NIKE SHOE COLLECTION FOUND | I bought an abandoned storage unit and found nike jordan shoes

Balenciaga oh come on babyif these are in there ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages wejust bought a unit two days strong couldn't buy nothing we was playingcowboys and Indians being bullied had a hard time getting anything lo and beholdone came up I like 1,400 bucks

bought it with this young man here storage doctorif you don't know now I know he's not really a Yankees fan he just bandwagonright now here's the receipt just in case you think I'm trippin I'm crazy wepaid 1,400 for this unit you're about to see it right now Vegas

CDs in the files 14 $1,400okay I'm gonna tell you right the point this one anybody's this is coming homewith me I'll buy how is that if I have to youare magical like a unicorn that is going on the wall in our house soon and I seethis right here

believe in yourself oh my god I knowsomebody's gonna want that keeping those two ounce hope you didn't have any planswith those and then another one I am a princess that is totally me I try to bekind I try to be generous each other that I'm a princess long

way I reign andthen this is this is 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 22 boxes right 22boxes we're gonna go right through the first one oh he's got a ketchup stainwhat are those words outlet so we're gonna let's

go take a look we're gonnatake our time here we're gonna show them some detail that is hot sauce mild hotsauce right there is that where something those are worth about 80 22080 to 120 I usually clean them after we clean them that's notthe right shoe in the box

ah but Foamposites about 80 bucks where weselling there they're even 80 to a hundred on this pair of shoes size 11and that's a law estimate I'm getting a little nervous here Alex what do we gothere Air Jordan Retro 14 whoo these could potentially be a couple hundredbucks brand-new

these could be a couple hundred bucks Mike if they're the rightones the fives all blue with the sway them could be a couple hundred bucksthem could be a couple you are you pulling my leg yep which ones are theythey are I believe the will to show these in

full detail they say Air Jordan12 retros don't poop okay those are still worth some moneycouple hundred bucks there's these might be the all white ones Oh face that's thekind you like I think this oh man I think there's nooh yeah these the ones ever oh yeah that's a

couple hundred bucks rightthere oh yeah not too much discolor on the bottomoh those are nice those are nice was a real nice I was extremely nicethese are extremely nice ladies on their jump bandsthat's what they are see jump man 11 retro jump mans are pretty pricey wehave a

pair of 12 retros they said 12 wet rows Oh uncle Michael would go Ladygaga for those there's a nice those are real nice Air Force real realnice pair shoes yeah like what okay 100 in 64 dollars hundred and sixty-fourdollars they're dirty on the bottom but the sides oh

he was not doing thatthose are nice those are nice good man because I would sniff theseshoes they're so clean I wouldn't go there dibs on the unicorn lamp – that'sgoing into my bed light ones those are just like regular Air Force Ones pleasebe all shoes in those two

boxes remember how we remember how we weregoogling the great Christmas song we're having another one of those if I gethome in time the things inside talking about his shoes are so laid over you gotto lay down sideways to get him that is a good brand that is a

really good brandmaybe we set this to hide once inside and open it later I saw the pair of Bailey's come on babyif these are in there I've seen the side right everyone's like them shoes are sougly but I looked right here you see that these shoes look like

socks oh nowthat is nice oh those are nice oh man that is a veryexpensive pair of shoes right what's that worthI think retail these shoes go for about a thumbnail I think about these go foryes they are extremely nice how much can we get for these I feel

a little betterI feel a little better and the store these are 136 bucks on these they soldnew Nordstrom made in Vietnam size 10 in America 29 apparently 11 that's what Isaid for me for mass men like soft feet men like eggs these ones that these musthave been his

work shoes see the dirt on them I never understood why they makesuch a comfy pair of winter shoes suede makes no sense to meit's way not comfortable in the winter you can't wear them oh you get up youget step what do we got here 169 to see that

what the good thingabout Jordans when you see these tags for this much as soon as the Jordanleaves the store they sell out so fast that this price goes up appreciate thesego in the Air Force one box these are regular Air Force Ones I don't thinkthat when you say

the were regular oh let these be then the whole bottom withbubbles oh I like those things these are pricey oh I like thosethese are hi-c pricey shoes you know you could see me wearing those don't you youdon't I'll be wearing these all right at least 200 bucksKelly paid

so much for this oh my name's Jamie you can't act a right now I rentwill be in heaven with these this is a $200 pair of shoes two hundred andtwenty dollars those are special more than 24 karat gold oh those are thoseare nice those are gonna be some

money I got a receipt on the side we said 221 75plus tax CRV and shipping yes break my unicorn landyou didn't notice that did you okay you know I love the unicorns I'm keepingthis right here Oh space jams I think those are Junkman's that's the samething biggest the

