JBU by Jambu "Coco" Embossed Adjustable Bungee Memory Foam Demi Wedge Shoes | Fashion Must Haves…

Cocco embossed adjustable bungee memory foam wedge sand shoes so comfortable feeling almost 3,000 spoken for we're down to the final 25 percent they are 41 40 or a value pay of six dollars and ninety cents a at these home we'll go through colors real quick this is going

to be your champagne so a nice neutral kind of a Goldy kind of champagne color really really pretty look at that Bungie detail get that perfect fit then of course this is going to be your caviar so this is like really really deep charcoal I would say I

would say black it's a very much a black or a true black right and then this is rose look at the rose gold that's my favorite what I love about this rose gold is it's not overly pink some rose gold shoes can go a little overly pink this

is that perfect subtle pink 7 4 1 2 7 7 is how you're going to order there's six dollars and ninety cents on that interest free value pay that price expires today though so Becky let's talk about details with these demi-wedge shoes let's talk about the importance of

that demi-wedge what does that mean in fashion really smart so this is a great way to get back in the heel game about two and three-quarter inches on that heel but notice the real estate this is not a precarious you know sort of stiletto this is giving you

a really gutsy heel that you can stand on Sport wedge technology is partially recycled materials so that kind of speaks to John boos heritage of being outdoor inspired but yet feminine and ladylike and a woman driven design company that gives you all of that technology beautiful kind of

a vegan leather that gives you a nice alternative to leather it's easier this time of year to wipe clean and then that adjustability right there what you're seeing on me that's that bungee which we absolutely love so if your narrow cinch it down you simply push that little

deployment you can kind of create that toggle shape to give you a narrower fit if you're a narrow width or else a wider fit if you have a high arch or a higher instep like so many of us do it is very true to size we've got whole

and half sizes for you but the difference with jeonbu particularly when we dive deep into the details is the memory that's what matters here is that really cushiony comfortable footbed that's kind of the heart of every dumbu shoe and its wife has become such a really number one

Footwear choice here at the network because cuts comfort and fashion blended together well over 3000 sold I know a lot of you are loving the shoe another really great customer choice rated reviewed item seven four one two seven seven is how you're going to order that memory foam

Becky I just feel like when you are when you're talking about more foam we're talking comfort I mean it doesn't get better than that because you're getting that great wedge but then you're getting all that cush in there and that's what it's about it's about that easy in

and out a really deep dive of that tour gives you that cushiony comfort the footbed is the magic of a jeonbu shoe I always diggle I wish I had a sawzall so I could get in there and show you layer upon layer of air and comfort and memory

foam to give you that cushion the technology it also rises up to meet your arch and that's really important when you're on your feet all day maybe it's a dress shoe for you but maybe it's an everyday shoe that you're gonna be on your feet for eight and

twelve hours you want to trust a John boot so we have about 500 left is that you said Dave in the rows in the rows 500 left in this champagne is the most limited just so you know so if you're shopping for that champagne make sure that you

get your size grab it those are must-haves buy is one of my host picks for the night tonight it's 40 140 we're talking about a value pay of 690 and as I mentioned before this is a customer choice check this out from Boca soccer mom look at her

how cute yeah fountain wearing her shoes I love that great yeah but a little elegant they can get you know they could be casual or yeah really really elegant very comfortable and stylish I love these shoes they are beautiful I love them and she's somehow managed to get

a heart up in that and I've never seen that before very comfortable best heels I have ever worn beautiful look great and feel great so Becky I think that's really important because we're talking I know a lot of people out there myself included I have a hard time

wearing I heal yeah my feet aren't the same feet I had 10 years it's not true well yes I mean we've really done a number on our feet and those of us that are you know a little bit older a little bit wiser trust jeonbu to get that

heel but notice that it's really stable I mean I'm on a ton of platform a ton of real estate so it feels very safe and secure and let me just show you how easy it is to push that button so this is it that's all I did I

opened up that toggle but look at that if you're at home and you're saying oh I have such wide feet don't worry this is gonna accommodate you if you're saying I have such narrow feet cinch that down I mean it couldn't be easier at the push of a

button you've got that customized fit love that I mean this is a great shoe it's great for anybody it's great for if you want a heel if you want that height of a heel but you don't want the uncomfortable instability you're getting stability you're getting memory foam you're

getting that beautiful elevated look that you can really dress up or dress down right you've got me really with especially with that I mean with all our color choices here the two kind of that have a little bit of shimmer that champagne and that rose and then you're

looking at the caviar which is the black they're all elevated in their own way and really you can dress them all up or dress them down that's really cool so if you've loved jeonbu and you've loved Mary Jane's and some of the casual options I would love for

you to try a he'll get it home it's just worth giving a go on the carpet just get them on feeling in the house kind of get feel that memory foam underfoot yeah seven four one two seven seven it's our host pick it's a must-have by tonight of

4140 you're saving 40% tonight saving $27 the price does expire tomorrow by one of our very best selling brands here at the network Jambu this is our spring into summer fashion event we're kicking off tonight here's a quick recap for you we kicked off the hour from one

world with their micro jersey knit