Top 10 Favorite Shoes & Boots from Nordstrom

– 10 boots and shoes you need.

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Today, I'm gonna help you do that by talking about shoes and boots you need, and all of these are from Nordstrom.

Huge thank you to Nordstromfor sponsoring this video.

I feel like in terms ofshoes, there's nobody that does shoe selection better than Nordstrom.

They have such a hugerange from super high end to comfort shoes, boots, shoes, sneakers.

If I'm looking for a pair of shoes, that's my first stop on my list.

So anyway, I wanted to show you guys 10 of my favorite bootsand shoes from Nordstrom, and give you some ideas, some of these aredefinitely like need basis like those basics and those essentials that I always talk about, and some of them are a little more fun, so they're just more like trendy or just something that would add a little freshness andexcitement to your wardrobe, so I'll kind of delineate which is which as we go through the list.

So, let's get started.

Okay, the first pair ofboots I wanna show you is a pair by Sam Edelman.

It's a suede, knee-high Sam Edelman boot.

They are really cool becausethey sort of pull double duty, you could pull them straight and make them a classic knee-high boot, or you can scrunch them down and give them a little bit more of a casual look and a little bit morelower of shaft height.

So either way you wearit, they look fantastic.

The color that I love iscalled golden caramel.

These boots have sold outand restocked already twice.

You guys may remember, I mentioned these during the anniversary sale so that's when they were first introduced.

So they will restock ifyour size is not available.

I am betting it will restock again.

There are some sizes still available.

They also come in black.

But it's just a great classic boot, like the almond shapedtoe, the rounded toe, the stacked heel, veryclassic, very wearable, very versatile, very neutral.

And what I love about thiscolor, sort of skin color, is that you can wear it, it looks just beautifulwith skirts and dresses.

It creates that long linethat we talk about a lot, and you can also wear it over your skinny jeans or your leggings.

So here, I've paired it witha pair of white skinny jeans which, as you remember, I sayare not reserved for summer.

You can wear them rightnow in the winter season, they're year-round.

So I paired them overthese white skinny jeans and a really chunky dolmansleeve sweater by Topshop.

I love this sweater so much, you can pull it off the shoulder, pull it off one shoulder.

The only thing about a sweater like this that's so oversized and chunky is then when you try tolater a coat on top of that, you have to have a reallyoversized coat to do it or a cocoon coat because it's a sweater, it's just so thick and chunky.

But if you're hanging out at home or if you're going to run errands or it's not that cold where you are, then it's a greatsweater, or you just layer a really oversized coat over it.

But you can alwaysstreamline it a bit more and do like a fuzzy white turtleneck or some sort of whitetop that you really love and that you already have in your closet.

It's just a great look, it's really fresh, it's really different for the season.

It's just so feminine and pretty too like I just, it justbrightens everything up.

I love this look but again, you can wear these bootswith dresses as well, so I did feature these boots on the blog with a polka-dotted dress, polka-dotted maxi dress, that was really pretty.

So you can go that routewith these boots too.

The second pair of boots I wanna feature is a black suede anklebootie by Vince Camuto.

These are great bootiesbecause you can dress them up or dress them down.

So you can wear them withjust jeans and t-shirt or jeans and a sweater, or you could dress them up even more by wearing them as skirts and dresses.

Or in this look, you'll see an example of something you could do fora more casual holiday party.

So you pair the booties with a pair of really dark wash skinny jeans, no fading or whiskering.

These jeans, by the way, are the pair that I always talk about.

They're my most wornpair of jeans, for sure, and they run large, so size down if you do end up getting these, but they're ankle lengthso if you're petite, it's the perfect length, you don't need to hem 'em.

They tuck into the boots great, you know, there's no bunching.

If you're taller, they're also awesome because they'll frame a beautifulstatement shoe or bootie, so, you really can't go wrongwith this pair of jeans, they're my favorite.

And then I paired that with a really beautiful highneck blouse, very feminine, and I'm actually wearingthe blouse backwards here.

You could wear it the other way around and just have the high neck be the drama, or you could wear it backwards and have the tie be the drama.

And then over that, I've puta Veronica Beard scuba blazer.

This one is a Dickey blazer, meaning you can zip in and zip out Dickeys to create a layered look, but I've zipped out the Dickeys.

I don't know how manytimes I've talked about the Veronica Beard blazers, but if you're going to invest in one of the Veronica Beard blazers, I would definitely makeit the black scuba blazer.

I think that's the mostwearable and the most versatile.

So this is an example ofa holiday party outfit.

You could pull it out in a pinch.

When it's not super dressy andyou still wanna look festive, so how do you add that festivity? You just wear a pair of sparklyearrings like I'm doing here with these BaubleBar gold beaded earrings.

That's all you need.

