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com and watch Sunday on HSN hey happy Thursday everybody welcome in my name is Michele yarn we're gonna have some fun we're gonna talk about shoe obsessions because I know a lot of us have them that's why this hour is obsessed with shoes we have so many different brands we've got not one but two smart deals and we have some of your favorites including coming up the iconic classic Birkin sock this is the Arizona style we have fantastic colorways for you this is the adjustable strap that original Birkenstock footbed you guys he's actually the warmth of your foot will create a custom fit in these you will have a footprint in the shoe if you've never experienced Birkenstock now it's the time to try them look at our flex pay ways 5 flex pay on everything so under 20 bucks to get these home this is gold we have black we have white lilac we also have Navy this is called Irish cream oh my goodness so pretty so that's coming up in the show do not miss out on this one already very popular before we even started you guys were ordering this one so a lot of smart shoppers out there tonight one of our smart deals Tom's is back it has been nearly three years since we have seen them here and they are bringing us take a look it is the all-time classic iconic Alper gotta we have beautiful colors this is the red we have navy blue a natural color which is gorgeous gray coral pink black ash and a brand-new print pineapple rose gold pineapples absolutely adorable that's the classic it's got arch support super comfortable look at our price point though $41 to get those home and I'm still not done this was in the list a couple of hours ago a third of the quantity is already gone smart deals are supposed to last anywhere from five days to a week I don't know how much longer we're gonna see these from a truck so a Trax is a third-generation company that started out making custom orthotics now they build beautiful shoes around their orthotics so this is a flip-flop with an orthotic built-in so you are getting arch support alignment comfort they're so lightweight they actually float we are getting exclusive colors as well $34 and ninety cents an orthotic alone would be our original price point of $60 so the fact that you're gonna get these for this price we do still have them available at this point but as I mentioned they were in the list earlier and we blew through so much of the quantity and there are great colors to choose from that's the white I know we have black we have blue we may have a handful of the fun summer colors left there's like a great watermelon color and another one that's an aqua color but those on flex pay by the way under $7 to get them home flip-flops that actually have an orthotic built-in so your feet will feel amazing while you wear those those are just three of the many styles that we're gonna have for you tonight I'm gonna head on over and show you our first thank you so much Julia you're rocking that and that's the Giuliana jumpsuit right she looks fantastic doesn't she alright come over here with me and our first shoe comes to us from Sam Edelman and this is a designer line you see them in all the high-end department stores this one though is brand-new for us at HSN it's the perfect little strappy sandal with a great block heel so many trends in one shoe right we've got the snake print that you're seeing which by the way is genuine leather you have an adjustable strap right up here at the ankle this is called taupe multi when you're ordering the heel is only three and a quarter inches high and it's that great kind of rounded block heel design so you get all kinds of stability and comfort absolutely gorgeous so that is your taupe multi maybe you need just a classic neutral this is called toasted almond and you have that beautiful suede 'add leather here the way you'll see when you see it on the foot it is so feminine the way just Criss crosses up and this one also has that croco design on the bottom here so this is called toasted almond if you need a great springtime color how about the cloud blue isn't that so pretty so that's called cloud blue when you're ordering and it almost has like a grayish undertone to it I think it could pass for a grayish blue and then finally on the end we have black these are limited quantity you can get them home on a flex payment of $26 I happen to be free shipping and handling as well genuine leather super high-quality very fashionable and that is what Sam Edelman is known for the fact that we have these and I mean this will look great with my curations dress right here and you've got all of these different trends in one as I mentioned so animal prints really really big for 2020 having that snake print design I think is just so so fun genuine leather means these are gonna last and last they actually are very soft and malleable so when you have them on you don't have to worry about anything being stiff or uncomfortable I love that the straps are nice and thin so it keeps it very feminine and light and then it's anchored with this great chunky block heel and it has a slight curve to it so you'll see when we look up close on Julia just how pretty and feminine this shoe is we all need that perfect strappy sandal that's a little bit dressier sometimes you know you're doing things that require more than just a flat so this is gonna be a great option for you I do love that it's only three net quarter inch high so it's not too too high so you'll be nice and comfy in these sizing we have 5 through 11 and we do have half sizes in between as well you can stay true to size with Sam Edelman and because it's genuine leather too you know it's gonna be nice and comfortable and as you wear them they get softer and softer and I just think they're absolutely adorable I love that even the neutrals have that great croco design so you're keeping it simple with let's say the toasted almond but then you've got a little bit of fun and keeping it on trend do you see how it's slightly curved too it's not pretty so it really keeps you when you're wearing them balanced because you're not jut it up on a high high heel it's not a teeny tiny little spike of a heel where you're falling into the grass or wobbling side to side so you're nice and secure but they look dressy enough too that you could wear these out you can wear them to work when we finally do get back to normal and we're going out and about to places it's a perfect kind of date night shoe for you the blue is really pretty as well it's almost like a chambray type blue so if you want to pick these up you guys brand-spanking-new for us here free shipping and handling I love we have 5 flex pay right now on all of our apparel shoes and accessories and if you want to save even more check out this deal we're doing if you don't have the HSN credit card go ahead and apply once you're approved you can use your brand new card and instantly take $20 off any single item purchase HSN credit card is phenomenal there's no annual fee on that you get exclusive VIP deals on different things you get extra flex payments on fashions and jewelry and beauty so if you'd like to look into it go to hsn.

