Stains, Scratches and Scuffs – How To Remove Them From Dress Shoes?

stains scratches and scuffs that deadly trifecta that will make your dress shoes look old and worn out in today's video I'm going to show you how to make your shoes look new again the number one secret to fighting stains is to act quickly the longer the stain sits

the more likely it's gonna become permanent now how you treat a stain will depend on what caused it in the first place now remember with any stain treatment method you want a spot test first you're testing that treatment method on a part of the leather that's going to

be unseen that way if it darkens the leather you know before you treat the whole shoot also note that light-colored leather is especially prone to color change let's start things off talking about water stains obviously you want to try to keep your leather shoes out of heavy rain

and puddles but if they happen to get wet they happen to get soaked here's what you do first blot your shoes with a dry cloth to pick up any excess water next put in cedar shoe trees to help absorb moisture and keep your shoes from becoming misshapen now

let the shoe sit at room temperature until dry and by the way guys don't use a hairdryer don't use them to try to speed things up this can shrink the leather now once the shoes are dry and if water spots remain this is what you want to do

mix water and a little bit of dish soap together in a bowl and then apply the solution to the stain using a sponge or cloth now you want to gently scrub to remove the stain no harsh scrubbing that can damage the finish of the leather let the shoes

dry and see if the stain is gone if not repeat the process again now what about a dark stain let's say red wine what do you do use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot up any excess wine on the ship you want to blot you don't

want to press hard and you don't want to rub or scrub the shoe this can press the wine deeper into the leather next you want to dampen a cloth with a hydrogen peroxide solution which hydrogen peroxide could be found in any drugstore you want to rub gently until

the stain is removed if the stain is sticking repeat as needed the stain is completely gone what about grease stains how do you get rid of those so with the grease stain you want to cover the stain with a half teaspoon of baking soda or cornstarch it usually

takes a couple hours but the powder it starts to absorb it pulls the grease out of the leather every couple hours you want to wipe the powder off check the results if the stain is still there apply more baking soda or cornstarch let it sit for another hour

check again repeat as needed until the stain is gone what about ink how do you get rid of ink on your shoes I'll be honest gents this is one of the toughest stains to tackle you want to use rubbing alcohol and go ahead and apply it to a

cotton swab then dab that cotton swab onto the stain as the cotton swab starts to absorb the ink go ahead and replace it with a new cotton swab again wetting it with alcohol or nail polish this is a very harsh treatment rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover it

can damage the finish of leather shoes and Mar the color so once you're through with this treatment make sure to use a shoe cream to help restore an even color tone now let's talk about how to get rid of salt stains so if you live in a part

of the country where they throw salt on the roads to get rid of ice and snow you know what I'm talking about when it comes to salt stains they're annoyingly difficult to get rid of that is unless you know the secret and the secret is one part water

to one part vinegar this is the solution you're gonna put together and wipe down your shoes one using a clean cloth and the water video solution you want to gently rub the salt state until it's gone now all of these stain fighting methods I just talked about they

can strip away moisture from your shoes now I highly recommend after multiple treatments or at least once a month to use a leather conditioner leather conditioners are great for helping to remoisturize the upper of a shoe and prevent cracking and damage and if the color of your shoe

has been affected in any way by the treatment again use a cream polish in the same color as the leather to bring back an even tone next up cracked and cut leather if you wear your shoes on a regular basis most likely you've got at least few cuts

on the upper the reality of cuts and cracks is that you can't reverse the damage but you can't take steps to dramatically improve the appearance of your shoes I want you to stuff newspaper into the shoe so it holds its shape during the repair process I want you

to use a cleaning brush to remove as much dirt and debris from the shoe as possible get rid of all that sand all that salt anything that's stuck to the outside of the shoe next up we're going to use a saddle soap to thoroughly clean the leather on

the upper of the shoe it's important that the shoes are dirt free to prevent additional damage to do this you're gonna wet a cloth and create a lather you're gonna apply the soap to the shoes then wipe off any excess soap with a rack let the shoes dry

for 10 minutes now the cleaning process will have dried out your leather shoes so you want to use a leather conditioner or moisturizer to rehydrate your Footwear you want to sand down the rough edges of the crack or cut with 220 grit sandpaper be very gentle and scrub

the crack until it better blends in with the surrounding leather wipe clean and remove any dust and on a side note anything coarser then 220 grit sandpaper will damage the leather so be careful now you're going to use a resin based repair cream to fill in the crack

be sure to get it in a color that matches your shoe gently dab the repair cream into the cracks making sure you leave a smooth even surface let it dry for 15 minutes next up you want to apply a cream polish to get a uniform color which I

will cover in the next step if you wear your dress shoes you're going to accumulate scuffs and marks over time but how to get rid of all the scuffs and annoying marks on your Footwear so one option is to use saddle soap to clean the shoes this step

will remove most superficial scuffs you don't have saddle soap handy you can actually use toothpaste to clean scuffs off of the leather using a toothbrush preferably not the one using your mouth and a dab of toothpaste scrub the scuff marks apply a little bit of water to help

the toothpaste foam up and then scrub in circular movements wipe off and then let the shoe drawn wha-la scuff marks removed remember after you clean your leather like this you want to condition the leather you want to remoisturize it after doing that apply a wax polish to protect

the shoes now what about for stubborn scuffs marks and discoloration the key here gentlemen is to use a cream polish these are very effective at restoring a uniform color to your shoes and providing valuable moisture to the leather to get started take an applicator brush and apply a

layer of shoe cream to the entire shoe make sure to get even coverage over the shoe up let it sit for about five minutes then buff your shoe with a horsehair brush now you want to inspect your Footwear examine the shoe checking for any remaining scuffs or marks

you might've missed if you missed any then all you have to do is apply a second coat of shukri to get the job done and of course after this don't forget to apply a wax polish wax polishes are great for not only giving a shine but protecting your

shoes from the elements now at this point you're probably seeing a Antonio that's great but what about my leather jacket this thing looks like it's seen better days well gents don't worry I've got you covered with this video right here how to bring your leather jacket back to

life in quick easy steps