these are going to be fantastic I just think they are something you will get your wear out of yes you know when you go away or whether you're around the home just puttering in the garden or maybe having a drink or two in the garden how lovely to be so comfortable yeah absolutely and they really are beautiful I mean they remind you the room is a little bit turquoisey on that they are it's like a mint sort of color mint color just makes you think of the Maldives or the Caribbean or somewhere we can only dream of so yeah because we only get two days off a year as you know three one two two eight one is your item number then there are eight colors all told I've got seven here in front of me plus of course you've got the Akal with Sheila to have a look at the full details as well these are 1999 by the way for a pair of fly flossing snap them up quickly for what is to come lots of sunshine hopefully hello there welcome to new season pumps we have got a great show lined up for you and we are starting with this beautiful pump in a palette of pastel colors I absolutely love it like what we're calling it light gray blue rose and saffron Oh lovely word instead of mustard saffron is just beautiful change yeah even though it's much brighter than the others and the others are pastel it's still got that it blends in so well wait till you see it on Judy when we go to her love this issue looks great in it you have four different colors in this one simple little shoe simple styling but with a little bit of a sparkle if I just move that around where they can detect or see they've got a little bit of a spark of going on it has got holes cut into it so it's a fair-weather shoe you won't go out in bad weather in it it isn't leather it's just a white clean finish but the inside is microfiber so don't worry about you think it in hot and sticky they won't it's got a breathability and it's got holes cut in it whether you can see if I had to turn it around you can see see my finger through through there as I move my finger up and down so you know it's got holes there and viii great stability and safety phone not slipping around the heel it's had this sort of whitewashed effect in in a little bit like stats wooden heel but that's really interesting cuz it matches with the colours really well so we've got the gorgeous blue it's like a powder blue a lovely rose pink this really really very very versatile grey and then that saffron color now you've got the saffron on Julie haven't really pretty so so pretty they look fantastic feel fantastic yeah really come and the wider again it's got that one yeah yeah Andy cuz really see the twinkle it maybe there's something slightly Indian I think you were saying sort of almost Turkey there is something oriental about them or foreign or exotic look where those with a pretty floaty frock yeah a little day dress a ship dress yep cuts offs trousers smarten them up dress them down absolutely gorgeous and so under 30 pounds it's yeah fabulous and they look just so much more expensive very quickly girls color cuz I I'm for me I'm nuts about that rose array home gray yeah Jill's I like these ones yeah excellent which are you gonna pick they are also gorgeous they've maybe want to go and order and ice cream or blue like great rose and saffron are your for Callaway's for the pavers embellished loafer at the size range is three to nine and the price is an amazing $29.

99 great value for such a sophisticated but dainty little shoe beautiful for fabulous colors in our next ballerina pub with some lovely cutouts as well this color Debbie were calling it fat from yellow here actually but it is mustard so on-trend Associa you know if you've not seen it on the shops it's everywhere it's right the way through the autumn and winter and it's coming into spring and summer and it's a lovely soft kind yellow it's not a bad not acid it's not like massively in your face and I think anyone and wear it and it's really really kind as you'll see skin tone when you see Julie wearing it it's just very very I've got a lovely pink a really nice fuchsia pink it's not over bright fuchsia because this company that make these shoes for us if they have a color in a leather meaning not white or black they color brush it so they give you a shading over the top of a slightly darker shade so you can see every pearl will be unique but you've got he's taken the edge off the brightness of it and it works really well super little styling so it's basically a ballerina pump with cutouts so it's been cut out but the shape of it is ballerina a little bit proper peep toe and really can see that you can see obviously the cuts outs because you can see my sweater through there really nicely done beautifully done very very soft leathers gorgeous they're all fully lined with leather also and all of them have got the same color lining which is tan sideways on a little bit of a heel tiny tiny heel in green color and then just great grip underneath you can't go wrong with something like this free summer season it's beautiful obviously it's fair weather shoe want to come down and show is that lovely yellow one Julie is Flo with a shoe but it looks beautiful on slightly wider in the fits I might be gaping a bit on you but isn't it lovely it's absolutely gorgeous I love it again it's just the perfect holiday shoe um I love this color I would have gone for the pink normally but this one is the one I think I'd go for it much is your outfit sort of blends in yeah yeah yes it does it's really good shoe for lifting your outfit and toning with neutral shades yes it's funny with you saying it's a gentle yet yellow Debbie I've been wanting for ages to experiment with a pair of yellow shoes and I think this would be a really good one because it's not too in-your-face yeah I can see how well it goes with what Jules is wearing and I think yeah she would look gorgeous with black enough for a house that color I do have a coat like Gala and everybody's on it to think umm yeah yeah beautiful and I love that cutout a nice bit of an adventure into color if you've never thought yes if you get immediately now toe dip your foot into the water them dip your foot into the pavers cutout leather ballerina pump sizes are 3 to 9 the order code 305 oh five six details on the screen of course as always and for lovely colorways fuchsia we're calling that gorgeous deep pink tan and it's a nice strong caramely tan white or this very as Debbie said gentle yellow $39.

99 we've got another really distinctive and unique pump for you again it's fantastic it's a bellissimo and love the colors especially you think of all the work all the work involved in this and it's lined and the fully lined I said there's no seams there I can run the finger along there there's no seams there might be some stitching but absolutely no seams and each one of these panels is we put in separately imagine the work involved in that it's incredible all the stitching over stitching sod on my hand the made for is in Turkey these under foot you've got this great safety it's on a little wedge tiny little wedge and it's all leather every bit of it so this is all leather fully leather lined fully leather footbed and again like the other one it just is Luzi durable flexible gorgeous butter soft comfy leather absolutely gorgeous it's just amazing so the two colorways this one has the like a toffee color in it it has green blue beige stone color and I wrote like a rose pink the other ones got sort of that saffron we're using that one now it's growing the nice word a camel color of brown a stone a beige red and and the denim blue and you've got that one I think haven't you you're actually calling this one jewels we're actually calling this one orange multi I think because they're calling this it's it is I thought it was syringe no it's a pate I think maybe it's pale pale Satsuma maybe small orange e on screen yeah but it's it's more on the yellow side of orange definitely saying it looks lovely on isn't it comfy so it's so soft so flexible that's me you're Jean absolutely fantastic I was just thinking how many things would this go with new so many things in your wardrobe so stylish very eye-catching these little works of art no really our team them couldn't be with a bag or a scarf or a jumper I mean just looking at the doodles your shirts got the red and the blue in it and perfect with the with the beautiful and very versatile seeing anything from that color to wear with that it works and belissa moody for anybody who's new to play it's the fashion side of pavis really it's everything that we we find around the world when we go searching for new new ideas and new things and we just put we think what it's got that edge to it so we'll have it as a part of the bellossom arrange definitely which colorway I like the one I'm holding I do pale green and blue and jewels one I'm wearing yeah absolutely which one do you like best orange multi or tan multi they are both gorgeous and they're both made of of literally gloves love love soft leather they are $39.

99 fantastic price as well for leather sizes of three to nine and for this level of detail the bellissimo flat leather ballerina shoes we've got a really unique slip-on for you now it sells it sells out yes just so we've had it a few seasons and it always sells out it's just very sophisticated looks very expensive looks very understated it looks like effortless elegance really you put it on it's very continental looking and wear it in any which way you want to wear it but people will comment on these shoes because they deserve it they're absolutely beautiful colorways are perfect the one in the foreground there that you can see is the one that you'll see Julie wearing is a denim blue its tan and it's white with a red trim around the edge all of these have got a tan lining and the tan lining and footbed it's all leather in fact all of the shoe apart from the sole is leather beautiful quality Turkish leather and all the colors that have got color in them meaning not the white has got a color brushing over the color of the leather you can see the green here it's got a color brushing with in it so it's got depth of tone it works so well this piece on the outside at Brown but has got holes in it punched into it all the over stitching it's like a moccasin stitch is beautiful and that's been done by hand and then the back is all in this soft soft tan as is the linings as the footbed and you see all that extra movement on the outs of the foot is put perfect but look that's sort of shoe you getting that's the sort of leather that you're getting here is absolutely butter soft goes back into shape beautifully this is a gorgeous shape and the other one though in the center at the table the one you see on shape on Julie's foot but the one in the middle is all neutrals with white looks perfect on absolutely perfect let's have a look at it on your foot Julie and it's a bit of a wider fit as well and also it's got the arch yes you can really feel that gives that little extra bit of support really flexible stunning stunning shoe yes it looks like you've had a fortune it does yeah it does it really it's as you said it's so Continental it is I think this is actually an hour show this might be my my favorite is just so and the shaping on the top of the V yeah it's so flattering to effort and and the whole leg actually which color would you go for Debbie Oh either the one that Julie is wearing or the neutral one the natural mode which has got a lovely little bit of gold shimmer jewels oh I think the neutral one I think those colors are gorgeous they are gorgeous for me I'm nuts about that green that lovely green is showing us Debbie this AG being which is some in the background of the shot they're all absolutely gorgeous there and that the leather is really supple and soft you can just literally slip them on they are the papers leather slip-on shoe sizes are three to nine they're $39.