com just type in credit card or HSN card and you'll see all the info that you need all right we're gonna keep things moving and talk about another great brand this one is newer to the HSN family Fila now this is an Italian sportswear brand we have known them for many many decades and it was in the 70s when they really made their mark on the scene with tennis right and we kind of equate them with that sports meets Street kind of look and we have got so many beautiful styles available from Fila this is their memory sporter 2 it's a clean beautiful leather sneaker that you could wear for light workouts maybe you know if you're walking or doing just a light easy workout but also for on-the-go because so many of us now are doing this sporty kind of casual vibe it's very very on-trend so this is going to take care of both we have three beautiful colors to choose from I think this is so pretty this is the white with pink so it's all white leather and then you've got the pink trim on the inside there's your pink f/4 Fila aren't these so pretty and then around the back great traction underneath by the way we also have it in the white with blue which you're seeing here and we're also gonna talk by the way about all of the memory foam on the inside here super comfort so that's the white with blue and then if you just need a fresh all-white shoe this has a great rim on the inside these are forty seven dollars and 97 cents that is phenomenal if you know the Fila brand this is a global brand very very rarely do you see them at price points like these and with flex pay here at HSN nine dollars and 59 cents will get them home we have sizes six through 12 and we do have half sizes available as well and we've got Jessica Carol on the phone she is our fashion contributor here at HSN and Jessica these are the perfect shoe because you can wear them for the light workouts but also in fashion this is what everybody's doing right now how are you I'm so great you so much and you just look like a little ray of sunshine thank you sweets this shoe though we got to talk about these and these great colors too yeah so this is your clean white yellow other trainer and it's extremely versatile now this silhouette really falls under our sport style category and just like you mentioned athleisure wear is on the rise my gosh even right now I mean if you're staying at home a little bit longer you're kind of doing some work around your house these are a great shoes you can wear indoors or out and so you know really just doesn't want you to have to compromise you want you to have style and comfort and that memory foam sock line is extremely my gosh and you can see to the collar part that's around the back of it this is like a neck pillow that you would wear on the airplane I mean there's so much cushion and comfort and tell me about yeah let's dive inside for a minute and tell me about this memory foam because that is like super super comfort it leaves an imprint yeah so the memory foam sock line is there for extra comfort and are you to feed you actually squeeze and look at that leave an imprint so you can just see how much cushion is inside it also has the cool max technology meaning that it's gonna wick away any moisture so you can wear this shoe all year long and this shoe just like you mentioned it really is for light exercise and just everyday use so even if you have a job where you're on your feet from morning to night your feet will stay happy because of that extra memory foam and all the cushion once again it's very classic its crisp it's sophisticated with that all leather white trainer I'm so excited that we have Fila here now at HSN it just brings me back to I don't know about you but it's one of those it's an iconic brand but I love that we're bringing you now high-fashion because these are very much in fashion right now on trend but it's got to be practical too and this is when we talk about quality getting this beautiful leather first of all it's a great material they're so soft so cushiony but you're right having that support all day long I mean even if you're at home right now a lot of us are on our feet more whether it's in the house or out around the yard doing taking on projects and things you need that great support and you need that comfort but at least these are absolutely adorable while you do it yeah you can really dress these off you can dress them down you can wear them what it would address just like the model there or would a pair of leggings or jeans they're very versatile comfortable and stylish and I love the pop of colors like long-term personality with that crisp white leather trainer it's subtle but it's enough to like you said add some personality to it Nadya right now is wearing the white with the blue I was holding the white with the pink that is the most limited of the three options and then we also have the white gray which is great for those of you who maybe just want to keep it neutral everybody's wearing it crisp all white sneakers right now so I think this is a nice option for you you've got the regular laces we just got them tucked on the inside here but you can wear them out tuck them behind all of that cushion remember size 6 through 12 with half sizes this is a fantastic sale price point these are originally $75 so definitely don't miss out on that Jessica thank you so so much for calling and joining me tonight I appreciate it have a good night stay safe and you guys if you're picking these up and you want to use flex pay just keep in mind anybody can use flex pay anytime it's interest-free any card you want PayPal if you prefer and that's how you spread out your payment over time and you get your shoes right away after your first $9 and 59 cent flex payments so get them home try them out we also have a 90 day return policy right now two so three full months to try them out okay we're gonna keep things moving and we are gonna talk about a huge favorite chances are you have some Birkin socks in your closet right now did you know this brand started in 1774 is that crazy and even up until now they still stand for style comfort quality genuine materials and this is the classic Arizona style that we're about to show you it's that iconic original footbed from Birkenstocks so you get all the support and comfort and over time it actually molds and conforms to your foot you get a custom fit and talking about fashion and style these are also everywhere right now it's crazy because we've been wearing them I mean they really hit a high point in the 60s and just had been on fire since then but now they're also at the height of fashion people are wearing these with their dresses with their jeans your leggings your skirts we have so many colors and this is where it all started with this classic Arizona style I do want to say if you want to pick up the gold it's already last call on these seven seven and a half and we have nine at nine and a half the way we have it is like dual sizing so if you're that half size if you're nine and a half get the nine nine and a half and though that's all we have left in the gold we also have these fantastic neutrals for you so this one here is called stone and we have it in mocha so I wanted you to see the two colorways stone is a little bit more gray and this is the mocha a little bit more brown undertone there we have it in white I think the white is so so pretty if you want a fun fresh spring/summer color you guys check out the white oh my gosh don't you love that and then we have it in black as well adjustable buckles and again this is that iconic original footbed so it's the deep heel cup it's the arch support as you wear it it gets softer and molds to your foot over time you choose your color these are a huge customer pick they're only $19.