You need great jeans, great shoes, a blazer, a blouse, very feminine, and then add a littlesparkle with your accessories and you're done! It's so easy, that's like thesimplest holiday party outfit.

One note about these ankle boots, the heel is quite high so ifheels are an issue for you, then you may want to optfor a pair with a lower heel that might be easier for you to walk in.

And I will put a pairright below this pair that I recommend for you all to try if you're interested in investing in a pair of black ankle boots.

Okay, the third pair of shoesI wanted to share with you all is a pair of wedge sneakers.

And if you're a regular viewer, you know I've mentioned these before.

I am huge fan of these sneakersbecause they add height, and they're also incredibly comfortable so if you're a busy mom on the move or a busy woman on the go, these are awesome sneakers to have.

They're super cute.

You could even pair them with a dress if you wanted to do somethinga little bit edgier.

But in a traditional sense, skinny jeans, sweater, good to go.

These sneakers are, like Isaid, very, very comfortable and they come in like 15 different colors.

So I got the camo print pairbut you do black or gray or white or, they have somany different combinations.

So I will put a link to thesebelow in the description box along with sizing 'causeI, if memory serves, the sizing is a little weird for this particular pair of sneakers.

But I paired these with skinny jeans, a cute balloon sleeve baseball tee.

And you could also just wear a really pretty sweater with it.

You could add a little color like I did with this fuzzy green turtleneck sweater.

You have a lot of optionswith these sneakers, they will be incrediblyversatile, you'll see.

I even paired them with a reallychic trench coat and scarf at one of my kids' lacrosse games.

So you'll see they're veryversatile and wearable.

The next pair of bootiesI wanna talk about is the Marc Fisher suedepointed toe booties in a beautiful tan color.

I love this color, I've talked extensively about how brown is backand all shades of brown, and that that's a great neutralif you're not into black or even if you just wanna mix things up and create a neutralwardrobe basic foundation, those brown tones work really well.

By the way, if you missed thevideo I did highlighting this as a huge trend this season, you can watch that video, I will put a link to itbelow in the description box.

There's a lot you can dowith these brown ankle boots.

Here's an example of me wearing sort of a head-to-toe brown outfit, it's brown corduroys with a sort of a rustcolored cardigan, sweater and these tan booties.

That's just another fun option, but, you know, just likeregular jeans, it's so easy.

Like a white sweater, darkwash jeans, these boots, you could wear that all day long.

Great uniform for the season.

Just a side note about sizing, all of the Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto and Marc Fisher boots andshoes run true to size.

So I'm a 7.

5 in those brands, and I know that when I order a 7.

5, it's almost always going to fit me, like 98% of the time going to fit me.

And I think that's really great because ordering shoes andhaving to send 'em back is such a pain.

So I love that they have thatuniformity with their size.

The fifth pair of shoesI wanted to show you is a pair of snow boots, but these are sort of theeveryday snow boots for me.

These are the UGG wedge snow boots.

They are slip on, slip off, they do have that shearlingon the inside of the boot to keep your foot incredibly warm.

They are waterproof.

They're very easy to get on and off despite not having a a zipper.

I love the hidden or theconcealed wedge, it adds height, again, without sacrificingcomfort, in my opinion.

I almost prefer to walk aroundon wedges than I do flats.

And these booties are just, they're just so cute for winter and then they're also so functional.

They have a rubber sole with some traction so you're not gonna slip and slide around in the snow or the ice.

And for me, I want somethingthat's so easy to put on, that's just my thing.

Like, I don't wannalace up the Sorel boots, I wanna slip on a boot and slip it off.

It's just great to have thatoption and that functionality, and these boots come in black and they come in a reallycute brown pair also.

But if you don't already havea snow boot that you love, that is great for day-to-day, I think these are wonderful.

I just wanna talk for a minute about what I paired these boots with before I move on tothe next pair of shoes.

So these are the fauxleather Spanx leggings that you all are sick of hearing about that every blogger andYouTuber talks about.

(laughs) But sometimes when peopletalk about 'em so much, there's a reason, it's becausethey're really that good.

So these like suckeverything in, they're warm, they look great.

I paired it with a tunic top and a really long, chunkycardigan by Topshop.

It's just a really great, everyday, winter, uniform-type outfit.

You could always swap out the cardigan for your heavy winter coat, and you can easily wear that tunic with the leggings on its own.

So that's something tothink about with leggings, you wanna make surelike, can the shirt alone when I take my coat off? Am I comfortable? (laughs) So that's just something to think about.

The next pair of shoes Iwanted to share with you is actually a pair of boots.

These are the StuartWeitzman over-the-knee boots and you guys, if you're regular viewers, you've seen me pairing theseand wearing these a bunch.

I did just recently do a video on three ways to wearyour over-the-knee boots, so if you missed that one, I will put a link to it below.