99 and there are three different colorways denim tan and white natural multi or tan multi I know they're you're watching new season pumps and we've got a pretty little pump in front of us two colorways Navy and we're calling this one metallic yeah it's it is metallic isn't it's it's very neutral shade it's very pretty and it does tick all the boxes it is life now you've heard is bang-on about real life constantly and often you know we've all got a pair of boots in real life and what real life is about is these nodules at the heel area here that go right the way through to the underneath and when you get your box home at the little leaflet you need to meet specs on all I do to read it small print like that but it tells you what they believe that this does for you and this is actually sort of massages the heel of your foot and they say it's something to do with that sort of reflexology we can't say what what it does or doesn't do but that's what they're claiming and all I know that when you wear them you do get this you know feel the nodules at all but you do seem to be able to be do a bit more and go a bit further but you get a feeling of just a well being could actually go the extra mile it's weird it is really interesting because there was so much about this sort of homeopathic type things that have gone on for so many so many thousands of years that you know there's nothing to do with modern day medicine but he seems seems to work it's great the base inside here is on leather so that for a leather footbed the rest of it is microfiber lined and then it's a white clean finish on the outside really pretty really simple but with this one band across the top that's quite big that actually has got the metallic base underneath it so if I show you like that you've got lovely sort of sort of soft gold color going under there and like a dusting of metallic in the body of the shoe the other one is in navy under thought we can see you've got the base with a lovely lovely groupable a base that doesn't allow you to slip anywhere which is very safe obviously lovely sides a nice deep sides it isn't a pub that you would walk out of and we've got a lovely tea money here to show us in a navy how do they feel glowing absolutely gorgeous from the moment you put them on they're just the perfect fit I would say my standard fit okay I mean four so it gives me lots of space in my toes but my footstool looks really dainty I mean they are slightly wider fit but that is a neat look on you yeah and this one has got the sort of the silvery colour going on underneath rather than the Goldy color that the beige one has yes halaqa a very good classic little ballet pump is nothing but nice foot coverage yes they're very elegant so this is fantastic let's give you some more facts and figures 307 463 is your order code all the details of course is always on the screen papers round toe ballet pump is up recording it as sizes are three to eight two colorways metallic and mainly and it's a lovely soft beige e color for the year metallic one $39.

99 I'm peering at the table because Debbie is there something strange about that pump well no you put your foot in it there's not but it just looks like it's levitating doesn't it yeah it doesn't it well do this when you've got it on it just flatten out because this is elastication around the top so it does actually flatten when you're wearing it it happens a lot with ballet pumps or something like a ballerina pump you know yourself a ballet pump is always that shape and when you put it on it flattens down so we've got this one of the two colors I must say the silver one doesn't look a little bit more like it's levitating than the Navy one it does say on the screen black floral the money or do you have to order black Robert actually is Navy really sorry about that we've not had that problem before but so we've got a little bit of a hiccup with that so it's Navy a very dark navy but very smart this is the one I've got here so I've got the bow on the top you've got the Payton look at the toe paint at the spine of the shoe and then you've got lovely lovely pretty florals demure florals up the side of the shoe inside is all Navy and it's microfiber so it's breathable the whole inside underfoot we've got this great safe base we're walking on and just a little heel obviously but a ballet pump it resembles a ballet pump but we pavers have got a thing about not putting these scoopy downside on them you see a lot in the high street and you foot has no support at all and flattens out you walk like a duck we don't have that we've got proper sides it's a proper shoe and your foot sits in it beautifully the other color is silver with really really pretty florals down the side come down Julie and show us that pretty silver one the Frog was on a lovely I'm saying absolutely gorgeous again yeah really really pretty so cheerful it's a great summer shoe it's going to look great with all types of things in your wardrobe and it really is comfortable really dainty really easy to wear hopefully lovely and sort of on the side little butterflies and flowers very very girly the other one you could probably wear very smartly and probably even in the workplace was this one I can see it with outfit you're wearing the trousers or lens you're wearing I can see it without really pretty dresses definitely pretty yes it is it is more of a party won the silver one definitely and and it does I'm pleased to see that it does flatten out and become completely normal we say that sometimes don't we shoes don't have deal yeah most do but there are some that you think that's straight that's funny shape you see you've got the foot coverage there as well there's plenty more coverage on it doesn't leave you with gaping sides and early no and the lovely detail of the boat the pages flat Valerie in a pump good size range it's two to nine in black floral or white floral $29.

99 but please do remember what Debbie told you at the top of the show if you order the black floral because that's what some you know its catalog does you will in fact to find out it is very very dark navy not black dark navy and there we've got a ballerina pump for you know a little bit chunkier this one a little bit more robust and I think it's got a hidden secret unbelievable unbelievable padding inside it absolutely terrific if you look inside here it's got a silver lining we wanted a bit of a silver lining sometimes don't we so you've got the horseshoe type even that's elongated at one side a padding at the back there that actually gives you a amazing heel comfort amazing he'll come but you've got extra padding on the arch of the foot there and it really is I can see my finger going in there and then inside there what they can see this teardrop effect now the total perfect there is for the ball of the foot and it really does work it's also got anti snagging for hosiery inside here because all the seams are hidden so you will never snag anything you know sometimes when he won't she and you take them off and you've worn tights or stockings whatever and you've got that sort of rubbing that webbing effect that creates sort of a rub or even a ladder on the house away that's not going to happen to any wearing these also in the back here you've got a heeled grip so it grips the heel beautifully without being hard it's nice and soft at the back it is all man-made it's it's made of microfiber but the whole inside it's microfiber the outside is wiped clean so really really easy to wear fabulous for the workplace because it's got 24/7 wearability the whole shoe is so easy soft it's absolutely gorgeous it's soft its malleable its flexible the inside of its beautiful and this really cleverly is elastication so all around the edge here is elastication which means that you won't get that muffin top thing going on on the shoe if you feel swell because this will swell or go with you if you do swell up so you'll still have a foot that looks like you bombing not like it may look in the evening or the late afternoon sideways materials are really interesting as well they've got a snake effect on the body of the shoe then you've got a patent toe cap and patents at the back the base is on a wedge and it's quite thick quite deep and you've got this great grip underneath so you've got a shoe that is very very wearable for as I said long time wear and still very smart the two colors are easy to wear it is a standard fit but there is room in it and you'll find it's very very comfortable to wear you've got the Navy on gene you haven't you haven't ya these realing humph a really comfortable yeah you can just how all that padding is just so gorgeous on the inside your foot feels wonderful wid comfortable and beautifully styled very flattering hmm they really are very clever too because you never know that you've got that level of padding and know that they're just a little tiny one and a half inch inch heel yeah it's not an inch three-quarter three-quarter yes yeah very good the pavers flat ballerina pump has an order code three one seven six one nine sizes are three to eight black and navy are your two colorways twenty 99 is the price we've got a really unusual little pump for you now I can't stop looking at especially the silver one there's stripes yeah it's really I think it's really fun really you've got a bit of a sense of humor and you just want something on your feet there's people who say wow lovely shoes that's what they'll say Wow love your shoes the black one doesn't look even like the same shoe the black this is the black one I've got in my hand you've got the stripes there but the quite understated it's sort of in there but you've got the stripe but it almost looks like like I don't know what like a satin finish on it but it's not it's quite clean it's very easy to wipe clean and it has the toe cap is is patent but none of this is is leather it's actually white clean finish on it the inside is all microfiber so the breathability fits great so it's a simple little pump but it's what made the materials that has been made of let's make it so different this one's got a plain black heel you can even probably work whether it's in the workplace or whatever very in a very smart way rather than the silver one which you definitely what about working the work wearing the web what place I can't get my teeth in today come on but you would wear in a casual way or in a pretty smart way imagine with a nice little tea dress yeah you know even a bra it would be a bright bright yeah if you want to go to anywhere on grass the races or a garden party or anything all wearing with cut-offs or with you know Julie's got them on come on in Julie let someone kick you with the silver party I think it's a shoe it's so pretty again it's wider so you can see its gaping on Julie a bit because she's got a standard fitting foot but it's such a sweet little shoe isn't it really come fits really really really pretty I felt like dancing down the steps guys yeah absolutely gorgeous so feminine so much fun great with a tan in the summer yes all age groups at same in colour continued this absolutely any of any of your right absolutely cos silver it's a metallic it goes with anything doesn't that just nuts about that strike and look at the price $29.

99 you know okay it isn't it isn't leather actually I think it's advantageous it's wiped clean in this particular color yeah but it's it just looks so much classier than that really pretty it definitely only wear this if you want somebody to say wow where did you get those shoes because it is eye-catching they are eye-catching and you're gonna get noticed they're beautiful it's time to slip underneath as well so we were in any sort of weather it's absolutely fine sometimes if it does rain on them you just wipe it off very easily excellent and as you say the black the silvers got the little bit of sort of glittery twinkly fabric stuff on the top yeah and the black so black is all Payton is paint so you know two very different shoes they are the same style but both great looks the pavers flat ballerina pumps sizes of three to nine black or silver $29.

99 we have got a gorgeous loafer for you now I love this kind of brokey styling beautiful and I've just learnt Debbie it's called an that's pretty that's a shape of the toe yeah it's got a Brogue sort of toe cap and it also has the spine of the shoe is also matching in the patent it isn't patent leather it's a look-alike it's a white clean finish on this one and the inside line is are all microfiber so breathability bits is fantastic very very smart I love the way that it's got cutting edge design really it's got this lovely sort of tan color running through here and the sort of the wood effects stacked wood effect on the heel the heel being very small but it's significantly interesting because it's it sticks out with this tan color the upper again really interesting the brogue look at the front punch detail with this lovely shape and then you've got this suede look here suede look at the side and then painted again at the back tassels which obviously denote it is a loafer very very smart look and Julie who was modeling it was trying on I said to what's he feel I should unbelievably comfy come and show is it cuz you've got it really lovely blue on I think that Navy is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous absolutely gorgeous incredibly smart they are a dream to put on they're so comfortable that do you feel like a really smart shoe you'd expect them to be slightly more rigid but they're really very smart very comfortable I think they're very flattering on the foot very and it's a wider fit isn't it so it's a little bit bigger yes maybe see a little bit of a gate for me because I'm standard but it's still really nice I could actually just see them with a very small suit how dressings power dressing yeah I love just that too intricacy that detailing of that of that tan around the sole it just makes it doesn't it yeah it's a really interesting little shoe it looks like it cost a fortune and I think it's cost $37.

