Hey guys welcome to my grandma's house in Canada I am back in Canada visiting my family just for a few days It's a very quick trip.

It's the shortest trip.

I've ever done in Canada, but it's cool to be home It's nice to be back the weather is kind of crappy It's been pouring rain all week, but it's so good to be home, so today is an exciting day I'm going to get my hair done, and as you can see I haven't done my hair.

It was eight months I think the last time I got it colored or cut was eight months ago.

I was originally gonna Just grow out my natural hair color, and you know maybe get a couple highlights or something But after growing it out for a while, I noticed that I have tons of white hairs, so Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to put some highlights or balayage or something in there to kind of cover this up If you don't know I have vitiligo which is a skin condition patches of my skin turn white Randomly and the patches of skin that have turned white the hairs on that skin also turn white so it's been affecting My hair on my head as well, so I'm gonna get a balayage today I'm pretty excited It's a time for a hair update.

That's for sure and also I have These to try on new glasses today's video is sponsored by glassesusa.

com Thank you so much.

They sent me six pairs of Brand new glasses, and I'm so stoked because it was time for some new frames.

They have a really cool website where you can upload a picture of your own face, and then try on any frames They have for sale on your face so you can see what they look like before you buy them.

So I got two pairs of sunglasses and four pairs of regular glasses and all of them have prescription which is exciting, I've actually never had prescription sunglasses before so it'll be nice to be able to see when I my sunglasses on now I really really was looking forward to these ones.

Okay, so these are a really cute pink frame I wanted to try something new you know why not so I got pink ones and they're round I really like round glasses recently.

I hope these look okay on me all these are cute.

I like them.

These are definitely yes, I will probably be wearing these a lot.

I like the color.

It's very subtle It's not as harsh as my usual black frames.

Okay, so these are more of a square shape Which is something I would have gone for years ago.

I was totally into square shape once.

I thought I would try them again These are also pretty cute.

I feel like square shaped glasses give off like a really nerdy vibe I think they look cute when you have your hair up In a ponytail or something.

These are quite similar to the ones I own But they are these thin, quite thin framed round glasses that are really popular in Asia right now How is it overseas? Do you guys see these in like America and stuff? I really like them They're really comfortable because they're so thin, and they're so light you just kind of forget You're wearing them, and the frame.

You know doesn't get in the way of your vision which is cool Oh, I thought these ones are so cute.

They're black and gold Which are like my two favorite colors together.

Gold arms and then the black frame.

I also, really like these ones I'm really happy with all of the ones that I chose Oh, this is so exciting and I could see I had to update my prescription a little bit my eyesight is getting worse unfortunately.

Which one should I wear today to get my hair done? I kind of like these ones they also really liked the first pair Which ones do you guys like the best let me know in the comments, okay, let's try on the sunglasses.

These are super light these are gonna be comfy How cute! I like that I can see! This is crazy.

It's a brand new world.

I have never been able to wear sunglasses and see like further than arms like the way And the glasses are so affordable on this site you guys.

I don't know why I ever bought glasses like in person at the store.

They cost hundreds of dollars in Canada It's quite insane, and my last pair.

I went for some Ray-Ban's This cute like pastel kind of purpley pink fray Yay, I like them They're really cute I will link all these frames down below if you guys want to match with me get some matching frames.

There are over 4000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses available and they have both in-house brands and also designer brands as well And there's an awesome 50% off deal for you guys as well if you go through the links in my description box so check That out thank you glassesusa.


I'm so happy.

This is like Christmas for me.

I love getting new glasses it's so exciting.

So this morning all I've been doing is just chilling around the house.