99 on flex pay right now free shipping and handling and the sizing as we mentioned it's like a dual size so it's five five-and-a-half six six and a half all the way up to 11 11 and a half when you slip these on you will see what everyone talks about when they say Birkenstock this is the style that they're talking about huge customer pick great savings today using our flex payments and we have Courtney on the line right now to tell us all about them Courtney I saw you on the list earlier tonight with a different style and at the same time the Arizona was just getting dropped into the cart like it's hot I'm he just on fire right now because this is that classic iconic style to Arizona absolutely and you know when we talk about just Birkenstock in general it's the it brand of the season really is everyone is wearing Birkenstock and I think you know right now it's about time that everyone's going to transition into sandals and you may not go wrong with Birkenstock it's you know all about our footbed and that is the DNA of our brand and you talk about the footbed we really talk about that deep heel cup which is going to cradle and stabilize your heel the contoured footbed which is going to support all arches of your foot that wider toe box which is going to allow your toes to move freely and then you'll notice there is a toe bar so every time you wash your toes will naturally grip on that toe bar and create circulation so not only is it super cute this is probably going to be the most comfortable shoe you will ever ever wear it really is an experience and it's so interesting to see because over time a lot of brands have tried to copy what Birkenstock does but I think what you'll find is it may look similar but it will feel nothing like it and it's all because of this footbed and the materials that Birkenstock uses and still to this day they're all made in Germany right yeah I mean we've been around since 77 1770 for over 200 years and they are still made in Germany we have factories in Germany we don't outsource so you know you're getting a great craftsmanship great heritage from the Birkenstock brand and I will tell you that they last forever I mean I have pairs you know I've been with Birkenstock for almost ten years and you know they just are durable and I will tell you that the more you wear them the more comfortable they become me we're saying it's almost like a custom orthotic yeah I love it you know Courtney because it makes it really hard for other people to steal your shoes because it's got your footprint inside so it's gonna fit perfectly for you I do want to give a quick update the gold has now gone sold out I told you guys these are really really popular right now let's talk colors for a minute Courtney the stone is beautiful this one will be the next one to go if anybody wants to pick that up but it's a great neutral we only have the size six six and a half and the nine nine and a half at this point in the stone if you want it we also have the mocha beautiful I love seeing them together two great neutrals so if you miss out on the stone you might want to pick up the mocha it has been the most popular and I love the hardware on that one we also have that beautiful white I don't know why I love this one so much Courtney this is perfect for summertime we only have 200 left if you want the white I will tell you all the colors that you guys are featuring they are they're wearable you know you can wear that with anything the mocha is probably one of our most popular colorways and then the white has been I mean it just everyone wants the white downs and we love it because it has that really light outsole it's fresh it reads spring so you know you can't go wrong with having two pairs of these either you know that's right and a mocha well it's nice too because at HSN what's so great I mean clearly Birkenstock been around the block you know since 1700s they're available worldwide but we're the place that can give you flex pay and we can bring you these fun colors so I mean you can actually get an iconic brand like this and break up your costs over time so with flex pay I'd be $19.

