Inside My Shoe Closet – Full Tour!

welcome back to what's inside family today we're gonna do a very very requested video a couple of months ago we did a kid's room tour video of our house and one of the comments on Lincoln's room was really really popular and so we're gonna do it in the video today what's inside my sheep watch would you consider yourself a sneakerhead sneakerheads maybe what does the sneaker head mean someone who really loves shoes Oh Hawks about them along about four years ago I went to Nike headquarters and I got to design my own shoe and meet Tinker Hatfield and I got to design my own ear max1 if you haven't seen those videos we'll link him here Lincoln didn't know as much about shoes back then he had some LeBron James custom ID shoes back then and that was pretty much it and it seemed like it was even a couple years after that he still didn't really get into it as much but then all of a sudden as he got older he started recognizing shoes I think it's with some of the apps that have come out stock X is one of them this is not an ad for stock X we're not sponsored by them or anything but a lot of the shoes that we've purchased lately I've come off of stock X because we know 100% that they're real how stock X works is the person who might originally bought the shoes they sell them and ship them to stock X and then they verified the see if they're real and stock accents it to you and you can keep them for a while and usually sell them for more money you can see the prices of different shoes going up and down and once you see that you're like oh man these shoes have value airmax one Chinatown 2020 these are some recent shoes that I just got and I've wore a couple times because I don't know like during quarantine like I don't really go many places like I don't travel or anything so I don't really wear that many shoes but this is a really cool pair so I know that these ones are real they feel real the size feels correct in the past I would just go like these shoes right here these are the EZ turtledoves the most comfortable shoes that I've ever worn yes seriously they're amazing you can see how dirty they are you first bought them and we were like this is such a joke who would want to pay this for shoes and they look kinda dumb yeah – and I thought they looked really dumb but now I've worn them a ton like you can see on the sides it's totally worn and cracked but they're still incredibly comfortable easy to put on I bought these on ebay back when we made that video and I was going to be going to a Kanye concert I thought it'd be perfect to have him sign it and then we go cut them in half well back when I bought this you could still buy shoes and buy real shoes for a lot of money turns out now you go onto ebay you can buy some Yeezys and you can buy different shoes like I did for these for $100 cheaper than what it was going for on like the major websites and apps and I was like I think those are fake they're like a size too small they're still there like half the size too small they don't feel as soft when you walk the boost is not the same I'm pretty sure I can't say for certain but I'm pretty sure that I bought some fakes these were some one like the first shoes that I really that I looked at on the sneakers app and I found and I was like whoa those are very cool these are Air Force Ones city pride these are like my favorite colors right here I got these in December this is one my favorite pairs I really like a couple things I like about this shoe is I love that it has like the baseball yeah the Reds on it and I like this it's like a satin feeling on it yeah these are the espy dunk hi spectrum these shoes are kind of mismatched like the laces in different colors everything on this shoe is different this is all a suede material on this shoe and the colors just look different than any other shoe I call it the Easter shoe because they're kind of like pastels even on the back you can see each shoe is totally different color this is another pair that I got in December this was actually for my birthday this is the air fear of God raid black version I do like how when shoes are darker they don't get a sturdy because I don't really issues the air bubble in this is so much different than any other shoe this shoe probably takes me like two minutes to put on there are like six different steps you have to take like in the airport like after going through security it takes me so long but this is hot when we did the video on joyrides one of the cozy issues ever there at the same level as boost which is crazy I really wanted to get another pair of Joyride so I got this different version I actually got to customize these on Nike ID and this is like if I go to like the favorite sport team VRU football games these are what I like to wear because it really matches their their colors I got to actually put my name on them which are most Nike ID is like two initials or three initials but this one actually let you do the full name this shoe was really fun this is the Blazer stranger things like the second pack of stranger things like the upside down that's what these shoes are kind of based off of so at the beginning it was just all look like this this kind of material that you could eat that you can pull off see just like that I was like hey why don't you kind of burn off the threads and that was a terrible decision that looks you can like actually it's like almost through the entire shoe there what do people say when you wear those to school what are those shoes did you like this for them did they come like that so there were lots of strange questions about these ones what a bust and say that she's are very ugly why would you want this thanks busty do not use fire you want to use like a dremel Blazers are again super cozy just like the fear of gods but they take a while to put on like see how high high they are you have to loosen it mount like right here and then pull off the tongue and then like there's a lot of really cool details on these like so I don't know if you can see that but there's just a lot of stranger things references so this is the actual box they came in 1985 stranger things pretty cool I accidentally threw away the actual like wrapping of the shoes and they had like a whole map of the star whore mall and stuff well I don't know what they're called these are shoes that I got in Japan at an indeed it store I mean couple years ago adidas I dress like it does look very dirty yeah they're really cool they have like continental tire tread at the bottom of them so these are shoes that I do wear if it's like if I know my shoes are gonna be dirty but I still want to wear cool shoes these are the shoes that I got a comic-con for Lincoln and I just saw them and I thought those look so cool and what's that game called that it's based off balls GI throw your balls either like don't know what that is they're just funky looking I like em these are Hall George 2.

