Mizuno Wave Cadence Golf Shoes – First Look – New for 2020

hi everyone Kevin here from golf guyreviews and in today's video we're gonna take a look at the brand new for 2020Mizuno Wave cadence golf shoes now these are a spikeless golf shoe from Mizunothat currently retail in the UK for a hundred and forty pounds nowunfortunately we are in

lockdown here in the UK at the moment still so I hopeeveryone watching this video is staying safe and staying at home but in the meantime it means that unfortunately I can't actually get out on the course to testthese golf shoes so what I thought I'd do is actually

just give you a quickrun-through of the shoes let you know some of the design points up in a bitcloser detail I've worn them around the house I've worn them walking out on thestreet and around the park so I can let you know what they feel like on feet

butI'm not going to give you a full review so this is just gonna be a quick videoand then once we're allowed back out on the golf course I can actually not letyou know what they're like to play golfing so if you liked the video todaymake sure you hit

that like button and please don't forget to subscribe to mychannel so you can keep up to date in all the latest reviews of golf shoesclothing and tech right here on golf guy reviews so Mizuno have got a greatpedigree when it comes to making top quality golf irons and

their drivers andtheir woods are actually incredible and even their putters now they're reallystarting to try and get in on the act and kind of make a name for themselveswith their partners as well so when it comes to golf clubs they have got itabsolutely locked down but I think

there is fair to say that they're you know abit less well known when it comes to their golf shoes and Mizuno have got ahuge pedigree when it comes to their running shows especially their waverunning shows which will come into that tech and a little bit so what Mizunohave

done here is actually taken their you know their technical expertise andtheir design qualities of their running shoes and put it in a golf shoe and sowhat you've got here is the new wave cadence and so the wave is in regards tothe wave technology that you have in the

midsole of the shoe and cadence I'm notreally sure but it's just a cool name but it regards to the actual look at theshoes you end up with this very sporty looking spikeless golf shoe now there'sa lot of different types of spikeless golf shoes out there on the market

atthe moment for example you know you've got the new adidascode chaos which has got a lot of similar qualities to these shows but look veryvery different and the code cows is very trying to you know disrupt the marketMizuno I don't think I've gone for that look with these

shoes these are verymuch looks like one of their running trainers you know you wouldn't besurprised to see these just on someone out running in a marathon or on thestreet or down the gym and I really like that about the quality so if you'relooking for something that perhaps is

a little bit more understated in aspikeless golf shoe but still giving a lot of comfort and a lot of interestingfeatures and qualities then these could be a shoe that you want to take a lookinto now Mizuno have launched these shoes new for 2020 with five differentcolor options and

I think they all actually look really really goodso I've got this navy and red color pattern here which I think makes it looklike a traditional running shoe and it looks really cool you've also got a fewother color options you've got a pair with knocking lime color which I

meanlook great and also there's a pair that are darkest very and navy is the maincolor option on the whole upper and it's got a kind of hint of orange running throughoutit so Navy an orange always looks classy so yeah definitely something foreveryone there I think so let's take

a closer look at the materials used in thenew wave cadence and first of all the predominant material here on this upperis this kuraray I think that's how you pronounce it kuraray syntheticmaterial and so the reason why Mizuno have used that material is because it'slightweight and they say it's

breathable as well I haven't had a chance to reallytest that out and of course and also it's got some really good waterproofproperties to it as well so Mizuno are giving you a two-year waterproofguarantee with these shows now in regards to the upper there is a mixtureas well so

you've got this as I say pure açaí synthetic upper material right theway around the top and around the sides of the shoe there and but also you cansee here in the ankle area this is just more of a padded textile material sameon the tongue as well and the

tongue goes kind of right down under there sothat material goes right under the laces I'm not entirely sure whether that isactually water repellant itself so I definitely want to check that out when Ido the full review but what I would say is thatis a very very comfortable shoe

what they've gone for is this kind ofone-piece construction so if you can see here actually the tongue isn't separatefrom the shoe the tongue is actually put it on that angle there that's how he'sconnected to the inside of the show there you go you can kind of see thatthere

and then you've got this material on top of this bootie construction thatruns right the way for the show what that means is is that you get a nicelockdown feel and very kind of tight comfortable fit when I say tight I don'tmean tight as in these uncomfortable I mean