99 we're shipping them for free get them home and try them out and see if they're not the most comfortable sandal you have ever put on your foot because unlike other sandals you actually have support and you have comfort in these and that's what they're known for it's that footbed that deep heel cup keeps your foot inside the straps are nice and wide they come really far back so it stays on your foot you're not sliding forward because of that great toe bar and this is all a beautiful suede leather underneath your feet so they're breathable and soft it's truly an amazing experience so I love that we make it easier for you to get it home and try it and now we also have 90 days on our return policy so you can try them out for full three months and if you're not happy send them back no questions asked but I think Courtney you'd agree there's no experience like a Birkenstock now they're so extremely comfortable and then you know notice the models you know and how adorable they look and really do you can dress it up you can dress it down you see people wearing it with dresses with you know shorts with skirts with yoga wear this is the perfect recovery sandal also so if you're you know outside you know running we're seeing a lot more people you know taking some time and spitting it outside right if you come home from your bride slip your Birkin socks on because it will make your feet extremely happy they are so comfortable so supportive and they help with alignment I mean like I said you can't go wrong it's truly all about our foot bed and if we want to walk through the foot bed again yes you know just that deep deep heel cup that's going to create on stamp stabilize your heel and the contours but that it's going to support all the arches of your foot that wider toe box it's going to allow your toes to move freely nobody likes their toes like switched on and then that toe bar is going to create circulation when you walk so you know it's feeding your body a whole feel good you know almost like exercise truly with that circulation yeah absolutely and I love Courtney that you can adjust the straps on the top because a lot of us if you your foot is higher up or maybe it's you've got a little bit lower if your arch is higher or lower you really can adjust these and help them conform to your feet so all around it truly is about comfort I just love the fact that now it's so high up on the list in terms of fashion too and it was so fun during the list a couple hours ago on our Facebook live we had women saying oh my gosh I have had these since the 70s they still look great they still feel comfortable and now when I wear them I'm on trend which is just hilarious to me how you know fashion M's and flows but these have just stood the test of time yeah and I think you know what people are feeling is you know you want to be comfortable and you want to be fashionable right you know the sandal truly is the sandal that allows for both and like you were saying it's fully adjustable and you don't get that in a lot of sandals you know so I'm sure you said it and almost forget it really you just set your buckles and then you slip them on and it's a perfect fit every time and I want to mention to how soft and malleable and comfortable all of the materials are I mean even the underside of the straps here oh my gosh they are so super soft everything that touches your feet is going to be comfortable and soft for you and I'm gonna have to put this one down because stone just sold out so you guys this is what we have left please don't miss out on this opportunity we have black we have mocha and we have the white still great neutral options if you'd like to get them but Courtney I mean I'm not surprised by this are you mocha is gonna be the next one to go yeah I mean these colorways are just so easy to wear and you can wear like I said with everything and again you know people know Birkenstock quark latex that people know us for you know and let's talk about just the durability of that shoe I mean it's lightweight but it's durable and it's flexible there's layers of jute inside which helps for durability I mean Judah is also a natural wicking material so it's going to keep your foot really dry yeah and of course that suede foot bed liner which you know oh my god again it's also going to become a custom orthotics the more you wear it you know the more your foot will imprint and it becomes even more comfortable now it's interesting because when you wear these your foot is in the sandal not on it you know a lot of times especially with a slide design that's just flat it has none of these contoured you know cushioned and supportive features your foot is just on top of it so when you walk you end up sliding around or it'll turn underneath your foot you have none of those issues with Birkenstock that deep heel cup it's like it's cradling and surrounding your foot every time you wear it so yes it's comfortable but it keeps your foot nice and secure on the inside as well exactly if you have you know when you walk on sand what's the first you see your heel right and so what this does is it kind of emulates that you know just take that pressure off of your forefoot and allows your heel to rest in that heel table so I mean like I said they're so so incredibly comfortable and the one thing I do want to say is to make sure you have that purpose that your heel to be really resting inside that jailhouse okay and your toes do not need to touch the very forefront of the shoe so if your heel is resting inside that heel cup naturally and then your toes are not hitting that very very front part of the shoe that's really the perfect fit well Courtney thank you so so much for joining me I really really appreciate it you guys this is a fantastic finally back in stock that classic Arizona style with the original Birkenstock footbed so don't miss out speaking to sizing by the way it's dual so it's five five-and-a-half up to 11 11 and a half member you have a full 90 days to try these out and if you're not happy you can always send them back no questions asked we have a more coming in this hour so many great shoes to show you we have two smart deals coming up as well but something we did want to talk about while everyone is spending more time at home right now we here at HSN want to do our part to help slow the spread of kovat 19 in taking care of yourself you're also helping to take care of those around you so please stay tuned for an important reminder from the CDC we'll be back ingredients that are rich in tradition born from the clouds and foothills of the Himalayan mountains clean beauty that protects nourishes and repairs hair and skin shop the tweaked by nature beauty collection on HSN and hsn.