Space Jam 180 Space Jam z2u space yeah they say jump me Iknow but there's a certain one maybe where they consider them space junk butI think these might be but these are money about 200 bucks maybe maybe 250where we selling all these thousand dollars again here we go

in cash whatgrace you don't have a ratios I didn't you find someone or know when youwe bought the shoe you need a pair like that I think like the junkman that washis thing no these are like one of the most most sought-after jordan area attack mics don't quote

me boy he said airforce foamposite oh the other onesare foam puzzle this might not be the phone buzzes he walking in the kitchenwith no money baby to clean these after a search for sandy some some biscuits upturn them sideways last box phone positive senseI like those look like

they look like you Mike trout's don't they do the begyou my heart to Heaven Sent these are from heaven Valentino on the side he wore the heck out of him- he was flipping and flopping see the bonus there's a barley that's the valleythe valleys no there's ain't valleys

no those are these are these are expensiveshoes very expensive shoes remember that one you knew we bought and we wereselling the heck out room for like 200 bucks yeah these are a pair of thosethese are usually several and all the shoes in the store maybe even eight Ilike

this little chain what that name was but I know these shoes well we gottafind the other well your shoes talk that's what they mean I've been toschool I'll have my shoes fall I don't as a kid did you yeah there's the otherone oh look there it is wellyes

dick quality shoe they are Xion Eddie designs than any other nice very niceremember when you decide issues to go for a couple nope now they go for 1,400mm one's about to fall apart on the bottom two it's a style see if you lookat their there doesn't go down

the back I already don't like this now here's acup and I know burn it yeah you know I feel about the cup drink yeah you loveyou know we don't like Cubs we don't like dolphins I get yelled at because wesays people they told us they're such cute animals

I have a personal reasonice well I don't like the Cubs in the Dolphins ladies and gentlemen Tom andKayla would wear that this is kind of dirty clothes ish as a Jewish sorry there sucks yeah it's not like the lastsoftbox we last when you took all the socks from

unicorn bedding that's aneBay oh look at that that's nice that's the hundred bucks on eBay that'snice that's real nice fancy brands now the yellow see howclose delicate he is forever 21 there's a whole The North Face there's a hundredbucks Norfolk a puffy coat I got dibs on the

unicorn shit oh that's 100 bucks who's gonna miss most eBay for us that'sheavy come on gold Oh see you later guy I justsaved your life jeans on red bottoms Paxson expensive jeans like howexpensive like expensive probably like I think a pair of gin gin packs are likeby like

a hundred buck maybe even more yeah very skinny straights are regular jeans theseare Worcester that's why so handle all the genes in let's see what your dadwhat do you see some money we need people want to see money right now lookat their like when the ones Jasmine wears

they already come with the holesand everything I'm glad Mikayla's not here she'll beall over his huh fees Hudson some skinnies there's more Paxton these arenot Paxton with those two our own star video American Eagle these ones are brand new Rocco 88 bucks accent how much change you think

is acomment below right now how much change you think's in this cute little creaturewhat is this I want that one it's a nightlight dibsit was on this guy too those are nice but no gold silver andgems North Face he was trying to fit in with the coke Norris

basically rememberNorth Face crew from Alameda it's a nice face what the wooden one the wooden oneit's at Kanye's all right cool day all right now we gottwo flat screen televisions here and insignia with the emerson that's 40bucks at Stockton flea market it's got HDMI it's a plasma that's

40bucks as an insignia that's a newer one LCD that was a quick little unit becausenot scored money made money got some high-dollar shoe gets to upgrade hischildren's bed with these beautiful two little single children's bed for hisbeautiful daughter that's awesome that's an awesome score don't forget to go

tomy channel as well and like it share what is your channel storage stalker andthat's also you'll these will be on your ebay if you wanna know what I'm gonnaput most of this on my eBay if not my TV it's gonna be on my wife's new babywhich I'll give

to Mike and he will put down in the bottom in the descriptionand her new eBay is newer so deal whatever takes a little bit of time butshe's gonna make it happen for you guys alright