My (colorful) shoe collection | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, its Justine, Today you’re gonna see my feet, You’ve been asking to see my shoes since I have mentioned them in a previous video So this video today, right now is just shoes, I hope you like shoes.

To avoid that the eye gets distracted by the rest of the outfit, I’m in front of a neutral background and I’m wearing the same outfit throughout.

This way you see the proportions of the shoes and the effect on the silhouette a lot better, you’ll see what I mean, lets go.

Here you see what I wear everyday of the year.

If I didn’t have to get out of my house, a pair of pants a nice but a bit chic knitted top and fancy shoes.

I wear those heels for business meeting when I know I’m gonna have to walk all day the heels are not to high they're black they're pointy they fit any business outfit, very practical to have a pair like that.

Those ones are more chic, they're more feminine, they're pointer, the heels are also higher I prefer those ones for instance and I’d also wear them in winter even though their open with some black tights.

Those ones are a lot higher, a rounded toe is nice if you feel that your feet are too big.

Your feet are gonna look smaller with a pair like that the heels are pretty pointy and quite high, but there’s a platform in the shoe, so their actually more comfortable than they look, Those ones are super high I have to say I couldn’t walk all day in those ones.

But the peep toe opening actually makes them a bit more comfortable, and flexible than they look and I like that blue, I think its fun, for summer shoes.

Those one were an attempt at buying, hipster shoes, what the cool kids in berlin would wear nowadays, I didn’t realise that the white would actually not stay white.



more than one day.

But anyhow, they look cool and they're super comfy, Those ones are my go to sandals when I need a bit of heels but I know I'm going to have to walk in them.

You see, for me comfort in shoes is really a dramatic element of decision Also a smart bet if you're petite, because they're gonna work really well with your body.

Those ones have a more of a Spanish summer vibe to them, when I’m wear pants I tie them at the ankle level, when I wear a skirt I go up to the knees, its actually pretty cool.

You need a pair of colourful ballerinas in your outfit, I recommend red, every time I wear them I get compliments, and questions like oh are you an artist, do you work in a creative field? Red ballerinas also bring great mood to a rainy day, tested and approved by your truly.

What’s better than red ballerinas? .



sandals that have three colours to them blue orange and fushia, and the're comfortable, I could walk all day in those.

Of course I also own a simple pair of black leather rounded toe ballerinas: if you have seen my video on French chic than you know it’s a basic.

I also have a pair of Spanish shoe, with gold on them, because everything is more fun with gold and they have a proper sole inside and underneath of gum, so they actually don’t fear water that much, Those are my dress to impress stilettos sandals, they always make a great impression.

if you didn’t know by now, I like gold I like sandals and I like ankle straps 😉 Those are my minimalist, super chic and slick white sandals, they're great quality, I’ve had them for years.

Those are my platform sandals in neon pink orange because why not.

Those are my men shoes, when I need to be the boss in a meeting, I put those on, I don’t know why it works, but it does.

I also own sneakers, yup I do, those ones are light summer ones, made in fabric that you're not actually meant to do any sport with, at all.

Those ones are my classic gym shoes, I like Flashdance, if you’ve been around in the 80's maybe you know those shoes where the staple for the gym, They are actually not really good for the feet, I actually never wear them to the gym , I wear them on the street.

Those ones are chic French ankle boots, I'd wear a skirt thighs with those ones, actually not really pants.

Those are my combat boots, winter-ready weather-proof, and I'd wear them with blue jeans.

If you feel your legs are short, that’s something I would avoid though, because they also “cut your legs” in the middle.

Those ones are my Peter Pan boots, I would also wear them with blue jeans not black jeans, or with shorts, their the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, they make long legs but the're suede on the surface so they hate rain.

Those shoes together with black ballerinas are a must have in my opinion, because they are perfect exactly like that with black pants, black on black, they lengthen the legs thanks to the heel, the heels are a bit chunkier than usual so its more original.

Regular heels with pointy toes makes the overall silhouette and the legs looks slicker, they have a great effect on the silhouette.

That’s it, did you enjoy the video? Do you know better now which shoes to wear with what? If yes, thumbs up, thank you so much, question & comments below, as always I'm looking forward to them, I'll see you Wednesday and Sunday, every week, as always, and until then here are two more videos for you to watch, take care guys, bye bye!.