99 easily see them in a double-barrelled shop on them yes absolutely yeah which color jewels amazing for me yeah and I don't do Navy but I think the Navy the black is great we know that black but the Navy is just something very special teamed with that tan particularly yeah go great with jeans with your cut-offs with anything really and looks all right actually even with bare legs yeah great waiting up the pavers patent and tassel loafers are coming in as Debbie said $37.

99 for such a stylish elegant shoe that's great black and navy or your two colorways sizes are three to nine and they order code three one zero three four nine now we're looking at our accessories we've got one of our most popular right now for looking after your leather goods be they leather suede nubuck it is our water protector spray and you know how simple this is to use as well I'm sure you've seen the demonstration many many times in between the shows it's brilliant because it actually goes a long long way as well and all you need to do is literally spray it on and leave it and it will give you that natural protection for your leather so think about think about when you drive your car in the autumn of the winter and you've got things thrown up you've got the salt and the spray and everything else here it's the same kind of thing but for your leather goods and remember how many leather goods you have in your life as well it might be handbags it might be shoes it might be accessories it might be coats it might be trousers it's brilliant this protector spray just stops that dirt actually penetrating the surface of the leather it's really really good and the great thing is it is just three pounds and 99 pence do you add it to your orders because everyone should have some of this it goes a long long way you just spray it on you just leave it and let its natural well let it naturally do its work so if you want yours you know how popular it is one four five six four nine is your item number at a mere 399 to look after you leather wow we are bringing you a fabulous new adventure we've all said we've got to have these moisturizing spa gel socks fantastic the inside is where the gel is the outside got the little patch we feet on underneath they don't slip about but it says get your feet ready for summer I hope I'll olive oil vitamin E and lavender oil this smell amazing helps to moisturize and soften your feet the gel linings contain moisturizing oils preventing a buildup of hard skin reducing cracked heels washable and reusable I've got my hand wash only it tells you that on the back I've got and skin not I gotta tell you something what is clever idea have a look at them on Sheila's feet they look great but you know you could wear them in bed at night good how do they feel Sheila they feel really soft it's really lovely and sort of jelly like inside you can sort of feel it in moisture eyes that's so it grips on yes it was really nice but yeah what a good idea at night then could they'd stay on because of this sort of jelly-like into yeah you're not going to get them too dirty no and and overnight well what brilliant brilliant brilliant idea that yes literally these are gonna fly up fail the papers spar gel socks 308 161 I'll say it again details on the screen 308 161 order code pink is the color way and $8.

99 is the price fantastic hello and welcome to new season sandal favorites and we are starting with such a pretty sandal little ditzy prints on four beautiful colors really really pretty memories in Turkey by a factory that means a lot because the shoes are such good quality and the price is always right you've got four colors here we've got a red print we've got a black print we're calling the multi red multi black multi white multi and a really really pretty gray multi that has lilacs and so on colors within that shade it's quite you know there's quite a lot going on so you can pick up any of these colors in the outfit that you're wearing I think it's lovely simple little shoe as light as a feather great grip underneath leather footbed really soft beautifully shaped inside lots of coverage lots of help along the lines of your the arch of the foot and the ball of the foot upper these two straps move independently of each other so you've got lots of movement across here this is all microfiber on the inside and it's microfiber of outside as well it's wiped clean the upper has got a OneTouch fastening across it so that is so easy to wear so easy to put on so easy for any shape or size of foot as well really and because this is happening here you don't need a buckle on the back strap because it holds it up automatically when you're wearing it very very pretty on it is wider in the fit as I've said and it's from a tube to unknown to the fit level you know the amount of fits we've got on that is fantastic there's seven Lynda with it on our Linda's got the white one on it really pretty with the toe nail polish the Redwood product even better yeah really lovely love sandal isn't it it's really sweet beautiful design love that OneTouch fastening which is really lovely because that's ease of you to get in and once you own you feel very safe and it covers everything you want to cover so it covers my joints there my toe joint I'm really lovely very lightweight I can't even describe to you how lightweight that truly crisps Wow holidays what's your favorite oh I like the white I like the gray I actually like the white because it's it's so fresh fresh and summery and also I think it would go with just about everything yeah I mean I know it's got predominantly pinks and greens in it but it still would but there really is a color for everybody particularly as well the four different choices $29.

99 which is an excellent price point and this is a sample that's going to go with so much in your wardrobe size isn't it two to nine pavers floral print slingback sandal now we couldn't bring you new season favorites without including and offering from mr.

Hawkin lovely Turkish mr.

Hawkin I feel Debbie that I actually almost know mister well yeah he's well he's that sort of guy and he's worked with shoes since he was 11 years old well his father was a shoemaker grandfather was a shoemaker originally from Macedonia they moved to Turkey and they settled in Izmir which is right at the bottom on the Mediterranean coast just off the Greek islands really and he why he doesn't know about pair shoes isn't worth not knowing just terrific is levers of gorgeous heat the way he molds and he actually physically makes the first one of every single she you will ever buy and you will ever see with us and the prototypes made by him and then he's factory workers made them all he sends out to cotton industry the people in villages that can't get work otherwise so he does a real lot of good where he is all hand-finished hands thrown around the outside this one is hot once touched fastenings unusual is sandal because it has a fallback which is really interesting because sometimes ladies don't want an ankle strap they don't feel secure this is a full full back open it up it's all leather beautiful quality leather it just tell you it's handmade in Turkey really good quality going underneath as well and once you close it up you close it up to suit your foot so it's a very personal fit hi at the back so it's holding on to you beautiful a lovely soft leather and in these three gorgeous colors I love the green the green is fabulous it's in a camel color which is quite rich more like a toffee color mmm and then we've got it in the Navy just lovely it's got the Navy just the green he's going on her labia she looks so good with your jeans and your outfit yeah great walking little sea yeah isn't it for anybody likes to do a lot of walking because the length is just so soft and that adjustability because I've got one foot bigger than the other so to just that but if your feet swell up in the afternoon you know or you're flying these are great they're gonna be great for flying as well and just easy to take on and off just got that one touch button that opens the foot right up there and then you can just – how you want them I think they're gorgeous really handy to have yeah it's very clever that one touch I see because just seeing Lynda there I mean it's very good for accessibility if you've got any mobility issues or anything yeah you could literally just place your foot – yeah that's so many problems it's fabulous yeah yeah yeah really useful and I've got to ask you which color green yeah without a doubt although I actually I'm quite drawn to that warm tougher toffee caramel that's the one each that Kara Mac Camel not coming back camel green and navy are your three colorways $39.

99 is the price sizes 2 to 10 look better perfect well these sandals next coming up are gonna really brighten up your spring your summer they're just happy they're really bright really vibrant I'm not going on but it works but really they were just sort of not that many colors in these at all me the red ones got beige it's got a slightly darker more of a coffee color and then it's got the green and then it's red it's got a little red and the over stitching in the beige now the other stitching in the beige color is exactly the same over stitching on all three styles but all three styles have got predominantly these two colors going on they've all got those two colors and then there's another dominant color going over the top there was the tan and there is their like denim blue we can't just blue here but it's very much denim blue which is the one that you see Linda wearing in a second beautiful quality leathers really beautiful quality made in Turkey again they make great great quality leathers with this one the leather was going right the way down the wedge as well so that this is the wedges covered in the same lever and lovely shaping at that wedge great grip underneath the wedge also the upper the movement on the base is gorgeous even though it's on a wedge which is often a little bit stiffer you still got the movement there so when you look at it straight well you've got all these openings here within the sides of the shoes so to give a lot of air through a lot of air flow and then you've got the piece at the middle to take your eyes away from the fact that this is actually believe it or not a wider fit even though it doesn't look it and then you've got the back strap with a OneTouch fastening on the inside so that opens up totally for you to open up to suit your foot or maybe you much you feet might as well as a day goes on you can self adjust so very simple lines but I think that you would never think that that shoe was a wider fit I think it looks unbelievably neat in the shaping nice sort of open toe here it's leather lined leather outer and leather footbed let's have a look at you in the blue one Linda because I think the blue one is lovely it's really lovely because you've got that red you've got the badger so you can got all those colours – I didn't you wardrobe up yeah it's gonna be a really useful useful little sandal but they are so lovely the leather is just soft its Turkish lovers which is gorgeous I like that little blip at the front there so you know your toes I'm not going to go over the edges yeah touch fasting and lovely heal as well so I mean they're gorgeous and the tan one I actually I don't usually go for tump I think the tan ones yeah just take a look on the table just commutes it of the three yeah but it's got quite a lot going for ladies who wear a lot of Brownson I think it works very well yeah I do too nice really lovely sons of this as soft as as butter soft as glove leather the papers leather sandal this sizes 3 to 8 3 colorways blue red multi and tan multi the blue is actually multi as well but we're just calling it blue red multi or tan multi $39.