5 s they're the PlayStation edition the reason why we got these shoes is not just for Lincoln to go to Duke basketball camp last summer was it yeah a woman gosh it's crazy there's only last summer it seems like it's been all golf for the last year yeah this is the PlayStation Edition so the front of it it's supposed to light up the tongue lights up and as a PlayStation collaboration I wore out like the batteries on them so like you're pressing the no pressing eNOS and if somebody does in the comments know how to fix it I'd be happy to hear them because I really love these shoes people at school these are probably like their favorite shoes this is the same type of shoe that design Williamson was wearing in college that Paul George 2.

5 we ran his foot completely blew out and exploded through the Nike shoe that's why we originally got this because I wanted to take it apart and see what is the weakness and why did this shoe happen but then Lincoln like the shoe so much we ended up keeping him didn't make a video on it but now he has the shoes yeah and they're they're pretty cozy one of the basketball players shoes G on PI George's Paul George and LeBron LeBron Kevin Durant LeBron Durant because okay I also have Kevin Durant 11th I use these for basketball for many years they have like react inside of them I think there's only one part that I really don't like about these shoes set this back thing right here it rubs into your feet so badly there were holes this deep right here on my ankle I think I still have the scar a little bit my foot was bleeding like the entire time it's like right there you can kind of see it still why didn't you just cut that part off I don't know you can't his end it's still like hard down there but though this is like all major design flaw yeah and it's not just the shoes like my friend Easton he has a pair of these shoes he wears them a lot and his feet had permanent scars in them also because of these shoes like they were bleeding over like this deep I had to get band-aids at least like five a day because they were just blowing through him okay so this is interesting because Kevin Durant you remember we cut open yeah Kevin Durant was at the Katy tenzen-sama cut open the Katy tens and they had the tinsel fiber inside of them I think that's what they called it they had those for years and this is the first shoe where they decided not to do it which I thought was interesting it was after we cut it open and we found that part of the problem with the old Katy tens is that the tensile fiber in that whole pocket would collapse and you would lose your air pocket happened yet so many times and so they changed it to the nike react which is pretty cool the nike react is really soft it's so cozy I love the shoes it's just for this thing I'm actually scared to wear these shoes like I have that Korea I don't know what about these shoes really they look very unique these are pretty cool yeah these were some really rare Under Armor Steph Curry and shoes that they wanted to that were going really big and I bought them for like a few hundred bucks and then yeah we do a video on them we didn't but yeah you got him have you ever put him on ease I'm not actually yet I had these James Harden I don't know what these really are called but this is a really cool shoe you can remember what video we put those any people got really mad at us it was when we were doing a house tour video and it got all muddy uh end of the video I'm like let's throw those away and everybody was so mad at us Wow goodbye if he does all right I'm thinking you just leave those shoes here we don't want those in the car just take them off and leave them out here that's right you didn't throw them away throw them away because Casey Neistat actually gave me these shoes we were in a studio in New York and he's like what size do you wear I like size like ten or something and he's like okay well I'll give you these shoes like in a couple years you should grow up to size 11 so these are shoes that I do wear another shoe kind of like these ones that if I know that they're gonna get dirty like the house tour video I do wear them I see something else up here with an eye on it that's right it looks like a basketball players shoe this is this is the Kyrie 5 shoe these are like the all-black and then they have like some cool colors on the bottom of what is it like Illuminati or something yeah everyone is weird too I mean like these are all right high five and then the other the kind of e6 is that just barely came out like four months ago or something they have like another weird like I think like an Egyptian Egyptian of Egyptian Egyptian person on the back of it so that's kind of strange these ones are really cozy too we also have some adidas ultra boost 20 the space version we actually did a video on these ones and these are such cozy shoes there's a few shoes that if you're thinking about comfort that should be good like I've referred a lot of Lincoln's friends dads Ivan they've been like what shoes are good ultra boost 20 they don't laugh yeah in this bright color they make them in a lot of different colors like grey and black and white but it just has tons of boost in it it's an incredibly comfortable like I would say like the top three most cozy shoes are like these ones Easy's like any of the easies like 350 and joyrides those are such Posey shoes another basketball player that we've got on here these are not like fancy shoes they're the dominating Kobe's that we have where do we get these those at a Nike outlet store in like Krim Nevada when we have