These boots are inherently very sexy, so often when I'm wearing them and I wanna wear themin a more casual way, I'll wear more conservative pieces on top.

So you can just do likea dark wash skinny jean.

I tend to go with bluebecause I don't want the boot to blend totally into the jean, I like a little contrast there so you can actually see the boot.

And then here's one option, a polka-dotted, reallypretty polka-dotted blouse that would be so, so sweetand so lovely for the office.

And over that, I've paired it with a Veronica Beard black scuba blazer.

And then the other lookI wanted to show you with the over-the-knee boots is this 2-in-1 sweater by Brochu Walker.

I did just do a blog post about two fors I call them, 2-in-1s.

The beauty of the 2-in-1 is that it creates that layered lookwithout adding any bulk, and it looks like you have artfully, skillfully layered your clothes and you've done absolutely nothing.

But here you see, again, a conservative top to offsetthe sexiness of those boots.

And these boots are incredibly comfortable and the benefit of the Stuart Weitzmans is they do really stay up better than any other over-the-knee boot.

And not to mention, they're just like really mold to your leg and it's areally high quality suede.

That's another piece I wouldsay is worth the investment.

Alright, let's move ontothe next pair of shoes.

It's actually a pair of boots.

It's called the Winchell by Vince Camuto.

It's a moto boot, which Iknow will shock you guys.

I feel like I talk about amoto boot like every other day, (laughs) I happen to be a big fan.

What I love about the moto boot is that you've got somethingthat's super wearable.

Almost always, the heel is pretty low, and it's always a block heel.

And also, they're very edgy and modern.

So, you take like aboring everyday outfit, you add a moto boot andyou look instantly cooler.

It's like giving your whole look a level of coolness thatdidn't exist before, which I love.

This pair of boots, by theway, I did feature on the blog.

There's a matching pair for little girls that is the cutest thing ever.

Elizabeth and I got the matching pair.

So the kids' version has sequinsthat flip up and flip down and one side is gold andthe other side is black.

And Elizabeth loves hers, she like runs around in 'em, she's jumpin' and racin' in 'em.

She thinks they're the best thing ever.

So anyway, I just wanted to mention that 'cause they are so darn cute.

And here, I just wanted to show you an option of how you candress up the moto boot, and how the moto bootcan also make something that's inherently a littledressier a little more casual.

So it's my same holiday party uniform, except instead of the dressy ankle boots, if you swap out for the moto boots, it definitely adds this morecasual element to the look.

This is more like weekend friendly, so popping out for errands on the weekend, going to meet friends on the weekend, going shopping, going out to eat.

It gives you that reallyfunctional footwear option but an interesting combinationin terms of an outfit, mixing those hard and soft or masculine and feminine pieces together.

The next pair of shoes I'm gonna highlight is a splurge item.

It's the Chloe Susanna boot.

These have been around for a few years and they don't show anysigns of slowing down.

I've had my eye on them for years and I've finally investedin a pair this year because I did try a dupe last year and it fell apart andI got very frustrated, so I decided to invest in the real McCoy, but there are definitely options for less and I will put an option for less below in the description box.

But what's so great about these boots? They really do add, likeI talked about before, that edginess to your look, the buckles and the hardware.

They're just really cool andif you're someone like me that isn't really that cool, I feel like that (laughs)adds a cool factor that may not already exist.

And if you're alreadycool, then it just adds even more coolness to youand your overall look.

But these boots arejust really comfortable, the leather is buttery softand it molds to your foot.

It's leather so you shouldtreat it and spray it.

It will do pretty well in the weather.

There is an option withshearling on the inside to keep your feet really warm if that's something you're interested in.

I just have been wearing mine when it's not a super snowy day, and I'll just wear it with a pair of smart wool ped socks to keep my feet toasty warm.

But here, I paired them with the tunic top and the dark wash skinnyjeans that I featured before, just something really simple again.

I evil like the beauty ofa pair of boots like this is that you can throw them onwith some real basic pieces and it's just gonna takethat whole look up a notch.

Speaking of Chloe boots, I wanted to show you a pairof boots from Nordstorm that are basically an exact dupe of another pair of Chloebooties that I've tried on, and this pair is by Treasure & Bond, it's in a python print justlike the Chloe booties are, and they're really cool.

Now here's an example of a pair of boots that is not the most versatile, it's not the most functional, but it just adds some fun, you know what I mean? It's just gonna reallyadd some excitement.

These booties are comfortable.

They do have holes in 'em, so you're like, oh my gosh, what am I gonnado when it's cold outside? So I think it looks greatwith a pair of black socks.

Just wear a pair of black socks and then when the weather starts to let up a little bit in the spring, you can easily go andwear them without socks.

They have holes in them, they're breathable.

It's a very, very edgy, cool, modern boot.