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com / HSN card or call 1-800 284 3100 for details on our exclusive VIP offers welcome back in everybody I'm so glad you're spending your Thursday night with me my name is Michele yarn this is obsessed with shoes and we have so many fantastic brands to show you tonight and really wonderful deals as well now this brand bzees is a very very popular one here at HSN for a lot of reasons it's a comfort brand they bring adorable shoes and they're all machine washable which is crazy good because you are going to get your wear out of these I promise you this one is called the sapphire and it's a gladiator style sandal with the comfort of a sneaker and it is so lightweight you won't even realize you have anything on SuperDuper flexible let me walk you through some of the great features of this style first of all gorgeous colors which I'll show you in just a sec but I love this one because there's many ways to style it you get a little bit of lift with that wedge heel it has bzees infamous cloud technology so it's super lightweight you don't even know you're wearing it you get bounce back every time you walk so when you move your toes can spread to keep you balanced and comfortable but I'm telling you you're gonna think the shoe box is empty when you get this one home the design on this like gladiator inspiration without all the buckles and the straps and the discomfort so still high fashion but still very very smart and no digging onto your feet with this one either because remember it's a comfort brand' the height on the heel is 2 inches so you get that little bit of lift you've got a great soft footbed here that actually has antimicrobial protection and odor band technology so they'll never smell like you're wearing me everyday even if you do you slip your feet right in everything is padded and stretchy on this one as well if you need a hot hot shoe this one is called red and it is like a candy apple deep rich red so that's a great option we also have for you the classic black so if you're just looking for that easy where would your dressier stuff or your shorts or your jeans you might want to try at the black next to that this one we're actually calling white it's a very very pale gray so it's called white when you order but it is like a silvery type of grayish white next to that we have the navy blue and it is a true navy blue you can see it next to the black there the navy blue will be the first one to go though because it's a great feature price point you saw the red which I just showed you next to that this one is called Irish cream and it is a perfect creamy champagne color pretty limited on this one – a little over 200 and then we have lilac sizing six through twelve with half sizes medium and wide width remember it's a comfort brand' super lightweight and yes you can toss them into the washing machine no worries just let them air dry I wanted to show them to you though because they are on sale right now and with our 5 flex pay there are 11 dollars and eight cents to get home you just slip your foot right in and you will see all of that comfort and stretchiness you're gonna love those for sure they look really cute with your jumpsuit Julia you're looking great over there she's wearing the Irish cream by the way there is a new section on our website if you haven't heard about it it's called home checklist we actually have put everything together for you that you will need to enjoy your time at home a little bit more so it could be entertainment maybe you need to treat yourself to a spa day if you're setting up a home office everything in our home checklist will ship to you for free so take a look at that when you're on the website you'll see a big banner on our home page let's continue now with a very popular brand we are so happy to have back at HSN it's been about three years since we launched Tom's here – at the network what we're bringing you now that they are back is their iconic classic Alper gotta style what you're seeing on your screen it is comfy it has arch support it's a great canvas material you slip these on and you can wear them with absolutely anything they're so lightweight it's our smart deal on sale right now for forty one dollars and 79 cents free shipping and handling and with flex pay eight dollars and 30 cents to get home you've got a genuine suede inside you've got that arch support you're gonna love these we will tell you all about them Tom's is a fantastic brand as well because they give back they actually donate one dollar for every three dollars earned and we will give you more info on that as well let's talk colors real quick now that we have this here as a smart deal which is temporary by the way ow here on the end we have the red it is darling I love the inside of all of these have a really fun print design that's your red we also have it in black next to that we have the natural we have a navy blue for you which is so pretty this one is called ash oh we're calling it grey okay my cards are we're gonna call this grey which is perfect if you're getting this one it's like a dark grey next to that we have got this one is the coral pink so so pretty and then look at this brand-new print pineapples oh my goodness they are metallic rose gold pineapples with little polka dots and you've got this kind of creamy almost like a sherbert background so so cute these come in sizes 5 through 12 we do have half sizes stay true to size on these are gonna fit like a glove they get more comfy and stretch over time you've got all these great details we're gonna tell you all about it I want to welcome in our guests so we have Jenny Fung who is calling in to tell us about this iconic brand she'll be joining us in just a minute one of the things about Tom's is you can feel good purchasing them because they also give back there are many children out there who are in need of shoes who maybe are enjoying their first pair of shoes that they can call their own thanks to the Tom's brand and that's one of the things that's been a backbone and a cornerstone to this brand so when you purchase these you can definitely feel good about that on top of getting an absolutely adorable super comfortable shoe and I mentioned this is their classic it's called the ALP regatta so it's just a little slip-on it's a great canvas style too really breathable very very soft one of the things that Tom's is known for too is having that little v of stretch right on the top that's how you know you're getting the real deal there's been a lot of imposters out there trying to do what Tom's does the foot bed by the way genuine suede super super soft and breathable you do get arch support in these as well so when