that it's this kind of soft rightfit that everyone's going for and what I do like about the fact that it's justgot this one-piece construction is that in this part here where you have thetongue going through to the ankle connection it does feel kind of reallycomfortable and lock down

so there's a real good amount of padding around theankle and the heel area and so when I've been wearing these out and about so farhad no problems with these whatsoever these feel to me comfortable straightout of the box is there's kind of no breaking in period in this

area at allanother benefit of the kuraray upper is that actually it gives the shoe quite adecent amount of stability without kind of having to have any plastic elementson it so this is still very much a trainer style show and whereas someother trainer style shoes can suffer from a

lack of stability just becausethe upper material is too soft this material actually gives you a decentamount of structure to the show so you shouldn't have too many problems inregards to lateral movement in the show if you kind of hold it out to the camerathere you can kind of

see actually the way that it is a separate layer ofmaterial there compared to the soft upper that goes throughout and actuallyas well if I hold the shoe up again there you can kind of see that it's gotsome layers to it so you've got a single layer of the

material the top but thenyou've got a bit of another thicker piece layered over to the top there andagain on the toe box of the show you've got kind of here we go you can see itthere on the camera you've got a thicker piece down kind of laid through

andagain for structure and support even the way that the material is kind of beenmolded you've got a slightly thicker piece there on the inside too in regardsto stability as well what I would say is that you've got aan internal heel counter in this so although you've got some

additionalmaterial that's not a plastic he'll counter and the kind of cancer is on theinside of the show so again it just means that this is kind of in keepingwith this running shoe style look of the trainer one other design element I justwanted to kind of highlight as well

is that actually the laces are really quitethick and chunky now that's not an issue for me whatsoever I don't particularlymind I think it goes with the style of the show and it'll be interesting to seeactually whether having these thick laces adds anything to the performanceand the lockdown of

the show one other element that I will let you know aboutin the full review when I've come to film it as well is actually the briefability of the show something I'm really interested in because more and more ofthese shows these days are actually coming up with this kind

of plastic ecoating that goes over the whole entire upper which is great for structure whichis great for waterproofness I'm just not entirely sure about thebreathability of it um that said you know you've still got the textile tonguerunning through the top here and so that might give us enough

breathability forthe show but I can't see any kind of holes or anything or or how this shouldremain breathable so I will let you know because that's something I'm reallyreally keen to find out on the show moving on to the midsole and this iswhere the shoe gets part of

its name from because you can see here Mizuno areusing their wave plate technology now this is really really unique to Mizunois in so many of their running shoes and it's kind of what they were renowned forwhat it is effectively is that with the midsole you have two pieces

of foams youhave a piece of foam on the top of the plate and then you have a piece of foamunderneath it as well and then running throughout the hill and into the midfoot of the shoe you can kind of see the end of it there you have this

waveshaped plate but just hold that right up to the camera you can probably make itout start in there it rises and it falls and it goes to the midsole and the wholepurpose of that is to give the shoe a really really decent amount of stabilitynow I've not personally

tried a Mizuno golf shoe before so I'm really reallyinterested to see the amount of stability that these shoes provide andkind of let you know how I get some of them so definitely in the review I'll beletting you know all about that from wearing the shoes out on the

street whatI would say is that they're not the softest foam of aso definitely these shoes feel nice and comfortable to me and I don't think I'mgonna have any problems at all wearing these over 18 holes but if you arecomparing them to something like the adidas boost midsole phone

which ispretty much the industry-leading phone when it comes to softness and thatcloud-like feeling these definitely feel considerably firmer compared to the postso I will let you know how I get on in the full review out on the coursebecause I actually think that there is a good balance to

find in regards to thesoftness of the trainer as well as that kind of springiness and theresponsiveness that you can give you as well taking a look at the grip of theshoe and you can see here we've got a spikeless construction and you have allthese separate lugs sticking up

right the way across kind of the whole of theshow and here on the hill section as wellwhat I would say is that these lugs are quite aggressive actually in theirtraction they do seem to kind of stick out and protrude quite a good amount soI think these are actually

gonna give you some really really good grip whenthe conditions get a little bit tricky out out on the course let me know downin the comments what you think of these do you like the look of them and willyou be considering picking up a pair and as soon as

I've done the review I'll puta link in this video so you can see the full review but I'm really really keento actually get these on the coast and see how they perform hope you enjoyedthis video today so make sure you hit that like button if you did and

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