99 and the order code three zero seven nine seven five this is such a pretty Sun that we've got here for lovely colors and it looks like somebody's sort of very artfully got their paint brush and just been sprayed it looks like you know when you get when you were little and used together I was like a painting by numbers do an art thing I can't follow and you'd put your colors on it it really does I mean this red one is absolutely gorgeous it really is vibrant and really pings at you the whites very fresh with all the colors at the front all of them have got a plane back on them so they sling back at the back is plane in one color and the rest of the shoe takes on those color so then we've got navy which is gorgeous and then we've got the tan which probably of the most demure of the day for but colorways within it is just superb the colors that you've got coming on here is just fantastic absolutely beautiful have got lioness Purple's greens whites Reds tans as all sorts going on in there really attention this has been fabulous super little sandal again it's from the same Factory in Spain they make beautiful sandals very wearable very easy to put on and also extremely comfortable cuz all these straps move independently so you can place them on your foot wherever they need to be the back is a solid part but you have got the elastication at the back there to hold on so it sits nicely on the back of your heel in place and all these straps as I said can move around to suit your particular foot inside they all have this beautiful quality tan leather footbed and all of them are fully leather lined as well just I can't said enough that the quality is fantastic sideways on about an inch which with this rubberized finish and you've got all this grip but underneath for whatever service you're walking on but it is really your your summer sandal your summer one-stop and if you know that you're a lady that was either of the any of these colors on these sandals you can go for that one it could be a summer sandal right throughout the summer yep so this red one's got white the white one's got blue and we've got all sorts of colors and all of all got multi colors well it's from the piece of leather that we use will be have the finish on it and a little chopped down so you'll get an individual pair of shoes I could be spoke pair of shoes each time not one pair of shoes will be the same as the next Oh fantastic yeah gosh well that elevates the price but it doesn't you know you can see it's it's actually $41.

99 how do they feel them gorgeous they look gorgeous leather insole isn't that beautiful thanks sentences no yeah really lovely very good lovely lovely Spanish leather here gloves soft a Navy multi red multi tan multi and white multi looking resplendent on the table sizes three to eight the papers multi-strap slingback sandal hmm got a very I think it's quite an unusual sandal this one is very very delicate but strong but also that blend of colors the colors this is the only one that we do absolutely yeah well well we do different we do range of this from this company but this is in one of these styling just so simple if you like by all the different pieces going across and they're all independent movement of one another which meets means it's really really ultra comfy is that all these leathers are different lovely different colors and they shade in beautifully together but you can wear so many do from colors with this sandal it's quite a sort of ethnic looking but it's also got a smartness to it and I think as she one hominid sandal it would probably work for you really well made frozen Spain they make beautiful quality leathers and reduce lovely shadings you can see the yellow color has got so different sort of colorway running through it they do so a darker color brush over it same as the green and the blue some of the colors you can't do that with because they're very dark anyway but the insole is a beautiful color as well and very expensive-looking the squid John that is gorgeous all leather the whole thing is leather beautiful quality in and outs very very easy to put on and off this circle piece at the back here is elastication so that opens up and grits your heel when you're wearing it so it won't flop down underfoot great safety as well very light and unbelievably flexible a really really nice a real big seller for us this come even works really well Spanish learn Spanish quality this type of sandal is very well known and this what this factories are really really good at doing this don't be unnoticed from the the screen we're calling it the flats love the sandal that's slightly mistaken about an inch and we're calling it standard I would say it's a little roomier than standard I think well that's good because she's got it on I don't think it's a I've got plenty of room in there I'd say it was more of a comfort fit you've got room to move these straps across as well haven't you depending on the shape of your feet and they move as well they're flexible as well yeah I think if you're going away you could just take this one pair of sandals and they'd go with everything gorgeous it's actually quite clever cos there isn't a single color that directly matches your top and yet looking at the hole it works it works yeah yeah I think it's just very very easy where it's very much an old summer thing because I think you know you've not gonna be wearing this in the winter or possibly on a lovely spring day but generally it's the summer but it has got that ethnicity about it that looks really really good quality yes laughs and also makes it pretty ageless yes we're into absolutely inches notice the pavers flat leather sandal does have a little heel though how it comes in sizes 3 to 9 we're calling it multi which is true to word it really is it's got a multitude of colors there $41.

99 three one six one double six is the order code spring/summer they're on their way and if you are a fan of a peep-toe we have just the peep toe and it's just gorgeous the quality of this leather is second honestly it's so sumptuous so soft the give is like a spring board this is like a trampoline under your foot it's absolutely beautiful it's all leather it's leather lined fully leather lined leather outer leather foot but even this lovely flower on the top is all leather beautifully made hand stitched all the way around on a look wedge of about an inch and a half that goes down to about half an inch underneath there and with all the great grip its maple leaves there look a great flip underneath there just absolutely stunning in quality in the manufacture of it and they'll and the way it sits on your foot it looks absolutely beautiful cutaways the best ever you've got the gorgeous white lovely lovely bright sharp navy this amazing red doesn't do it justice it's like a flame he's a beautiful coral flame color and then this lovely lovely soft tan all of them equally as lovely as each other lots of room in them lots of fit remember it's a beautiful soft leather so it will give amazingly on your foot going straight to Linda because look you know everybody this color doesn't it girl it's beautiful I'm sure the leather is just so soft so simple very very lightweight love that little detail on the front as well as stitching is gorgeous lovely cork here which is so light as a feather beautiful it meant that for a wedding or Christmas or the races things just go it's so so soap like the baby's first yeah yeah beautiful which is important because you need it really soft around your toe manufacturing the linings they all leather lined it's just absolutely beautiful quality you know it's stunning it's the same color inside as outside it's same quality leather inside as outside he just looks fabulous and with that over stitching that's hand stitched all the way around it's so beautiful finished off not too high a heel on a very safe wedge so like you said the races are a wedding or a garden party or barbecue or going along the promenade really absolute gorgeous and the tailoring on the shoe what I love is the fact that the the inner the sole is the same color as the outer shell and it's just it just really really elegant it is the pavers leather peeps peep toe sandal details on the screen as always three one five zero 92 is your order code size range is good it's two to nine price is good it's $39.

99 and there are four lovely colors Navy red tan and white hello there we've got a little new book but new buck buckle sandal bodies it does come in five colors you're gonna see Linda in the red in a minute and it comes in a sort of mustard a yellow but we've just got three on the table you've got green green but it's sort of TV a tweets a very pretty green mmm it's it's not harsh it's very soft green it's like a sea green yeah it's yes it is yeah yes the lovely lovely color the new book is beautiful quality so is the inside of the shoe it's leather lined it's leather up it's got beautiful soft leather footbed if you notice closely it is a fly float but it's a fly rod dream so it's been made differently it's hand-stitched fly flocked a hand stitched all the way around hand finished whereas the other Firefox updates it's a composite where it's forced into the base this has actually been put together by hand really really pretty very nicely done beautiful quality fully adjustable right across the top so both of these buckles said Limon touch there buckles that you have to fasten yourself but they are fully adjustable so what I would suggest you did as long as she got them in place you can just leave them where they are but you know the shape of your foot so you might have a wider front to the foot you might have a foot that swells or a very high instep you can self adjust so super little little shoe look as I said the quality of it well I'm sure Linda will tell you when we get to her out how it feels the leather is butter soft on a which all on a black wedge underneath great versatility because it's not a flyff lot like the other fly floats don't have overall the the same sort of base this has got the anti-shock movement on the ball of the foot where you need it and on your heel so both of these areas can give a 90 shot movement but the other fly flops give you as well so just slightly different in the manufacturing so we've got it in beige we've got it in green or the one I'm holding we've got it in navy on the table we've got it in red which you'll see on Linda in a second and we've got it in a lovely mustard yellow which unfortunately we haven't got to show you but you can look online see it there the Reds lovely is nature soft so it's so soft really lovely love to her and I do I've awkward a feet so nothing is rubbing at all love that color like the coordinate red but I think it's just those buckles as well I've got all that cut foot coverage that I need for my feet but you've got that flexibility you've got that cover as well we did they just tick every box they really do and you see how it comes up to the back that way it holds on to you yes your foot isn't moving around in that and you know will not slip out of it no feel very safe to wear and I love that hand stitching I don't I don't see it in anything now it's just up nice and it really makes it pop it really stands out at the fly flocked new buck double strap buckle sandal that comes in sizes three to eight your color is beige green navy red and yellow five of them in total $34.

99 got another hugely popular style view now but in the new season color and my eye is drawn to that lovely Island isn't it pretty yeah whether you wanna call it hyacinth cornflower lilac whatever it's a very very pretty shade absolutely as Judy so rightly said we've done this style similar to this style for so many seasons and it's been so popular we first bought it there was a bit of a chat between all the buyers as to whether we thought it would be popular because the inside looks like that the inside looks like a full block of shoe not terribly peeling the outside looks like that but when it's on it just comes to life at the original one had a coconut husk little button here with elastic behind it which meant you have to do that to put it on very very easy but you have to put it on this one it's got even easier one touch so that opens up totally I'm taken out but it's opens up totally if you slip your foot inside and then just enclose your foot however you need it to be enclosed and you can adjust it as the day goes on if you wish it's on a boat shaped base which is a cork look as light as a feather but the shape is amazing as a walking shape because when you walk naturally is heel to toe so you can you've got this lovely rocking movement underfoot great safety because they've got all that grip inside outside and lined is all leather superb quality leather as we've said it's tried and tested winner we've had so many five-star reviews on this one it's untrue look how soft the leather is even when I do that it sort of just pings back to life beautifully soft allows the toes to move around it has got a wider fit so you know if you've got that wider foot it's perfect for you for not necessarily new curves because that I knew it as in one seasonal look and then it's got a laser printed design off on the leather which is beautiful so you've got that gorgeous tan a lovely red the black and the ligh look stroke hyacinth whatever you want to call it which is want Linda's wearing so some other couple in this foot and you can see it looks fab does it definitely look better on the foot isn't it unique imagine this would be nice linen white trousers I've just got one with jeans that looks nice or even a maxi dress is lovely wouldn't but this is really lovely lovely soft soft gorgeous Turkish leathers I mean that's quite bohemian isn't it it's got a really love yeah I think it's very versatile I think you could wear I mean I though she does got some and but it's very good as well for teenagers or absolutely anyone really he's got that on trend look about it yes well absolutely that color as well it's like it's lovely the violets I still do okay the papers touch person lever sample sizes are 3 to 9 ly look maybe read aunt Anna are your 4 colorways $39.