you're wearing them you're nice and comfy with that great canvas though it's like wearing a sock that just molds to your foot underneath you've got great traction here so it's gonna be very practical while you have them on but you'll notice that they start to contour to your feet and that's why they're so beloved these are a huge customer pick as well the gray is really really pretty I'm kind of loving the pink coral though and I love the stripe design on the inside this is so fresh for spring and summer we have the navy blue we also have them in natural I'm so happy we have all the colors right now for you we have the classic black if you'd like a pop of color what could be better than this red and then that print that is by far the most popular it is brand new you have not seen it yet it's called pineapple and you've got rose gold pineapples with little polka dots and like a sherbert color in the background we do have all of the sizes available at the moment it's 5 through 12 with half sizes and one of the things if you've never worn Tom's stay true to size so whatever you'd normally wear go ahead and get them you slip these on and there'll be super comfy over time they'll stretch and give where you need it and it will feel like you're wearing a pair of socks but with arch support and comfort all right so we do have Jenny on the line now seven and a half years jenny has been with Tom's she knows all the ins and outs of these shoes and the great things that this company stands for so Jenny I'm really honored to have you on the line with me welcome in hi thank you so much for having me so much sorry for the technical difficulties me too and we're so so happy to welcome Tom's back to HSN and we went big because we wanted to bring the iconic the classic tell me about this style so this is our most popular and iconic style the Tom's classic I'll forgot us so it is our tried and true our bread-and-butter and really the shoe that started also if you don't know anything about Tom's we are actually a giving company and what that meant in the beginning was we were one for one company where for every pair of shoes we sold we would give a pair away to a child in need one for one many years later now we have from the help of our customers and the feedback from people like you we are supporting new and important in different causes so we can even we can bring even more in touch and in touch even more live so I don't know if they know if you still just slide already but we've impacted over ninety six point million lives it's incredible so we are so excited to bring this classic to you and feedback on HSN well we are honored to do it as well that is I mean really making a difference in the world and on top of that getting something that's super stylish and that has stood the test of time because it's classic styling it almost looks like a loafer sneaker hybrid and then don't be deceived by how simple it looks because you actually get a lot of comfort features as well absolutely so if you can see the top is got a little bit of an elastic core and that notch is really for a perfect fit so when you slide your foot in that elastic stretches and it really is able to form to your foot and then this is our you know this shoe is so comfortable and you can wear it all day I've worn it to Disneyland multiple times in live in California but I visit frequently and it is the perfect shoe to slip on wear all day go on errands walk your dog and even where in the house it's the perfect oh yeah that's a great point and I cannot stop with these pineapples this is a brand new print you guys are always bringing us fun whimsical looks but if you want to get the pineapple it's the first time you guys are getting to see it which is so exciting I want to thank you so much again Jenny for calling in and joining us for this that we're so happy to have you can't wait to see more from Tom's as well yeah can't wait to be back have a good night stay safe okay all right guys don't forget smart deal temporary kind of like a today's special so it's a fantastic value but it will not last forever so if you'd like to get these use our flexpay $8.

30 will get them home it's free shipping and handling right now and you know you're doing something for a good cause all at the same time it's definitely a win-win all right we've got more coming at this hour for you just a reminder if you're needing some things for your time around the house we do have a section called home checklist on our web cite everything in our home checklist will ship to your door for free so we have cleaning supplies we have food and beverage entertainment needs office needs maybe you want some exercise equipment it's all there so definitely take a look right when you go to our website you'll see a big banner that says home checklist and if not you can always search that in the search bar and you will find everything broken down by category we've got fantastic deals and as I mentioned everything they're shipping to you for free so definitely take a look because we're all at home more we want to make it a little bit easier for you while you're there ok so another giant brand in the show tonight life stride now this is a brand that's all about they call it 24/7 dressing meaning you could literally wear their shoes for 24 hours and still be comfortable it's all about comfort support flexibility those are the cornerstones of this huge national brand and we're bringing you an adorable style that is at a price point we've actually never done before this is called the Heidi it's a perforated wedge I have slipped this on and you forget you even are wearing them because they are so so lightweight so soft you've got great stretch here you actually just slip your feet right inside of these and you've got all these great little laser-cut details which is a fun fashion design but it also keeps your feet nice and cool while you wear them this is a 3 inch high cork wrapped wedge heel so you're gonna get the height that you would love from a heel but because it's a wedge you get some stability while you wear them great colors to choose from this one is called blush and it's like a very very light neutral for you it's also the most popular and the most limited right now if you'd like to get it we do have a darker color here called mushroom so it's like a brownish grayish taupe kind of color mushroom is the perfect explanation for that so so soft too oh my goodness even on the inside here so that's mushroom and then we have it available for you in black sizing on this is 5 through 11 we have half sizes and we have medium or wide width remember comfort brand' here so they want to make sure that you're getting the perfect fit you've got