super charging is super bored we're like hey shoes look at these Kobe's they still a really cool shoes I like how they have like a little blonde guy in the back of that they feel a little bit smaller than most shoes that'll mean student these ones are a little bit smaller at least this particular version let's talk about golf shoes golf shoes this is a pair in like December that we got just because I just need some new golf shoes like my feet were slipping out and like at the Puma ones that I had airmax ones very cozy this is what I wore at the Farmers Insurance Program when I played in them and the grass was super wet there but these shoes really block out any type of rain or grass that's wet so your socks don't get dirt like wet at all these shoes were first launched by Tony FINA which is a Utah golfer awesome guy knew it was you Boston those shoes that I really want to try that are golf shoes that we don't have any are the new adidas shoes they're looking really good they're coming up with some really unique design yeah with the boost inside of them and we can didn't have six different pair of golf shoes we'd be buying adidas is the next one just to try it out yeah speaking of that let's see more golf shoes okay this is a pair that Tyrell Crosby who is like the greatest football player the greatest of all time to grace the goat my birthday present he gave me three pairs of Nike golf shoes which was so awesome I wear these you so much these ones have like the traditional spikes on them this is usually what you see with the golf shoe these kind of spikes yeah so these ones snow spikes really grew they found well and I just wear these shoes because they don't really have any color on them this is another pair that Tyrell Crosby gave to me from a birthday which we already had a red pair of those two yes those were your shoes that you always were the spice and them are different they work very well these are super light shoes this is another parent that Tyrell Crosby gave to us these are Jordan golf shoes like the bottom of them cool jump man for the last pair Jordan golf shoes I just barely about these ones which is worth money yeah because they look super worn out because you've been wearing him so much he's like a month ago the bottom of them look really good on these ones again how many birdies of you got while wearing those shoes Oh more than any of my other golf shoes those are the birdie shoes yeah definitely so I have jordan v highs these shoes I'm just saving for like a special occasion when I need to wear them I still haven't worn them yet what kind of special occasion is that like the first day back to school I don't know just like the trip or something that would go on because I I don't know I just don't want to like really wear out the shoes if I'm not really going anywhere I want to wear them for my first time something that's important you know yeah the bottom does look kind of the same on both of these shoes they do have the jump man kind of in the same place the thing I'll say about those Jordan fives is that those are the shoes that I first remember when I was what year do you think they first came out like the original Jordan fives like 1981 what ID 191 so I mean I was 11 years old it was around yeah right around there and I remember there was this one kid in my class I think it was Matthew Sorenson was his name and he came to school with the black version of those and I've never felt envy of shoes before in my life until that day we shopped at Payless for all of our shoes growing up which Payless is like a good place to go but they are lower cost shoes that you can wear and so nike wasn't something that we afforded or spend our money on when I was younger and growing up so those were shoes that I was just always like man someday I want to get some those I never got any from me but that's up for link so you can burn them those are actually the same size we are size 11 but it's kind of my clue to shoe collection but also his a back to the Shelf number three the Jordan section is probably my favorite she'll tell me grab Jordan ones do you have seven seven oh seven pairs to r1 so you start off with some Jordan threes the issues came out a couple months ago I still have not worn these these were actually kind of based on a shoe the Jordan 3 unc patent they were going for like $3, 000 because they have a little unc logo on this on this on the tongue yes ones are not $3, 000 no much are these going for right now i think that they're going for like 230 these are another one of my favorites right here these are the jordan one crimson tint basically this section is going to be the jordan one temple or shrine for Lincoln Lincoln is like them for like the last year or two and since the Jordan documentary has come out that was on your skin it's basically exploded Isis of like Jordans have like doubled its cruelty I don't really want to wear like these these newer shoes that I got during quarantine because it's like I really like them this is another pair that I do not want to get dirty at all these are Jordan one low sb the issues just like so hard dirty on the bottom yeah they are a little bit but everywhere else on the shoe they look brand-new this is a Jordan one creature culture couture couture couture sounds right these ones have been worn a little bit more than most people at school like these ones like more than like twice to school these are you usually mainly wear these shoes oh this is probably like that first pair that I actually bought off of the actual sneakers at and these are drawn for winterized they