My favorite running shoes 2020 |New Balance TC, 1400 and 1080 -why i wear these shoes?*english Subs*

My video today is about runningand especially running shoes.

I wanted to introduce the shoes that I'm currently running with.

That's three pairs by New Balance.

They're all quite different andI'm also using them for different runs.

Some more details later on.

A lot of you won't know but running is my favorite discipline.

That's why it hurt even more to abstainespecially last year when with my injury I wasn't able to run for months.

When I was able to lace up the shoes againand the first weeks when everything is hard have passed I know the great feeling when the technique clickswhen running really feels like running.

One building block of good running and healthy running are shoes.

Here's room for a fourth pair which aren't shoes: That's running barefoot.

That's another thing especially when it warms up againthat's super effective to strengthen the muscles in your feet and to improve your technique.

But we want to talk about shoes! That's why I'll show you my three favorite shoes.

Currently you can say that I'm doing three run sessions per week, sometimes four.

But when we go with a three run week, I'll show you which shoes I'll use.

One show – you'll probably know it because that's what I've used in races – is the 1400 by New Balance.

That's a shoe that when there are currently no racesI really like to run in training especially in runs where speed is important.

So shorter, faster things, in the forest 200m fast.

Or for my hill reps or stair runsthat's what I like to wear.

Because the 1400 is pretty directand you can see the sole has really good grip.

And you can really feel the ground and I think it helps me to reduce my ground contact time and run with a high cadence.

That's why it's one of my all-time favorite shoes.

I love the 1400 and have run it last year and the years before always in racesand was able to have great results.

This is one shoe that I have a number in storebecause that's one I don't want to miss.

That was everything faster, shorter runs, maybe uneven ground where you need to feel the groundto have good proprioception.

Let's come to a shoe that I looked at a bit skeptical at first but by now I don't want to live without.

I'm someone who usually likes very direct shoesand so I wasn't convinced by the Fresh Foam because it's a bit softer foam.

But then I thought I'll give the shoe a try and was very surprised how well the 1080 works.

Both for easy, slower runs and also fartlek or tempo run where you need to be a bit quicker.

So this shoe is a real all-rounder.

I've even run 1000 repeats in it, they felt so good that I thought I could run my next race in them.

For now I'm not doing anything race-specific in my training, but more easy or shorter faster things.

And these I put on for my easy, longer runs.

It's a bit softer, more cushioning but not too much so I still have a good feeling for the ground.

Another recommendation! So now we come to the third pair, something special, the Ferrari among my running shoes.

That's the new FuelCell TC.

TC stands for Training and Competition.

So it's a shoe with a carbon plateand the so-called fuel cell foamwhich is very soft but also very responsive.

This combination of hard plate and soft foamcreates a completely new running experience.

This is something completely different to the other two.

I use it quite carefully because it's really a weapon.

About these shoes with the carbon plate you could do your own video what I think of them and best to utilize them.

I currently use it once per week because I feel .


I want to use it in a racewhen there is going to be one.

So I want to get used to itbecause running is a bit different with this shoe.

It accelerates in a different position and you have to learn to a degree to run with it.

Just as you have to learn how to drive a race car.

In any case I can recommend it to you because it's something completely different and that way I'm able to use a different shoe for each run.

Rocket shoe, more race pace, comfortable shoe for endurance run, a shoe you can't go wrong with.

Maybe not the ultra-long run but more shorter faster things where you need good ground contact.

That's currently my three favorite running shoes I wear a different shoe for each session.

That's something I suggest for you as wellif you run more often than once per week.

It's really interesting how you can improve and change your technique with different shoes because each shoe feels different and gives you a different impression of the ground.

And the fourth show which you don't see, running barefoot, which you can use on a nice lawn or when you have a chance to run on sand, take off your shoes, run barefoot and take this feeling along to the shoes.

That was a short overview of my three running shoesthat I'm currently running with.

A highlight: the new FuelCell TC that I can hopefully let loose in a race.

I hope you've liked this videoif you have questions about other running shoes ask them in the comments and I'll try to answer.

Especially when there are other New Balance models that you're interested in.

The great thing about New Balance and why I like to work with themis that they have a huge bandwidth.

But I also try not to run too many different shoes at the same time but to focus on three different models.

So perhaps I'll add another one so if you run a different model and want to know what I think about it, let me know.

Thanks for watching and see you in the next video!.