this great stretch detail on the straps in the back which you don't even notice it just blends right in so when you put these on you've got plenty of give and you just slip your foot right in and you're good to go a great contoured footbed too by the way and it's this soft soft microfiber type lining on the bottom lightweight you've got plenty of traction on the bottom when you're wearing these out forty-five dollars and forty four cents look at our flex pay nine dollars and change we'll get these home I have got Danielle Kalish and joining me right now with life stride Danielle welcome in how's your night going so far it's good how are you looks so great my feet feel fantastic I love that we can get the height like this in the most comfortable shoes oh these feel fantastic am i right yes I know and you really they I feel like people especially looking at these on air things that they're higher than they really are you know when you've got them on they just have a great feel to them and they feel so low and comfortable they have a great pitch and a lot of comfort built in there's a footbed no-life stride this is another brand I'm so happy that we have here now at HSN a very well-known name for a lot of people out there and it's all about comfort right yes exactly we've been around for almost 80 years and it's always been known as a comfort brand but it's also been known to give the latest styles and trends and now more than ever we just really don't want our customer to sacrifice having fashion and comfort all in the same same style same brand we want you to have it both and not have to sacrifice so what we through the style of this one because there's a lot happening with the perforations I love the great cutouts I mean it's really really stylish yeah so we wanted to give this little perforated detail so you can see your foot through the top but it does a lot of great foot coverage so it's a great transitional style right now well we're all kind of in this weather where it's not quite all the way flat all open summer sandals but you're ready to get out of boots and sneakers so a lot of great foot coverage and again you mentioned the stretch yes on this both sides we're all about versatility and easy on and off so we don't want you fussing with buckles and straps so it's just an easy slip on style I really love about it and let's talk technology too because that's another big part of the life stride brand you can't see it but you'll definitely feel it and what's happening technologically speaking when we slip these shoes on yeah so we call our technology saw system and really to simplify it what it's doing is offering you support flex and cushion and a lot of stability so what we map tests all of our shoes so that we make sure that wherever the pressure points are on your foot when we're testing it we can see where those are and we can add more flexibility in the outsole so it moves with you or more cushioning and padding where it's needed in the mall at the foot or the heel and in this particular shoe we have a lot of foam and padding because of the built in footbed so you're really gonna feel like you're sitting on the soft like pillowy tight material I I will say when I slip them on I was really surprised because if you at first this was just on a shelf you didn't know what brand it was you saw this out of shoe store first of all you would think it's gonna be super heavy right so lightweight you would never think you would have this kind of flexibility in a shoe that I mean it's so deceiving and the height that 3 inches is perfect because it's a wedge so you don't even feel like you're wearing any kind of height so it really is the ultimate in comfort and absolutely adorable yeah actually surprisingly it's the number one shoe that I see for our brand in airports know somewhere where you're walking a lot and standing a lot you surprised people are wearing a wedge but it's that comfortable oh my gosh Danielle thank you so much for calling and if you're ordering it's 5 through 11 half sizes medium and wide widths stay true to size on these get them home for 9 bucks and change and try them out for full 90 days before you have to decide if you'd like to keep them or not we are getting very very close to midnight which means it's almost a new day which means almost a new today's special and if you want a little sneak peek Adam Freeman is standing by right now to show us what's coming up Adam what do you got Oh miss Shelley also means time for a midnight snack or maybe a midnight feast more appropriate midnight tonight we've got it the hottest kitchen gadget in America no scratch that the hottest kitchen gadget in the world today it's the ninja foodie folks we're gonna grill we're gonna bake we're gonna air fry we're gonna dehydrate we're gonna do all quickly and easily exclusive value the lowest price ever if you've seen the commercials and the adverts you've seen this on TV we have got it for you tonight look we're at home we're cooking more on than we've ever done before we're certainly not going out to restaurants let's get something in the house in the kitchen there's easy breezy and tasty and also you know the favorites the comfort food I'm eating a lot our comfort foods right now oh my gosh the good news is when you use this I mean you use this as an air fryer less calories less fat none of the bad oil it's brilliant but again the flavors of an outdoor grill inside no heat no snow no mosquitoes no hassles no flare-ups okay now my mouths watering and I've got burgers I've got steaks I've got wings all about a midnight Michelle back to you okay I definitely know where I'm going when this hour is over because I want in on the burgers oh my goodness so that's coming up but before we do that we're gonna have another look at this crazy smart deal we have this on the list a couple hours ago blew through thousands of them so I just want to let you know already the two colors the Aqua and I believe we're calling this watermelon those are gonna be the most limited we have fewer than 300 of those available for you we have white gray and black what are these all about well this is from a truck so this is a third-generation brand that started out making custom orthotics for foot doctors out there they still make orthotics to this day but now they build super fashionable shoes around that orthotic so every shoe that you pick up from a Trax has an orthotic built-in so think about that when it comes to arch support alignments your feet your calves your back your legs everything feels fantastic while you wear these and it's the perfect summer sandal it's waterproof they float they're squishy they're flexible they're lightweight they're normally 59.