99 and the order code 3 1 5 3 5 3 new season sandal favorites and we are looking at a stretchy sandal that Gypsy Rose please good position predicts will fly off the shelves the same sort of sampler we've done a lot of times before but what we do is we change the type of elastication we changed what we're putting on his sort of foot jewelry this one's got really really lovely little sparkly little almost Jets on the navy blue one on the top and then we've got sort of diamante sparkly tight on the beige and on the Rose the Rose is a very delicate color you'll see that one soon on Linda yes super little sandal sad ways on shows you that the whole look of it really if I hold it up like that this back strap hasn't got a strut buckle on it doesn't need it it's held up by the elastication here so the movement on that is here great deal of movement very very easy to put them on and off so you've got elastication here at both sides got elastication here at both sides so sits on the foot beautifully very neat even though it is a wider fit say this for you ladies with that slightly wider foot you've got lots of movement here you've got lots of depth for the foot if you can see the depth there which sometimes people think if you've got a wider shoe it should look quite white it doesn't need to see when you've got more depth because it takes in the amount that the whole of your foot very very neatly and easily struck up the center works really well because it takes the eyes also away from the width of the foot and then all these struts independently move so that your foots got movement ease of movement lots of Toad movement also underfoot great safety lots of grip under there for whatever service you're walking on and the little heel is around about three-quarters of an inch in height so you have got a little bit of a heel a great summer we're very very popular with us at pavers and really just sell out every single year some lovely fits as well for ladies with that slightly wider foot it is all microfiber so breathability of it is super so this is a darker color way we've got a lovely beige mix and then we've got the in the foreground we've got the rose we go along have a look at our lovely Linda wearing that rose color now for him you can see what it looks like on a foot he looks gorgeous that she goes really well with your top I know they're not the same color the tops plum but it's such a meaty shade of nice pretty tones together so lovely because they're just so easy to put on and once you've got them on you feel really secure wearing them because they've got a great stretch it's never said here and you've got stretch there as well so so comfortable but they give a lot of air to the foot as well but you've got that coverage as well so they are fabulous to wear yeah if you're looking for a go-to sandal that fits the bill because it's practical but incredibly pretty as well it's so versatile it will do for day or evening this is the paper stretchy sandal sizes a 2 to 8 navy rose or total tall power announces $29.

99 it's a real winner hello welcome to new season sandal favorites we've got a sandal for you that's popular season in season out year in year out it really is just the two colorways very very nice elegant styling yeah it's lavinia now they we we basically do many many more stars from this company in the wintertime because they make an awful lot for the ski season and so on they make lots of boots they make extreme what I'm trying to get out is to make extremely good quality Footwear the leathers are beautiful the shaping's are great they make for a wider foot all that everything we keep from them it has got a slightly wider fit the left is exactly the right shape for the bridge the main that the majority of British women have this shaping of foot so very very comfortable to wear lovely foot coverage as well I would probably suggest a little bit more mature in styling lots of foot coverage even though you've got your toes out and you've got your instep out you've got lots of foot covering that side but you've got all this lovely little holes cutouts in it to give you that summer feel and get that warmth so your thoughts on that that air tea feet it is all leather it's leather foot bed a beautifully comfortable look lovely soft squidge in there it's leather lined and it's a leather upper down the center three pieces of elastication that work for you right the way through so if you have got that wider foot or that foot that swells or you've got bunions or something going on but you don't ski like this will open up for you instead of you having to self adjust back strap has adjustability on it obviously it's on a buckle arrangement so you can put that to fit you perfectly and it's on this super little wedge but it's fairly flat underneath so again great stability for the surfaces you're walking on obviously they are from Savina to think about dampen and lossy and sort of icy services so all their foot works got this great base on it sit for safety and then the upper very very smart in look and we do in the black which is all black and we do it in the one that Linda's wearing it's on the table here in the white white so white upper very smart very clean very fresh yeah lovely for the summer isn't it you know to wear with you nice smart trousers or ladies you know going on holiday these absolute focus that the leather Oh honestly it's just so so soft nothing is rubbing at all on the thought you've got the elastication go down the frame so you've got flexibility there you've got a strap at the back that you can alter just think these are lovely and just so spongy underfoot and lightweight beautiful they are literally just put them on put out the Box very simple as that came to put them on and go forget you wearing them tastic I like that Lacy and would you recommend protective Springs is a protector of another year and remember this one is from a size 2 to 9 great size running great value for the price absolutely $44.

99 as Debbie says size 2 2 then it is pavers wide fit slingback leather sandal black or white tea or two color wise three one seven eight one eight is your order code I cannot tell you how light these are these must be a dream to wear because there's nothing to them at all they're quite a substantial shoe aren't they if you ever look at them they're called we're calling it a casual lace-up trainer I would call it a weekend shoe or a kind of relaxing shoe sort of thing I wouldn't go to the gym in them or anything so first of all we've got all this is man-made fiber so you can wipe all of this clean really really easy to look after nice styling on the toe here following that round you got all your panels of all your different kinds of textiles and fabrics some made to look like leather some made to look like waffle fabric and you've got your lace up detail down the front you've got your tongue in there which is nicely padded so you never I hate that thing that when you do up a pair of lace-up shoes and you can feel the laces on the top if I don't like that at all nicely padded and then if we look at the sole on these now the sole unit isn't quite as thick on these that some of the others I've shown you this hour but still perfect grip ability and lovely malleability going on there now I've got these in three different colorways right I've got it in gray I've got it in navy and I've also got it in taupe and I'm kind of liking the taupe one myself with the nice rich colors here next to me here don't you agree or we'll see when you start buying them which one you go I'll just see the price 34 pounds and 99 pence I know I know it is fantastic briea give you bring you such good value here at papers don't we three one seven three nine Oh is your item code number these are called the pavers casual lace-up trainer UK set now look at this size range even Ben could get these sizes 6 to 13 oh no they're gray they come in great they come in navy and the coming taupe 34 pounds and 90 pence they're also a wider fit these so lots of room to wiggle your toes around inside oh a45 own $99.

99 69 HT telephone number or of course you can always come in and buy them on the web um is this by pavers right I've got a bone to pick with papers vintage since 1971 1971 snot fin tidge surely that's frightening isn't it anyway look at these these aren't frightening these are lovely and they're a lace-up trainer again we're calling a trainer I call it more of a casual shoe a weekend shoe or a relaxing shoe really lovely shaping on the front here this is all man-made fibers you can wipe all this clean blue lace is going up the front and then the attention to detail you've got so much top stitching going on here you've got your stripes you've got your denim tight fabric there you've got more top stitching in the red down side there and then round here this is so beautifully padded these gonna be so lovely and comfortable when you put these on again you've got your molded sole unit they're going all the way the length and then the grip ability on the bottom is just fantastic I'm thinking winter walks or spring walks or anything like that just go get yourself fit for that for the spring don't wear them to the gym don't wear them for weight training or anything like that but wear them for go like for nice healthy walks and things like that got them in two colorways they've got the gray multi and I've got the Navy multi which one are you gonna go for one's got more of a tan detailing on it than the other one has there but the choice is totally yours now this is three one seven five two five that's the item code number that's the number you need to quote when you buy these so they know which ones you're gonna buy the pavers casual lace-up trainer UK sizes six to twelve a really really good size range look at that there I'll show you that strobing a little bit and you tele gray multi and Navy multi 34 pounds and 99 pence now this is that these are a wider fit so that I could comfort fit these and so all you do is give us a call only four or five Oh 9999 six and quote that item code number or of course you go on the website www.


org and all of our trainers you might see somebody prefer there now are Richard he travels around the world getting trainers right likes them get them from Japan it's no need to go around the world he could just order these could me in fact I think it's his birthday soon I think whatever Club together cuz I was about 12 we could raise $44.

99 oh maybe not he left up like he left the club in as well with us one day anyway look look their sketches they're lovely again they look like they're gonna be really heavy don't they because they're big and they're chunky and they're manly a bit like Richard really is now anyway these are the sketches reactor mizune or Missoula and that's not very butch names it Missoula lace-up casual trainer they come in three different colorways you've got the black you've got the brown and you've got the navy now these are a standard fit these ones they look they look quite wide still even though they're a standard fit and they're lovely because they've got all the details you'd want on a trainer I'm not saying to wear them for going to the gym and things like that but outdoor pursuits they would be fantastic for I'm thinking of winter walks taking the dog out things like that I think your feet are going to be cosseted in these and really really comfortable the grip ability on the bottom is just fantastic and I just think for oooo I've just seen how padded the tongue is the comfort that you're gonna get from wearing these and then the squid genus in here oh yay got a memory foam in here as well you've got memory foam I was trying to read it in the dark there you've got memory foam inside there as well so everything you want for a comfortable outdoorsy trainer three one five eight five five dry to code number these are the sketches reactor medjool lace-up casual trainer UK sizes six to twelve check the screen size availability three different colorways black brown or navy forty-four pounds and ninety nine pounds they are a standard fit they do have a leather upper and mixture and look at that isn't it lovely give us a call only four five only $99.

