Nicole Laeno Makes Custom Shoes at Nike

– I hope they'reeverything that you wanted.

– Oh my God! Oh my God! Wait I'm tearing up, They're so cute! (Punchy music) – Hey guys I'm Nicole Laeno and this is Take it to the Max whereI'm going to get a chance to head inside the Nike Builder Lab to learn all about how Nike'samazing innovators made the new Air Max 90 sneakers.

Thank you Nike for making this happen by sponsoring this video.

All right let's head in! (Punchy music) (Fast paced synth music) (Laughs) – Hi I'm Elizabeth Raissian.

I work in engineering simulations.

We work on how the newestcushioning innovations like the Air Max 90 might feel, but we can do that beforewe even make the part.

It's hard to tell when you're just looking at it what it is.

– [Nicole] Yeah.

– [Elizabeth] Most ofthis would be covered by the foam.

– Is it this part? – Yes exactly! – [Elizabeth] So it gives it that squish or bounce that you want – [Nicole] Got it Yeah I know when I put these shoes on I was like oh my god I feel so light! (Laughs) – Perfect that's what we want – Next step! – I'm Margarita Cortez, and I'm a senior innovationengineer here at Nike.

My job is to lead teamsof engineers to develop new air soles for our Nike shoes.

– I'm Melanie Moteberg, and I'm an engineeringdirector here at Nike.

One of the things that we work on is how do we go from making one, to a hundred to a thousandto a million of these.

– It's definitely differentfrom what I felt earlier the other one was like hard but then this isobviously filled with air, so yeah how is this made? – You can imagine it's kind of like if you put two cold things together they don't always sticktogether very well.

In the case of this we tend to try and apply heat, pressure and time, change the way it formsand get these together.

Every one of these air soles is made of 60% recycled material.

– They're made with two moldsand two sheets of plastic, the plastic is heated up and then formed into those molds and then themolds are pressed together to make this final air sole.

Then we fill it with air, shut it and you have a Nike air sole.

– Awesome! – So guess what? You can make an air sole like this at home – No way – Yourself and we'regonna do that right now – Yay! – [Margarita] All you need is press and seal saran wrap, scissors, a mold, a straw and a marker.

Go ahead and cut off twosheets of saran wrap.

(Energetic music) – [Margarita] Now you'regonna use the stencil to draw onto the plastic.

Draw some kind of tubecoming off of the wrench.

Lay the sticky side down now, trace again around theline that you already drew.

Now we're gonna cut it out.

– How do you make so many? – We're the only peoplein the world that do it so it's a really coolsecret way of making air.

– Can I have an insight on your secrets? – No.

(Laughs loudly) – Okay, well that's okay.

– Here we go the moment of truth.

(Drumming on table) – Fill it with some air – Blow a little hard, harder get – Uh oh (Laughs) – You know what you're not always gonna get it on the first try.

– That's true, and this is some of the same problems that we face everydayas we try to make them.

An example it took us five years to make the Vapor Max in production.

So you've got a few years to practice.

– Okay good thanks.

(Laughs) – Are you ready to moveon to the next step? – Yeah let's go! (Funky music) (Electric guitar music) – I'm Cara Jackson, I am a materials innovatorwithin the Nike explore team and we're here in the cutting section.

It's just like a fun jigsaw puzzle, in order to kind of placeeach piece perfectly and kind of expertly so thatthere are less and less scraps that fall onto the floor.

Now let's pull out theleather and actually cut it.

– Okay.

Oh my gosh! (Machine whirring) This is crazy.

– [Cara] Yeah so now you canjust poke each piece out.

– Oh my god they're literally perfect.

– So now you have all of the ingredients to start to build the shoe physically – [Nicole] This is crazy.

Okay let's go put these together! (Funky music) – I'm Jill Murfin, I lead a group ofengineers and innovators, really trying to figure outwhat the future shoe is.

So what we're gonna do hereis about top stitching, so we're gonna get to see basically how you take all these piecesand bring them together, not just for like the function and actually to make sure it stays together, but also for the look of it.

So these you can kind of start to see when you actually take the shoe apart, that this side isdifferent than that side, so you again get to see how you start to layer things on top of each other.

– [Nicole] Isn't that the swoosh? – [Jill] Yeah it's weird looking huh? So what it is like in herebecause you're doing the overlap we'll have these linesdrawn on ahead of time so based on the patternthat you cut over there, some of these shoes, to create that dimensionand create the fine lines you'll actually stitchover the top of that and so you get the look ofthe swoosh even though your parts starts out witha kind of a long extra line.

We think we've got thiskind of figured out, right where you're gonna line these up.

– Mhm.