I got up at 4:30 Thank You jet lag I had a really delicious lunch It's so nice being back in Canada where it's so easy to get veggie food I open up my mom's freezer and she had like 5 different kinds of veggie meats and like coconut ice cream and all this awesome stuff, so I had a like fish fillet thingy from Gardein and a salad with hemp oil and balsamic vinegar Which was really nice, and then my mom made a homemade veggie soup, which was super delicious, so that was my lunch But let's head to the hairdresser I don't know if I'm gonna vlog there because I've only been there once before and I don't really feel comfortable Vlogging there yet, but we'll see see what happens either way you guys will see my transformation Three hours later.

I am home from the salon.

The lighting in here is horrendous So it's not doing my new hair color justice, but Sophie did an amazing job There's some really pretty highlights all throughout the front here.

I don't know if you can tell they're really subtle It's exactly what I wanted she did such an amazing job blending The blonde at the bottom with my dark roots look at how pretty it is Some more highlights like underneath here, and the best part is when I put my hair up In a ponytail or a bun or something there's some really cute highlights underneath.

It's probably impossible for me to film I'm sure I'm feeling horribly right now 20 minutes later.

My grandma and I are heading out now to go to the thrift store that she works at.

I want to see if I can find any cute clothes I always like looking at their store when I come back to Victoria.

Hopefully they have something So I found this really pretty tea set but the problem is we don't have room for it in our house It's gorgeous.

It's made from silver It's a teapot It doesn't have a name on it or anything, so I don't think it's you know worth hundreds of dollars or anything But it's just super pretty the little sugar dish and For the cream.

It's really pretty right but Don't have room for it in my apartment tempted to get it and just kind of store it in my Grandma's attic until maybe we have a place in Canada that would have room for fancy stuff like this but Aww I don't know what to do So I ended up passing on the tea set because I don't need it right now even though it was really pretty and I'm leaving with one white collared shirt for a dollar.

This is for my Hermione costume I'm going to a Harry Potter themed party at the end of the month in Korea But it should be interesting so I need a costume for it so so far I brought the shirt and the gray skirt I think I'm gonna need to order a tie off of Amazon because I don't think I'm gonna be able to find the proper Colors out of thrift store, I'm gonna try one more store on Monday, but I might get lucky But I think I'll probably get the tie on Amazon We're going to do some grocery shopping now.

I want to get a couple things to send to my friend in Japan Banana bread flavored shreddies What has anyone tried these are they any good? And they also have the Oreo cereal that used to only be in Korea It's actually kind of gross I remember I was really excited about trying it and then I tried it and I was super disappointed I'm home.

Let me introduce you guys to my other cat Chanel some of you've met her before cuz I've shown her in the video before but not for a while because I haven't been home Say hi she hates cameras like she gets Genuinely pissed off when I take pictures of her you angry angry So I got Chanel about mm eight or nine years ago When I first moved to Japan and she lived with me there for a few years And then when I came back to Canada to finish off my degree I brought her with me obviously and then I decided to just keep her here with my family because she really liked being able to go outdoors and Frolic in the backyard she couldn't do that in my small little apartment in Japan so She's the same kind of cat as Luna and she looked a lot like Luna when she was younger But now that she's getting older her stripes have faded a little bit, and she's a little lighter color I got some nice teas Decaf I wanted it to be caffeinated, but they didn't have one decaf vanilla nut cream and Double bergamot, Earl Grey was craving smoke right and then I found this soy coffee creamer Which I thought would be good in tea, so I'm gonna try that overall you guys know how it is.

It's the so nice brand This one I wanted something like thicker and creamier in my tea cuz' I was using heavy milk before it was kind of water in weird Hmm That's a really good.

This is a vanilla one Today's really good with Earl Grey tea.

Tastes like a London Fog without like the best part the foamy milk But but the flavors there it's kind of sweet For this stuff if you want something a little thicker in your tea or coffee.

It's pretty yummy.

Alright guys, I think that's it for today.

I'm just gonna go chill with my dad I think we're gonna go have dinner together.

If you're interested in getting some awesome glasses from glassesusa.

com My links are all down in the description box to the parts that I got.

Thanks so much for watching guys Next video will probably be back in Korea, so I will see you soon.