-tex running throughout theshow it's been hot melt in a belief to the underside of the show and againgore-tex is renowned for his waterproof capabilities as well as itsbreathability so that's really really great with the shoe as well and thenfinally in regards to prove ability you've also got some holes here as wellto help increase the amount of breathability in the shoe so I lookforward to giving these a test in this summer in the heat to see how well thesehold up in regards to the breathability but that's very very important when itcomes to a golf shoe now while we're talking about the upper I did want topoint out as well that you can see here on a few elements you've got like thissquare pattern as well on the outside here and you've got it on the inside aswell and you've even got it on the outside where that lace section is andagain that's all about stability they're trying to stiffen up in certain areasthis microfiber material of it upper – absolutely enhance the amount ofstability you're getting again as well well we're talking about stability youcan see this external heel counter this is a pretty significant chunky heelcounter but again it's all about locking in your heel as tight as possible tomake sure your foot doesn't move about on the inside keeps you locked inposition as much as possible so you can really see how much Under Armourfocusing on stability and performance so if we move on to the underside of theshoe and you can see the soleplate has nine spikes on it and it's a mixture ofyou know the standard kind of soft spots that you get on loads and loads of golfshoes and then you've got Under Armour's own rotational resistance spikes as wellor the rst 2.

0 this is the second version of these because on previousversions they were actually snapping a little bit on the outside so now they'vefixed that by giving them a little bit more flexibility but the whole point ofthese specialty spikes the red ones here is that when you turn and twist throughyour golf swing that actually kind of cuts into the turf and they try to stopyour fit from slipping out sideways so they're really really trying to focus ongripping that turf giving you a good solid stable platforma number elements a highlight with the spikes as well and you can see here thatthey have pushed out the spikes here at the front to as wide a position aspossible and again that's all about it's really spreading the grip spreading theload on these shows to really give you that stable platform now guess what I'mactually going to show you something else that Under Armor have done toreally focus and double down on the stability of the shoe and so you seehere on the sole that actually Under Armour I've got a split design here soon the lateral side on the middle and sort of the rear you've actually got acarbon-fiber plate and again that's just helping out with that traction and theway that you can really power through the show and get as much yet energyreturn from your golf swing and then on the rest of the shoe you've got a morestandard eva foam now Under Armour confirmed this isn't the hover foam inthis show unfortunately that would make the shoe too thick and Under Armourreally really wanted to focus on being as close to the ground as possible withthe show to really give you that connected film so you know maybe infuture versions of this beef they might be able to get to hover foam in therebecause that is a very very comfortable but what Under Armor have said is thatthey don't want the shoe to be too soft their research and development showsthat actually if it's too soft you guessed it you can't get as much powerin the shoe isn't as stable in the golf swing now for some people that could beabsolutely fine because maybe you don't generate your power through the floornow what was really interesting for me is that when I went up to the centerwith them Whittaker and they have a specialist floor met so actually you cansee how much force you've generate in your golf swing and the way that youpush up with your feet um I actually generate a quite a big amount of forcein my golf swing through the floor throughout all of the shots that I hitduring the day I was actually encouraging over 1.

95 times my bodyweight for every shot that I hit now for me what we found was because I generatesuch big amounts of energy and force during my golf swing that actually showsthat focused on providing a stable platform performed the best for me whatwas really interesting about it was that in regards to the distance some shoesdid provide longer distances that's true but it was actually the misses themisses weren't as bad in the shoes that focused on stabilitycompared to the shows that had a big emphasis on comfort and squishiness sosome of the more trainer like ones weren't performing as well for me when Ihit a bad shot and again they put that down at under our mats who actuallyprovided the most stable platform you can possibly have and we ensuringthere's some consistency in the go shows now for me personally I'm not going totake that test and the results and say these are the best shoes ever madebecause that's not weighted of it stability and performance is just oneaspect of a golf show so if that's something you're really looking for thenthese are separately a pair of shows that you might be wanting to check outhowever these aren't gonna be the softest shows in the world they're goingto be comfortable enough and I will let you know my full review how I get on butunder armour have admittedly traded the soft feeling that you can get from theirhover foam and for other phones out there as well as the comfort and havinga thick inner sole and they've traded that to produce a show that can reallyfocus on delivering the maximum amount of power when you are putting falsethrough these shows in your golf swing and you're pushing into the ground sothat's a really really interesting concept how about you guys out therewould you sacrifice a little bit of comfort if a shoe could provide yougreater stability and ultimately help you hit it further and help your missusnot be as bad I think that's a really interesting one hmm I don't know I'lllet you know when I do the full review now I really hope you enjoyed this videotoday of my preview of the brand new Under Armour Spieth 4 golf shoes give it alike if you did and as I say I can't give you them a full review at themoment because I can't get out on the golf course but make sure you subscribeto my channel and hit that Bowl notification so then you'll get anupdate when I actually do manage to get on the course and give these shoes afull review as I say I really hope you enjoy the video make sure you subscribeto my channel so you can keep up to date on all my latest reviews of golf shoesclothing and tech right here on Golf guy reviews.