have like this softer material right here that I really love Jordan for is my only pair of Jordan fours at the Jordan for style it's just unique yeah it is compared to the rest of them this looks like a full on Jordan one shelf right here they're on the high level so I can pick them up these are the Jordan one obsidians that I love the unc color right here university blue two kind of matches pretty funny pretty much everything that we do yeah what's inside blue this is probably like my favorite leather on a shoe this is probably my favorite shoes right now Jordan one high-bred I'm ready and hybrids they're hybrids what they're hybrids like my car red guess like I said hybrid pie bread no Jordan one bread turn one hybrid hide bread Jordan one high bread hybrid okay Brad how's it goin bread these are like the original Jordan ones that this is like the original colorway that Michael Jordan wore in lots of his games Jordan was new on the scene as a basketball player and in his first year he just exploded and he had like a skill level that hadn't been seen in the NBA and it kind of changed it forever gained up in popularity and everything this was the first shoe that came out with the Nike shoe deal that Michael Jordan did with Nike he really wanted to go with Adidas and Adidas didn't want to do deal with him back in the day they thought they'd sell like two million dollars in shoes they sold like 120 million or something crazy when we bought them they were going for like $600 I think but now I think they're up to like 1, 100 these are the Jordan one high paris-saint german this is a different material it's not set and it's not leather but I really do like how this swoosh and this wall logo up here is leather well the entire other shoe is a different material so it really shines on the swoosh love these shoes so these shoes as you should be able to tell I have not worn yet with white and like a brighter color on the bottom of it be actually bought for Zach jerry-rigged everything he kind of looks like like a hitman these have a parking on the back of the shoes and so we thought that would be perfect so he bought a pair and I accidentally ordered two and so now we have a pair here when we should have only had one the barcode shows a bunch of stats so like a Michael Jordan's like total points the leather is different it it's like this second letter that looks creased in a way and it has a signature on the side I those are gonna stay cleaner than you think because of the type of leather that they used on it this is a pair of shoes that I got from my dad as a Christmas present thinking that I like about these is watch this check it out it looks like a normal shoe and then I am look at those colors yeah like you don't see like that I just like the way that they work with the pictures I'll be honest though like the type of material that it has on it it's not comfortable and it feels weird yeah it feels like it's gonna break they look cool it's a nice gimmick but I wouldn't recommend buying those ones we have tons of shoe boxes that are up here these ones right here are super unique Lincoln with pulling of those down these are the shoes that I designed at Nike the Nike Air Max with one this here we go in stock X they actually are on there yeah what were you thinking when you design these it was kind of like a Tesla so it's like really shiny silver like the color that we had at one point and I don't know like the turquoise color boy's color like the kind like racing stripes right here and guess there's a little alien guy inside of it too so love it alien guys green they did actually produce these and put them out the bad thing about them is one they only made them in kids sizes three youth and it was sad they really weren't that big they only stole them online for like two weeks and then they just disappeared with them so we bought like 20 extra pair just for some day so maybe when Lincoln s get some baby you know I think we're gonna list some of them on stock etics or just go on there and look for the bids and see who might want some by then we will probably list a few up them if anybody buys any of the three to five pairs we will take that money and give it to Lincoln it will be part of this shoe fun shoot oh yeah you can have a shoot fun to fill out the rest of your closet thank you guys for watching the shoot tour and maybe some of you did not like this kind of video but I hope that something you did it's really cool love my shoes okay hi Lincoln bye [Music] dude don't forget spongebob oh yeah how do you forget spongebob these are another one of my very like all-time favorite shoes right here well spongebob coyote five this is another one like the smaller pair it looks so cool town like a palm tree right here and which fits perfectly with all the other shoes yeah oh my gosh there's a dude inside of it is that nice towel did you taste just take a shower move this or something it's fine keep it there real-world Lincoln's closet welcome to Lincoln's closet closet Air Force Ones are super cozy these are really cozy they're very cozy one of the cozy issues ever trees are very cozy again super cozy very cozy very cozy pretty cozy they're pretty cozy these are super cozy shoes it's so cozy I love these shoes these ones are really cozy too these are such cozy shoes very cozy shoes top three most cozy shoes such cozy shoes to rats are much more cozy very cozy they are very cozy they're so cozy if they're so cozy they're very cozy too they are so cozy these shoes are so cozy super cozy give us an update once you find a special day okay.