– So do you want to see if you can actuallystitch the shoe together? – Um, sure? (laughs) – Orawan's been doing this for 10 years so she's gonna show you kind of the mastery of really howto crop stitch these shoes.

– Okay.

– [Jill] Don't worry it won't stitch your fingers or anything butyou can see like the way, how fast the machine goesyou'll get an idea of, (laughs) It'll make you appreciate allyour stitching on your shoes.

– I know oh my gosh, you have to stitch like every one of them.

– So no problem? You ready to give this a shot? (Laughing) – Sure! This is what I'm gonna try to stitch.

You know what I had some sewingexperience in sixth grade.

– [Jill] See perfect! – So I'll be okay! – [Jill] It's all coming in handy.

– Here I go! Okay slow oh no! (Chuckling) Wait.

– [Jill] Oh there you go! – Woo I got it! (Laughing loudly) It's not straight but I'm doing better! – [Jill] You're doing great! There you go! – Woo hoo! – [Jill] You're on your final stretch.

(String synth music) – Woo! Okay let's compare! (Laughing) – [Jill] Almost exactly the same! – You know I'm feeling great cause then you can practice it again and hopefully it'll look like this next time.

Aren't you glad you're not wearing my shoe that I top stitched? Let's figure out how tomake the rest of the shoe.

(Funky music) – Hi my name is Brianna Ross and I'm a footware developerin Air Max category.

Right now we're at theStrobel stitching machine.

We've just done the back molding which helps make the shape of the shoe.

So it's starting to look like a shoe, but we're not quite there yet, we still have some parts to put together.

This is the Strobel whichwe'll be using on this machine.

You need to stitch thatpart onto the bottom so that you have enough surface area to bond it to the outsole component.

Strobel stitching is actually a very difficult stitching process so Dayna here is a veryskilled technician and she'll be able to walk us through that.

So this is kind of a dangerous process because the needle'sactually coming at you which is why you need avery skilled technician as you can see she pullsit at different angles because this is a 3D form.

And I know you were able totry stitching over there, – Oh yeah – But this is, (Laughs) next level stitching, so.

– Good thing I'm not stitching this one.

(Laughs) Oh wow! It does look like a shoe now.

Here's the stitch that Dayna just did, very precise very good job.

So keep on watching you're gonna see the full Air Max 90 soon! (Funky piano music) – Now in this shoe making process we've gotten all the wayup to the upper is lasted it is ready to receive glue and now it's time to take that bottom and attach it to the upper.

– Yay! – I've mixed up some shoe glue for us and take some glue we're gonna justfollow that line all right? – Thank you.

– Of course.

(Squeals) – I'm painting with shoe glue.

This is satisfying oh my gosh.

– So then you can just fill in right here.

(Funky music) You're a natural I thinkyou've got a new job, you know? – You know what I'm justgonna become shoe gluer.

(Laughs together) – An assembly engineer.

(Chuckles) Next you can glue this up.

– Let's see if I canget this flick mastered.

– You've been such a helper for today.

– No I'm having so much fun now.

Look at the air sole! I saw it in like a computer form and then a model form and then now it's here.

– Isn't that crazy? – Yeah.

– There's so manydifferent teams at Nike and it's kind of fun to seeall those different people you met today and how itall turns into the shoe.

– Yeah it's crazy.

Let's go! (Hip hop music) – Next step, after the glue is dried webring it to our massive oven.

And the massive oven bakes that and activates that glue making it so that the glue on the bottom unit and the glue on the upperwanna be married forever.

I pull it out of the hot oven and then using that bite linemark that we made so carefully I know exactly how toregister those two together, so you won't see anyof the marks below and it's very well hidden.

Then after that we stickit in the deep well press, which presses those witha huge amount of pressure to make sure that there'sno air bubbles and that they're truly locked in together.

After that we stick it in the chiller and usually standard weleave it on the last and in the chiller for 24 hours.

(Hip hop music) – All right Nicole so after today going through all the steps we're gonna finallyget to see all the work that went into making these shoes.

I hope they're everythingthat you wanted and more.

– [Nicole] Oh my god! Oh my god they have my name on it! Wait I'm tearing up.

They're so cute can I touch them? – [Rachel] Yes they'reyours, they're yours! Take a look at those! – Goldilocks! – Thank you for helping ustoday you were wonderful.

(Laughing) – Oh my god I'm so happy.

I'm gonna go put these on.

All right guys I'm gonnaput my new Air Max 90's on! They're so pretty.

Perfect fit.

Look at these! (Funky music) This was such a cool experience, I really love seeing howthese shoes were made from start to finish.

These may be the shoes of the past but I definitely say they're more like the shoes of the future.

Thank you everybody forwatching and thank you to Nike for letting us go intoyour headquarters and see how the magic is made.

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