99 69 or just come on in the web come on in on the web real life shoes are so popular I know all the girls here like there be Julie Linder at Julie piece good they've all got real life boots everything now if you don't want real life is you seen the pot in the base here there's like nodules that massage the bottom of your feet but also they're in there as a shock absorber within the bottom of your so it's just that feel-good feeling I'm not a doctor I'm not gonna say what they do what they don't do to you but that is what you'll get a little when you get these home you'll get a leaflet these are very smart aren't they even though they're called a casual lace-up Derby I think they'd look lovely with a blue suit I suppose they're called casual Oh scuse me casual because they've got the denim highlight around there and on the tongue you've got the blue right now they're not funny that looks like the best leather doesn't it it's not leather at all that is a man-made fiber so you could just wipe that down inside you've got leather in there where your insole is that's leather there I've got two colorways in this I've got them in the Navy oh that's Navy oh that's nice Navy and the tan I'm veering I have to say towards the town are quite load like those now these are extra wide so I'll be lovely for me with my very wide feet and so comfortable to wear I just think they're fantastic and they look at the sole unit there and you've got the grip ability on the bottom and I just like that shaping that's very very traditional isn't it same color on both of them and it's got a kind of cork effect or is it caulk or wood effect going on around the heel there and I love this I love the blue the contrast blue here 3 1 4 0 9 1 these are real life by pavers casual I don't know if they're guys or not lace-up derbies UK sizes 6 to 12 they come in the Navy and it's a dark navy and the tan 44 pounds and 9 10 pence now these are an extra wide fit give us a call oh it for 5 out 99 99 69 or of course WWWE shoes TVs have a look at this and all of our men's shoes that are on the web now these they're right chunky aren't they but they're not heavy you take a look at those when you think god they're gonna be heavy they're not at all not at all they're sketches they are a sketches they are the sketches v gore 2.

0 advantage leather trainer I know aren't they fantastic it's got everything you expect from a trainer is it you got your toe cap here you've got your suede there you've got your mesh here you've got your lovely lace-up detailing down the front there you've got a tongue that is so padded it's gonna be lovely to put your foot in there and then as you come around here this is all padded round here and then look at this soul look how thick this soul is here going all the way down it's like molded right the way through the trainer there and then of course across the bottom there you've got your perfect grip ability I'm seeing outdoor you know kind of what's that man called Bear Grylls that's what I'm seeing wearing these out and out and about in the wild so I've got two colorways I've got charcoal and I've got Navy so now the charcoal the Navy ones the ones I've got and then the charcoal ones those soft gray ones over there oh now they've got a very very white lining with the white sole and the white laces whereas the Navy ones have got gray the gray sole and the grey laces on them adjusting if you're looking for and a really really good quality trainer I wouldn't say go to the gym and try running in these and everything like that they're also extra wide they've got to remember that these are an extra wide fit I know one four five nine seven six try to code number sketches v gore 2.

0 advantage leather trainer UK sizes seven through 13 visit vigor what's I say if I go oh it could be thinking I like America without the Union Costas charcoal and Navy have 44 pounds and 1990s all you have to do is give us a call or go on the web and make sure you order yours at today now Ben McSherry says these are the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn and he wears them while he's operating no he's not a doctor he's a cameraman anyway look they heart they've got so much room in them these they're fantastic aren't they they're the per guard casual lace-up trainer now wouldn't Wen's go to the gym not the bear never goes to a gym playing table tennis maybe but then he always gets James always beats him every single time they go to play anyway streaming one three one seven seven zero these are the per guard to casual lace-up trainer I think they're lovely now I've got them in two different colorways I've got them in this which is the Navy and then that stone one there is absolutely lovely I think it was some what was it been twenty one three something like that anyway I won't go on about it I won't gone about him he then gets very sensitive about being beaten but in table tennis by James and but don't same thing he's fine he's fine he's fine these are 39 pounds of 99 pence by the way um I like the fact that you know I'm always saying when we show the lady's shoe oh that's so lightweight why don't we do men's shoes like this these have got no weights them at all so really really comfortable to wear this has got like a den it's like a denim effect on both of them fabric obviously it's not leather or anything like that it's I could treat it fabric but really really low weight you've got the air vents here as well and oh I forgot to mention you've got a shock point on the bottom there so as it's like a shock absorber as you're wearing these they've got everything going for them up there I wonder what color Ben's got he's just left it anyway it's gone three-one-seven 72 hours writing code number the Pagar casual lace-up trainer UK sizes 6 to 12 they come in navy and they come in stone they're 39 pounds and 99 pence I know they're a wider fit so they're gonna be lovely roomy for your toes to weight we go around in inside there so I wait for 5 out 99 99 6 then that's your telephone number WWWE shoes do you need to come in and buy these on the web now this is gents must-haves and I tell you what you're gonna want all of these and did you know that 60% of men's coats are bought by their ladies I know so ladies if you're looking and aren't your men gonna look smart in this it's just straightforward the pavers lace-up shoe but it's a really love this is blue right this is navy blue how often you see a navy blue what I love is the fact they've teamed navy blue would like the tan colored lace and look at the stitching on this the kind of orange like a black on a pair of jeans it's got the orange top stitching on they're really lovely shaping as well on this one and then I like this heel unit cuz it's more of a molded so I can Donna call it a wedge but you know to mean it's kind of all-in-one it's not gonna separate heel 2 at all look at the grip ability on the bottom that is just fantastic isn't it now these come in three different colorways as I say that's the navy it all said oh I like the brown the brown is a lovely color and then the black in the middle look at the black got that white top stitching detailing going on they've also can I just show you on the one in my hand they've also got a tab on the back here you see that now the brown one the blue one have got this tan color but the black one has a black notes not leather and suede but it's made to look like nubuck on the back there and so aren't they lovely which colorway you're gonna go for they've all got like a soul that has been worked into as we call it in the industry it's been broken down but it's kind of been worked into so it's got kind of burnished color within it at three one zero five six one this year is it is the pavers lace-up shoe UK sizes 6 to 11 a very very good size range are you going for black are you going for brown or are you going for navy not you don't often see many Navy men shoes do for the price 29 pounds and 99 pence these are a standard fit by the way are we for five oh 99 99 69 WWWE shoe TV to buy them on the web hello everyone it's just little Derek here with a reminder that you can now watch everything that we do here at pavers shoes on our youtube channel now we're gonna be adding some exclusive content to that and of course you'll have some fabulous Footwear so go to our YouTube channel right now and press the subscribe button and you can keep up to date don't forget you'll find us – on social media on Facebook and on Instagram – come and see us all the different ways you can hear at pavers hello there now did you know about all the delivery options that pavers offer while standard deliveries $2.

99 per order and free on orders over 60 pounds however if you want your order the very next day we offer express delivery for just $4.

99 per order and this is just half price $2.

