The Clubmaster Sunglasses Primer – Ray Ban vs. Shuron vs. The Rest

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! Today's video is about clubmaster sunglasseswhich are also known as Ronsir or Browline style.

We're here to talk about the history, howto wear them, how to buy them, and what to look for when you buy these sunglasses.

They were originally invented by Jack Rohrbachfrom Shuron LTD.

At the time, he was the vice president ofShuron LTD and the goal was to create glasses that allowed the owner to customize fit, size, and color.

So they weren't really sunglasses and in the50's and 60's, people would just wear them as regular glasses and sometimes you couldsee them with metal snap-on sunglasses.

By the 1970's, those glasses were out of styleand Hollywood only used them to portray an older man or a geek.

By the 1980's, the TV series moonlightingcame out and Bruce Willis famously wore the Ronsir from Shuron in that show.

They're called browline style because theymake people look at the browline because of the contrasting colors and dark on top.

Typically, lenses are held in metal frames.

Today, sunglasses are much more popular thanthe regular glasses style.

Shuron allowed the customers to basicallychoose any kind of color for the dark parts, the metal parts, and the tinted lenses.

RayBan liked the style and copied it and simplycalled it clubmaster.

They were also much stronger on the marketingdepartment which is why today, the clubmaster is much more well-known and synonymous withthe browline style than ronsir is.

In 1993, Michael Douglas wore the browlinestyle in the movie Falling down and as such, it became synonymous with an angry man.

At that time, it seemed like the clubmasteror browline style were on life support but they really came back strong and today, theywere one of the most popular sunglasses in RayBan.

So what are the hallmarks of Clubmaster orbrowline style sunglasses? Well first of all, it's the frame on top thatis thicker than at the bottom.

The upper part is usually made of plasticor acetate and the bottom part out of metal.

Also, it comes in various color combinationsand so there's nothing really special about it.

Other than that, it really comes down to yourpreference because there's no certain color scheme, combination, or metal color, it alldepends on your personal choice or preference.

Of course, the classics are black or tortoiseshell, gold, in either gray, green, or brown lenses.

If you want the red and white frame with thepink tinted lenses, go for it but it's not a classic.

So how should you wear clubmasters? The look is instantly classic and hence, it'sperfectly suited for a gentleman who likes to wear suits, whether it's a two-piece suitor a three-piece suit.

It just gives you a more timeless appearanceand it's definitely very suited for style reasons than aviator sunglasses.

On the other hand, if you want sunglassesfor function, the clubmasters are not your friend, there are simply too many gaps.

On top, the sun comes in.

When you walk outside, around noon, the sunis all the way on top.

It can come in from the side versus a pairof aviator sunglasses which really covers you much better.

It really hugs your face.

Of course, you can also wear them with blazers, or chinos, or more casual combinations.

it will always give you that slightly vintagelook.

They're great for round, oval, and rectangularface shapes but if you want to learn more about how to find the perfect pair of sunglassesfor your face shape and skin tone, check out this video.

I definitely suggest you try them before youbuy because otherwise, the gaps can bee too big.

I don't have a small head and I'm wearingthe smaller of the two clubmaster sunglasses which is the 49.

So try it before you buy it.

Which brings us to the question, where shouldyou buy your clubmasters? If you want to stick with the original, youshould go with Shuron LTD.

The company has been around since 1865, stillaround today but unfortunately, they are not the strongest in the marketing department, their website is a bit dated.

While you can see all the styles they offer, they don't show you the lenses they have and you cannot really order online.

You have to call in and unless you know exactlywhat frame size you want or like, and what suits you, you're going to have a hard time.

Therefore, I suggest you call them, figureout what local optician carries Shuron so you can go there, try all different optionsand basically create your made to order pair.

Pricewise, it should run anywhere from $165.

00which is what I was quoted from the company but I've also seen it for $75-$115 online.

If you like the regular glasses style, theyalso have the clip ons which look quite cool actually.

They have tinted glasses in literally anyshade you want, polarized only comes in brown, green and gray.

If you want something off the shelf, I suggestyou go with RayBan clubmasters, they're around $150 and you can also customize them in madeto order on their website.

Alternatively, you can go to Amazon and buydirectly from RayBan or to an optician of choice so you don't end up with fake sunglassesand you get something that looks good on you.

Personally, I prefer the classics so I liketortoise shell with dark glasses and gold.

Also, goes well with my skin tone but youcan pick other things and if you want to learn more about how to find a good quality pair, check out our in-depth guide here.

Overall, it's a classic style and I love itbecause it goes well with suits but I suggest you try it before you buy it because unlikeother sunglasses, it comes in so many different shapes and because of the gap, you want apair of sunglasses that fit.

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