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don't be that one person in danceclasses with the crocs.

welcome back to our channel y'all, and we'll be goingover STEEZY's top ten favorite dance sneakers, in no particular order, for avariety of dance styles and purposes.

we looked at four main things: weight, material and features of the shoe, what type of movement it's best for, and price.

let's start with a cheapest shoe on the list: the Champion Gusto Runner.

also known as the Gusto Cross Trainer, this shoe isgreat for first-time dancers and even seasoned veterans.

it's lightweight, breathable, and comfortable with its memory foam insole.

the Gustos are bestfor being light on your feet and getting your knees up, so check out your local Payless Shoes to get it for as low as $15.

next: the Puma Suede Classics.

theclassics are a mid weight shoe with a signature one-piece suede upper.

the soleis dense, but surprisingly flexible which makes the Puma Suedes great forstomping, sliding, shoe tricks, and especially for styles like b-boying andkrumping.

a longtime dancer favorite, these sneakers were one of the firstshoes that b-boys and b-girls wore.

you can get it today at a very affordableprice tag: for as low as $20 and as high as $65.

moving on: the Adidas Gazelles.

the gazelles are a great alternative to the Puma Suedes if you're looking forsomething a little lighter.

the shoes' materials and rubber soles are prettysimilar.

just don't be expecting to be stomping in these because they'll bewearing out a bit faster.

we recommend these for its fresh color ways and fordancing faster.

starting as low as 20 and up to $80.

stomping in next: the Air Force1s at first glance these might look bulky, but they're much lighter than theyseem.

mid weight with a thick sole and premium leather upper, these shoes are afavorite for anyone to glide, jook, turf, stomp, or hit a stick toe spin.

forstandard adult sizes, these are around $90 for basic colorways like a classicall-white.

and the most expensive colorways can go up to $1, 000.

wellbalanced and the only New Balance shoes on this list: the 574s.

this is the mostcustomizable sneaker on this list.

where you can change materials and colors onalmost every part of this shoe, down to the tongue label.

it's sturdy inconstruction, deceptively lightweight, cushiony with a comfortable foam sole, as well as light floor grip, making it a standout shoe for sliding, spinning, andstaying on your toes.

basic colorways cost as low as $30 and you can customize it for $150.

boosting its way in: the Adidas Ultraboost.

it's hard not to think this shoe feels like a sock with how comfortableit is, but unlike most sock-like shoes, the the upper cage and padded collar gripsto the feet surprisingly well.

the Boost's foam sole is made from these bouncywhite energy capsules that's thick around the heel to mid foot.

but the grippattern gives it a better performance feel than similar shoes like the NMDs.

the Ultraboosts are good for switching from heel to toe, jumping, sliding, spinning, and long rehearsals.

you can get these shoes for as low as $60 to as highas $640.

next up, everyone's favorite trash shoe to dancein: the Vans Authentics.

full disclosure, we love Authentics.

but we're callingthem out for one reason: the sole.

the problematic signature waffle-cone soleis oddly both dense and too thin at the same time.

so it's really easy to see whypeople have mixed feelings about this shoe.

for dancing, we recommend beinglight on your toes and keeping your feet flat on the ground.

honestly we're all probably still gonna dance in them anyways.

the Authenticshave tons of great styles with different materials, colors, patterns, and can feelreally great to dance in.

you can find these for around $60 and up.

and thenthere's the Vans hotter older sister, the Old Skools.

these are a step up from theAuthentics because the padded collar and longer laces give better lock down ontoyour feet.

but you'll be experiencing the same problems with the sole.

you'll havea better time shifting your weight from heel to toe with the extra lockdown butmake sure to stay light on your feet and you'll be feeling like the coolest kid inschool.

prices start at around $60 and up.

up next: the Nike Air Jordan 1s.

thisiconic shoe from Michael Jordan stands out with recognizable colorways, like thebanned Chicagos, well designed toe flexibility, great lockdown around thefeet, and solid ankle support.

the Air Jordan 1s are versatile for a varietyof different dance activities like jumping, light and fast footwork, andgliding.

pricing for these shoes depend heavily on the colorways, starting as lowas $65 to about over $2000.

for example, these blue off whites in Ysabelle Capitule's Kelly Price video cost about $1, 000.

wesee you Ysabelle.

get ready for some turtle power with theAdidas Superstars.

Adidas most popular shoe earns this spot due to its longhistory with dance culture.

its original production was in 1969, with the birth ofhip-hop in 1973.

making this shoe an original dancer classic alongside thePuma Suedes.

these shell toes take a while to break in, making them an idealtraining shoe for footwork, toe spins, b-boying, and gliding.

you can find thesefor as low as $15 or up to $80.

shoes are an integral part of dancer fashion andculture, but most importantly they affect how we dance.

even for the mostexperienced dancers, choosing the right dance shoe is a must, especially ifyou're going to be wearing them more than anything in your closet.

now whenyou're looking for your next dance shoe keep these three things in mind:feet come in all different shapes and sizes, your feet are gonna swell sochoose your sizing wisely, and take care of your shoes to keep them performingthe best every time.

if you want some more information, make sure you check out the description box on why and how to do these three things.

thank you forwatching this video.

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