99 when you spend over 60 pounds and we also offer free delivery to store so see the website for all the details and the best options just to suit you now this is called a smart sandal selection show and what do you know what this is not a good one to start with well because there's too many colors to choose from and when they can't brought to the table oh yeah like the Navy then I saw them come out oh no like the yellow one then they were gonna give you the flame color yeah no I like that one so difficult it is a really lovely array of colors you've got something for everybody there but that yellow really stands out yeah it's a really strong color for this spring and summer love that Coralie color as well which is lovely we call it red but there's no way that's red no it's flame I'd call that it is a really lovely flaming right there you're struggling I am struggling a bit with my throat I'll have to have a little throat sweet later on or you could go and make me a nice cup of tea or there's some throat sweets always makes half now for everybody else which is TLV with half milk are water yeah coffee coffee my day will make new ones do you reckon you could do so these shoes yeah anyway we've got a beautiful white we've got the gorgeous tan and then we've got the Navy I think they are so just go through the cones get nearest them is red then what we got next yellow I decide to call that something more exotic than yellow then we've got white then we've got tan then we've got names do you think we could have called a yellow saffron oh oh no maybe mustard mustard mustard mustard but it is the most beautiful leather you've got the leather on the upper and it's a little bit concertina so you've got that little bit of give there and then inside you've got the leather footbed and all of that is beautifully padded now you see we sell these in different colors in the mule version I like the version with the strap I do I think a lot of ladies like this strap they feel a little bit more secure and you can adjust that you've got the wood effect heel so it's a nice blocky heel as well fabulous grip okay let's get Julian very very quicker oh you've gone for the mustard custard yellow one well I thought sunflower it's very summery what I've also noticed which is a little vent a little fee of elastic I didn't even notice that either and that's great so when you're walking you've got that extra little bit of gear and the strap holds it in place nicely doesn't it at the back yeah really secure really secure on feet sound comfortable and I think they look fantastic Dunning what color you gonna go for 3 1 7 9 6 3 try to code number at least zero leather sling back heel sandal UK sizes 3 tonight these will fly out you must be careful now Navy or red or tan or white or yellow 44 pounds and 99 pence standard fit these I wait for 5 out 99 99 610 that cell phone number wwii shoes TV to buy them on the web now these look like a posh flip-flop flip-flop yeah there are a lot Pasha than a flip-flop but do you know really really nice it's a leather upper though oh and then you've got this gorgeous embellishment on here sort of like little bit of crystal over there with yeah gorgeous really nice crisscross detail and then you've got that silver footbed which is really nice but that silver comes all the way around the wedge which is just lovely really lightweight as well and then underneath you've got that grip it's all silver underneath as well I just think for the summer time what a lovely lovely wedge and but you're right John you know even with swimwear it's gonna work isn't oh yeah but we haven't just got it in the white we've actually got it in there lovely gold Oh wearing the gold which is lovely it's a really soft soft gold oh yeah I didn't see not miss that one yeah she does he talk about Richard his body building where the break to find that he's not a bodybuilder at all by the way they're gorgeous gold I think that is really pretty comfortable Judy okay absolutely fantastic really really not a nice weight on and not too heavy on it comes out so that they're a nice weight not too heavy and and I think it's just so great to see your foot looking so summery already I'm starting to think is like this is this is metallic shoe is the summer isn't it yes we're recording it Springs oh no smart we're calling this what I like is it's got an unusual-looking you just sit there the cutout yeah within the wedge to make it look like there's a heel I mean that kind of normally the cutouts in the bottom isn't it to make a little hole but it looks like they've been molded or yeah that's right John but I do both colors are great but my favorite would be the gold I think that is lovely well yeah because you've got your gold bikini that you take on holiday I wish [Applause] little kind of class hold it together now they're only twenty nine nine times you say these were leather yes they are leather insole is over so that's all I made but I think just they're so pretty but just to say these are a wider field are they oh I don't even notice at three one seven three four to try to code number the pavers embellished a leather mule sandal UK size is two to eight gold or white they're the white ones you're seeing there in Sheila's hand right now twenty nine pounds and nine ten pence there are wide fit the comfort they're all right there oh I think Sheila might be going home in a minute Oh a four five Oh 9999 six Oh WWWE shoes TV to buy on the web I rather like these edges lovely it's beautiful and all the floral detail on there John which is gorgeous I really do like these there's a lot of work gone into this and it's all done by Machine now Sheila don't need to worry about those yeah but still even if it's a machine he's got a lot of work and there's a lovely shimmer on the top of these now we're calling this one the metallic yeah which is lovely then you've got this really nice wedge it's a lever it's actually two-tone in leather oh wow a really lovely shimmer on there as well and a slightly different color at the top there yes so you've got leather on the upper leather around the wedge as well which is just lovely it's the only two-tone on the on the the metallic one then it's a tan one yeah let's have a look at the tap the Townies just tap yeah right also you're looking on screen thinking all wives they got fuchsia written on there that's because in a minute when you see Julie there is a fuchsia version of these as well which is gorgeous I'd say it was more magenta than fuchsia but whatever look in a second anyway anything else I know I just think that under very lightweight jump oh yeah so you look as if they should have some weight to them but incredibly lightweight which is lovely let's see Julie in the future once then these are gorgeous I think it's more bubblegummy than fuchsia no it's gorgeous color look yeah really nice color but then it's obviously on the wedges well you've got that lovely future is it slightly different color on me yes then now that I'd say the wedge was fuchsia yes and the top is more of a magenta but the wedge is definitely fuchsia yeah maybe it's been worked into that's what's making it different maybe you know when they do the tempering when they go in rub it in maybe it's that so anyway let's talk about how they feel to wear oh just actually no absolutely again incredibly light very easy to put on so so soft you will live in these innocent mothered it's going to be your best friend yes and because they'll take you anywhere and I just this call is just incredible I won some really bright nail varnish now oh yes it's making your nail varnish look a bit dull oh yeah good they are lovely though but I don't know which color you're gonna go for that sucked like you say that's unusual colour don't normally see shoes in that colour do you and it goes really well with the navy yes maybe totally three one eight one eight six record number pavers leather wedge wheel sandal UK sizes three to eight the coming future they come in metallic and tan I do like the Lewis house how about the metallic as well 39 pounds and 9 10 pence I remember that leather its upper it's not lovely there's the fuchsia one there Oh eight four five votes six and that's your telephone number our operators are waiting to take your call right now of course you can always go and buy on the web now at home I don't want you to be put off by these because on the table they almost look a little bit clunky don't they I know where you're coming from allows though they came in attacked oh what a shame I don't like these then I watch Julie putting them on ice like they totally come to life yes we do footing they really really do I love it that you've got the little bit of embellishment down the front there it seems sort of like more of a muted gold would you say but really nice and the leather is incredibly soft it is beautiful you've got the buckle detail at the side there to get them on and off I just think they are fantastic a really strong t-bar down the front so it draws the eye in these are a standard fit though but the cushioning underfoot is absolutely gorgeous and that runs through all of the insole then you've got which we've featured quite a few where the leather comes across the wedges yes I also like the fact opps you've got that line of tan yeah all the way around the heel and then around the toe she's lovely you sit there extra kind of taste fabulous I mean we've just got these in the black and the white but gosh they are fantastic it's a very little like Queen grease call it quickly come on come on down some people at home to see how they suddenly come through and you said as you put them on you at all DISA so come I did I couldn't they are so soft be and they're so cushioned and they it's just so soft against the skin and they look so nice they're gorgeous I just think we see their now as soon as the foot in it the whole balance works yeah it just it looks fantastic actually and actually very secure on the foot as well lots of foot coverage I just think with that sort of gold in between running up the front there makes them look incredibly expensive yeah totally totally I'm thinking that kind of and I've seen a cruise liner yeah cruiseliner not maybe eveningwear but like glamorous afternoon when you want to be really nicely dressed going somewhere but still in comfort very very stylish I think these really fit the bill I'll promenade you mean sunbathing or by the pool all day you don't have your shower in your cabin and then you want to promenade afternoon late after oh I'm living the life – yeah three one eight one one six is writing code number these bellissimo leather wedge sandal UK sizes two to eight they come in black and they come in white but the black isn't a hard black it's got a blue undertone to it 39 pounds and nine ten pence these are a standard v leather upper and leather insole as well and that's leds are all wrap around the wedge heel away for five out 9996 now a telephone number www.

h news TV to come in and have a look and buy on the web now sheila these look a bit bond girls a little bit different we've actually got a zip at the side there which is bit unusual isn't it so that's how you get in and out of the actual sandal by this it was one of the boots it's just a little bit different it's what did you use to call that around the top not not a t-bar cuz that's down the front like it an ankle cuff or something anyway it's just a little bit different with the most beautiful soft soft leather and I like it you've got these cutout detail at the front like a flower and effect and then you'll be able to see just how soft and padded that insole is and that works its way up all the way of the sole of the shoe it's like they've mixed two because the front strap is very delicate yeah and dainty with those cutouts and then you've got that quite all those but you know when you see the mom John it's a really nice styling ok let's talk about color wise because you've got a white one yeah on the table we've also got a taupe one but they come in red yes haeju's wearing actually let's bring Julie now and show you the red one so at home you can make your choices about which one you want and then in a minute I'll let Sheila finish talk about the super in a minute we'll ask Julie about the fit and everything like that but there's the red one because it's kind of an ad it is a pillar box red and fascinating where it fastens around the top of the foot then Julie with the C is it comfortable it's very comfortable and you know when to put it on it feels like you know when you put a fitted dress on yes it's a bit so it's like Rd commnity contrast so it's nice and it's very secure its little secure not we're being witness well the way shaped is beautiful it's really comfortable that's all leather isn't all those straps are lexically lovely lovely soft Turkish leather yeah they up is all leather the insoles all leather and so is that leather wrapped around the edge feels yeah and then Julie can I just ask you because this footbed feels really comfortable yes you can see it at the front looks quite soft I would say these are standard because they are yes yeah standard fit but I think they look really good on that would be quite youthful looking yes I think it's very clever as well because if they've got that front strap any higher or any lower wouldn't work no it wouldn't that's very very so no that's the red one they do come in three colors you got the red the white and the taupe they're three one eight one more files your item code number these are the bellissimo leather wedge sandal UK sizes 2 to 8 but do check your screen for size availability as the same three colors taupe and white now the taupe is more of an ecru I'd say and then the red is I could dark rich red 39 pounds in 9 10 pence I wait for 5 o 99 99 69 wwwp shoe TV for the web now know you heard me say this over and over again I don't like wearing slippers in the house I mind the barefooted in the summer got my flip-flops on or I wear my shoes you see these would be the perfect perfect solution for me because it's a little lightweight it's like an old-fashioned remember if you if you're old like me you'll remember these like pumps with that front bits in there you take you to school for PE and that front bit those last things you remember all right no one remembers do they okay I thought it was just old people anyway these would be like the modern equivalent of that first of all there is like Safed of they're lighter than a slipper the fabric this fabric I don't know what it is it's just they call it textile on my notes but it's the softest sort of knit fabric but but substantial not neat sizing like a jump or whatever then you've got you might not have seen this it when we come to the blue one I think you'd better see it better on the blue on the second but then you've got this lovely sole unit here but even it's got group ability it is as light as a feather and look I mean I always laugh because you're never going to do that with your photography unless your friend Debbie she used to be the the model for gypsy tights because she could do that she was a gymnast she could do that with her theme content but anyway anyway anyway um it's knit lovely it's just such a sweet little piece for 44 pounds of 9/10 picks that comes in two colors this is just all solid black black black black black black black with the pink insole there the other one is more classy I think it's got the navy with the white sole still got the pink insole there but you can see the front apron and everything and that's one hour Linda's gone and I just think that stylish yet very stylish classic and they look really fresh is just gorgeous isn't it really is lovely these are the classic sketches that we do here I'm they are fabulous we sell them year after year after year they are just so popular because you literally pop them on the foot they are great they're underneath they're so spongy and everything's padded as well but so like so much flexibility as well so if you go for a walk or like you say Joan you watch were than the slippers they are so light I'm sorry oh she can't wear them on a wet rainy cold day every day jumping in the car taking off holiday anything oh yeah it's easy because you can just pack those yeah okay so anything and they weigh nothing and I just think round the house all going out these are gonna be ideal for you 3:07 0:09 excuse me a sketch your sketches go walk tune these are called UK sizes to tonight two different colorways they come in two and they come in the Navy now no the black are very serviceable 44 pounds of nineteen points Oh a four five oh thanks 999 six cents your telephone number www.