It does lace up, but there'sa zipper in the back.

I love those cheater zippers to make those shoeseasier to get on and off and you don't have to deal with the laces.

And I just think they're just really fun.

It's just a really fun pair of booties.

So I paired them here with a pair of really wide leg, cropped jeans by Rachel Comey and a white fuzzy turtleneck sweater.

What I love about these jeans, by the way, is that they do frame and show off a cool pair of booties orboots or shoes or pumps because they're just slightly cropped and the shape of thejeans is really fun too, just that real fit throughthe hip and the thigh and then super wide at the bottom.

I just had to show you these boots, totally not functional, definitely not a necessity, but wanted to mention them.

Making our way down thelist to number nine, so the ninth pair ofshoes I wanna talk about is a pair of pumps by Vince Camuto.

This is an exception in terms of sizing, these do run a little bit large, so if you're normally aseven in Vince Camuto, I would go with the 6.

5, or if you're normally a7.

5, go with the seven.

This is like the newest pump shape.

It has a really cool, sculptural heel and then the roundedtoe, it's more chunky.

It looks like a littlebit like of a throwback, that's sort of the newer pump styles.

So you could go more traditional pumps like these pumps by Jimmy Choo, these are a great, classic pair of pumps, or you could do somethinga little bit different a little bit more modern, even though it feels like a throwback, like these Vince Camuto pumps.

And the pumps, you know, you can wear with anything from jeans to skirts to dresses.

The key is or the trick is if you're in a snowyclimate and you're like, well what do I do? Can't wear pumps aroundon the ice and the snow.

You obviously, you justput 'em in your bag and you wear your boots to work and then you put your pumpson when you get to the office.

That's how I used to do it andthat's how I would do it now.

Don't discount wearingpumps this time of year just because the weather's crappy, like, it always makes youfeel a little bit more like powerful and readyto conquer the world when you're wearing a pair of pumps, at least it does for me.

(laughs) I paired them with some skinny jeans here, a really pretty velvet blouse by Frame, this would be beautiful forall of your holiday parties, and then over that, Ithrew that same, short, you know, cropped faux fur jacket which just, I love thatcombination of black and brown and I've talked about that before as well, but it's just such achic color combination.

Okay, moving on to number10, the 10th pair of shoes that you need to have in your closet is.



These gorgeous leopardbooties, leopard print booties by Vince Camuto.

This is another exampleof a pair of booties that is more about funthan it is function.

Although I consider an animal print to be real neutral and a basic, it definitely is not quite as versatile as a black or a gray or a tan, this is just gonna addthat pop to your look.

So let's say you're wearing like a basic cashmere crew necksweater in white or ivory and you've got somedark wash skinny jeans, you throw on a pair of these booties and the whole look is transformed.

You know, it's just one of those things where it's just fun tohave in your wardrobe because you can just, you canjust pull everything together with this one pair of booties.

And here's an example of howI styled it with all white, but you don't have togo the all white route, you could do just regular blue jeans, you could wear them with a black dress, that would be really fun and cool.

You know, you have options with these.

They're a lot more versatileand functional than you think.

And as per usual, I wanted to share some bonus shoes with you.

The first pair of bonus shoes is a pair of loafers by Vince Camuto.

And if you have been on the flat shoe hunt and you like loafers, theseare amazing because not only do they look smart, sharpand really sophisticated, they also are incredibly comfortable, the way the leather, suede molds to your foot and it's so flexible and it's lightweight and it's breathable, there's no weirdness going on in the back of the heel, just a very comfortable pair of loafers.

And you can go fullmenswear with the loafer and do a really tailored blazer, even a plaid shirt like I'm doing here, or you can add some more feminine touches to really offset themasculinity of the shoes.

Totally up to you.

The next pair of bonus shoesI wanna share with you guys is a Western-inspired pair by Sam Edelman.

Remember, I said Western-inspiredis a huge trend right now.

It really is and you'll seea lot of those cowboy boot or Westerny-type details incorporated into regular shoes andboots as well as clothes.

If you've been on the hunt for a pair of Western-inspiredbooties, these are great.

They do run narrow, soif you have a wider foot, I would suggest not looking at these.

But if you have a narrow foot, they are gonna perfect for you.

By the way, if you're like, did Erin change her clothesand her hair and her makeup? Yes, yes, I did, andthat's because (laughs) I accidentally deleted a clip.

So huge thank you again to Nordstrom for sponsoring this video.

You guys will let me knowif you have any questions, I will put links to everythingin the description box for you all to check outif you're interested.

The Nordstrom half-yearlysale is coming up, so be on the lookout for that.

I will be doing a couple of blog posts to promote that with my picks, so definitely pop over to busbeestyle.

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Thank you guys so much for watching.

I will see you next time, bye!.