org and say well don't like wave slippers like wear shoes round house but don't wear big comfy suits these are loved it like completely and utterly as light as a feather this is like that um I don't know if we can use the word ethics but that's all that air takes your punch hole detail all through there it's all leather all over here because that gorgeous that is like a powder blue but then there's a bronze can you see the bronze metallic running through its like shot with bronze metallus that lovely it's like a basic slipper shape is then you've got your lovely traditional shoe shape there you've got your go days of elastication in the side there because in the afternoon your feet always swell up down there that's just gonna give you that extra sort of leeway there all of this now these holes do go through right the way through so don't be going that it's a fair-weather shoe they call it don't they don't be going on out in the rain or anything in these love little sole units now isn't it funny when these white sole units came in about three years ago we're all like Oh wonder how long they're lost still hugely hugely hugely fashionable and a lovely grip ability on the bottom there now you must were look at these thinking they're lovely John but I don't do color like that what else have you got well I've got them in beige and I've got them in Navy there's still that metallic shimmer like a pearlescent shimmer or going on or you've got the ones they're called gray multi which ones I've got those lovely lovely floral tones aren't they gorgeous have a look now she uh she was gone for beige but it's not beige is like a champagne color it's got a really lovely toe cap and it's just got that little bit of shimmer on there I think they're fabulous John they are so lightweight they really cover the foot but you've got such a lot of flexibility it's such soft leather and I really like the sole you need can a crepe sole but just look at that flexibility in the solar as well it's been comfortable it's very fresh-looking at ease because they've all got the same color completely different to each other with the colors but my favorite is actually the Navy I think the Navy is gorgeous I like the Navy as well now what would you say was the fifth one it's a wider fit John beneath it okay I mean I'm Addie which is like you standard fit but because they come all the way up the foot I could actually get away with them but there is that little bit of giving there and also you've got the elasticated vents down the side so if you have got that little bit of a wider foot that's going to accommodate what about that leather on the front looks so soft own forgiving nicely three one five zero six for the pavers lightweight casual slip-on UK size is three to nine the come in three colorways the beige are you seeing there and then we've got the gray multi which is the floral and also that Navy and I have to say the name is my face Oh $29.

99 29 pounds a 9/10 pants they're leather their leather upper and you love the leather insole as well oh just buy these new season sandal favorites and we are looking at a stretchy sandal that Gypsy Rose please good position predicts will fly off the shelves really super little sandal the same sort of sampler we've done a lot of times before but what we do is we change the type of elastication we change what we're putting on his sort of foot jewelry this one's got really really lovely little sparkly little almost Jets on the navy blue one on the top and then we've got sort of de Monte sparkly type on the beige and on the Rose the Rose is a very delicate color you'll see that one soon on Linda yes super little sandal sad ways on shows you that the whole look of it really if I hold it up like that this back strap hasn't got a strap a buckle on it doesn't need it it's held up by the elastication here so the movement on that is here great deal of movement very very easy to put them on and off so you got elastication here at both sides got elastication here at both sides so sits on the foot beautifully very neat even though it is a wider fit so this for you ladies with that slightly wider foot you've got a lots of movement here you've got lots of depth for the foot you can see the depth there which sometimes people think if you've got a wider shoe it should look quite it doesn't need to when you've got more debt because it takes in the amount the whole of your foot very very neatly and easily strapped up the center works really well because it takes the eyes also away from the width of the foot and then all these struts independently move so that your foots got movement ease of movement it can lots of toe movement also underfoot great safety lots of grip under there for whatever service you're working on and the little heel is around about three-quarters of an inch in height so you have got a little bit of a heel a great summer we're very very popular with as it pavers and really does sell out every single year some lovely fit as well for ladies with that slightly wider foot it is all microfiber so breathability of it is super so this is a darker color way we've got a lovely beige mix and then we've got the in the foreground we've got the rows that we go along have a look at lovely land up wearing that rows kind of now for you and you can see what it looks like on a foot he looks gorgeous it does she goes really well with your top I know they're not the same color the tops plum but it's such a meaty shade nice pretty tones together lovely because they're just so easy to put on and once you've got them on you feel really secure wearing them because they've got a great stretch it's Debbie said here and you've got stretch there as well so it's so comfortable but they give a lot of air to the foot as well but you've got that coverage as well so they are fabulous to wear yeah if you're looking for a go-to sandal that fits the bill because it's practical but incredibly pretty as well it's so versatile it will do for day or evening this is the papers stretchy sandal size is a 2 to 8 navy rose or total tour $29.

99 it's a real winner I think it really is you're watching summer slippers and clogs and we have an embroidered clogs you know sorry it's very pretty colors remember the children's program they used to be called rainbow got a rainbow of colors going on at the side they're a circular part there and then over stitching all the way around the top right the way around here this is one touch fastened by the way so there's lots of room in it for you and then the stitching goes right the way around the back as well very interesting you're made and reminds me of a proper clog a proper Dutch clock in shaping at the front it's got lots of lots of reinforcement at the toe so there's lots of toe wiggle movement inside there inside here's leather this is all man-made it's microfiber inside and out and then you're on looks like sort of a woven base here followed by this anti slip bottom on it and slip sole unit on it on the base both of them have got the same arrangement but both different colours which is quite nice that the beige one has got the beige and white and the blue one which is a very pretty color has got the grey and white at the bottom so it lends itself to being cooler shades so whichever shading you are is it as a lady you know you can choose the blues or you can choose the beige I do think it's got an element of fun in it and I think it's if you're somebody that likes to wear something that looks quite traditional but has got something going on this is probably the one for you very lightweight it's wider and fit and as I said one touch allows you to adjust this as you need to be adjusted let's have a look at Sheila wearing the glue now you know what I mean about the shape of the toe yeah that's quite a dish there's no clog but that doesn't feel like a traditional bar because it's lightweight yeah and I just think you know often you look around the high street you're looking shop windows and everything is sort of on a theme everything's a bit similar to each other whereas if you like your footwear to look that little bit different solutely still got all the comfort there this is fantastic because it is that little bit different like you say Dobby it's got a little bit of a rainbow effect with all those lovely colours and I think this blue is a little bit I mean we calling it denim but it's a bit like porcelain blue it is yeah she's a rodeo Delphia and then the other color which is a really sort of like vanilla ice cream color isn't it which was really pretty I would say to you size-wise it goes up to a nine three to a nine it is wider in the fit but if you've got a half-size foot please go up with the half size and you'll need that because it's you know it is the truth alone but if you half-size don't go down we have to explain this to you go up so here are five five and a half go to six good advice Debbie thank you three one eight one seven one is the order code for the pavers touch fastening embroidered clog sizes are three to nine beige or denim Lee your two lovely gentle color ways $24.

99 hello there thanks for joining us for our active stretch selection we've got a very stretch issue now I'm gonna be straight with you from the top though it's not got hanger appeal it doesn't look fabulous on the table it looks a bit Rumplestiltskin all still skin or an Aladdin issue while something doesn't it yeah definitely but once you pop your foot in you will not get a curled up toe like as you'll see when our jewel is we're absolutely because it's all elasticated then once you've got your foot in it will spring into shape but they are gorgeous I don't think I've done it any justice right anyway all of this is elastication I'll just make sure that I've bring the toe back to shape again but look at all those gorgeous color it does look peculiar I think we're gonna have to go to Julie really quickly let's go Julie's feet come on I think Julie is wearing the gray multi she'll that looks far better on Julie's lucky seat sprung to place and doesn't that look fabulous I just think the shaping on this it's actually quite dressy even though it's a pump and look at all those beautiful colors yeah it's just gorgeous I think it's the very flattering way that it goes into a sort of V at the front means that you can like with Julie cut off some things you could wear it with a dress yes you really could but then I just love that little bit of Lorex thread that's running through it I think that is absolutely gorgeous I mean if we can go back to the table we can look at all the colors there even though they do look peculiar on there but you've got such an array of colors and I think the black one would be really good in the workplace it's in like a hairdressers of a beauty salon somewhere like that way you're on your feet all day long you want great great comfort but it's not too shouty I mean obviously the other ones are a little bit more out there but yeah the black one would be a great work shoes you think you could even wear it for school I'm not sure but I think you probably could because it doesn't really have a big it looks like you can go the distance they're also very they'd also be great for driving they enclosed and I believe the links and countries like Spain you can't have opened you know shoes anymore and they've got that curvature and also I just want to ask Julie the memory foam inside it seems to go down forever it really does you can realize oh your foot sink into it fantastic it comfortable so light they look lovely they really do they're a standard fit which is obviously 15 Julie perfectly and I love that v-shape at the front that's so flattering I actually love that gray multi that Jules is wearing we've also got Navy multi at the front of the table and then there's a silver shimmer plain black and in the background the gray multi they're all $27.

99 the size range is two to nine and it is the pavers slip-on trainer pump hello this show is called casual cutouts and what a lovely shoe to start the show look at this this is beautiful of this color we're calling it fuchsia but it's so rich isn't it as you can see all of the lovely shapes all the geometric shapes here you've got your oblongs you have triangles your diamonds yeah then what shape that one it's parallelogram all cut out all round the leather on the front of these shoes aren't they lovely you got your little peep toe there but of course that's also on an angle as well that's really really cute so you go in leather going all the way around it what I like is that the cutout stops here because where you want the support and the full-on leather is all around your heel isn't it and that's exactly what they've done there so you've got leather all around the outside and then inside here you've got a leather insole as well really really so that's gonna.