99 35 dollars and ninety cents for you if you use a flex payment six dollars and 98 cents is gonna get these homes so I'm gonna tell you all about the colors and the sizing Laura Baker is joining us via Skype to tell us technology I just want you to know if you want to get them do not hesitate we have sizes five through 11 whole sizes only if you're in-between go up a size and when it comes to the features built into a flip-flop alone normally it's a flimsy little piece of plastic look what you're getting here shock absorbing material reducing stress on your feet there's a really soft toe post so if you thought you couldn't wear a toe post you absolutely can it's squishy and ergonomically designed your feet just slide right in they don't slide around while you're wearing them you're gonna absolutely love these if you already own them you know what a great deal this is a smart deal is temporary though so get this in these are all exclusive colors to us at HSN they're beautiful soft matte summer colors in the watermelon and the Aqua these are your most limited if you'd like to get some neutrals though we have those available as well we have this beautiful white all-white perfect right now for this time of year we have gray next to that one it's a nice dark gray and then we also have it available for you in black do not hesitate on these Laura welcome in I'm so happy to hi yo sure we were gonna at least lose these two on the list because it was on fire I was really surprised as well you know but when you think about it it makes a lot of sense because at Atrix we are actually the number one as far as selling orthotics in the entire world we have sold more orthotic insole and more thought exile shoes than any other brand in the world and the reason why is because these are our actual orthotics that you would slide into a close toed shoes but of course you're not able to do that with a sandal right and definitely not with a flip-flop these are $60 and we sell them by the tens and tens of thousands all day long right well now we're able to bring you all of that same support all of that technology but it's actually built in to a great waterproof flip-flop but you can just slide and go outside the house anywhere you want it's crazy practicality and wean we do this every time we have a truck so we've got Donna here she's got some marker drawn on her foot so what we're saying and why we're seeing this yeah we didn't just let the kids go to town we actually forgot line there on purpose you can see the line the circle is where her ankle is and notice how her line is curving in the thumb is actually an over pronator so if you've ever been to a podiatrist and he said oh you overpronate are you under pronate it means your ankles are turning in or they're turning out the majority of us do the over pronation okay which is what you're seeing here with Donna when you overpronate the problem is is that this creates other issues within our body okay it's not just that it looks a little off-kilter it actually hurts your heels and maybe you could have plantar fasciitis then you've thought about oh my gosh you never realized it or if you have burning in the front of your feet but it goes up into your ankles and in your knees yes you leave the lower back and even your shoulders so when our foundation of our home isn't good it starts to affect the rest of us right and so when you slide it into the shoe because we have so much support built in to this flip-flop from Atrix of the feet look at how much difference that makes you notice how that curved line all of a sudden just went perfectly straight Wow yeah cuz of the support that's built into the shoe we have the arch support we have a heel cup support we have metatarsal padding all of that built in and you would never know it because it just looks like a cute but a feminine shoe it really truly does and it's amazing to seeing that demonstration this is why these shoes do so well for those of you out there who do have the issues that we've mentioned right but also outside of that if you have no foot problems at all you still want a shoe like this because this is how you go all day long without feeling the burning and your heels or they aching in your back I mean this is it's so important because our feet are the foundation of everything else like you said so whether you have foot issues or not you're gonna find that these are so comfortable they're absolutely adorable and we've got these great summertime colors and at a price like this I mean even just your basic run-of-the-mill flip-flops could cost you that and then some and these have an actual orthotic built into the shoe yet they are so lightweight and flexible you can just hose these down you could wear them right into the water I mean you could wipe them down with a disinfectant couldn't you you absolutely could they're actually antibacterial as well and you can very easily clean them too so that's the great thing about it 100% waterproof there for you all of the colors are really fun you know Michelle I'm sure at the end of many days sometimes you get home and you want to kick your shoes off it's a very nice thing what I do right well the last thing we want to do is actually walk around our home barefoot because then it's still not relieving the pressure off of our feet first of all at the Atrix cute shoes which we have lots of adorable style than HSN available on Comm you don't even want to kick off but maybe you can't wear this flip-flops to your normal work day and you're probably not going to wear it to a wedding but when you get home these are great to be able to just slide right into because they are so comfortable and they're relieving the pressure so when we talk about our feet our feet actually have the bones in our feet are 25% of the bones in our entire body okay they're all located just in our feet and there's a really important one that's called the subtalar joint now if you guys are able to see me or not but that subtalar joint lands right underneath your ankle and when you land that right underneath the ankle this is the beginning of your arch that subtalar joint is what rolls either in or out when we're walking as I was mentioning earlier well our arches actually start here under the ankle with the subtalar joint so what we visually think that the arches start further up in this and the shoe they actually start back here to the support that we're giving you because Atrix is completely an orthotic company designed by podiatrists they start their arch in the shoe look it's where you need support most right here in the back and then it continues to go through the entire shoe and as you can see it looks like a good amount of our support and it really is but I want you to know that it's really comfortable no matter if you have high arches like me or if you have lower arches and then support continues throughout this entire shoe the inside of the footbed is actually going to help prevent that plantar fasciitis there you can kind of see it when you look at the detail most on the bottom of this show you can see it and then even in the front this is the met pad so anybody who's beach light forward a lot or you feel a lot of burning and your foot this dual-density cushioning system right here is actually designed to help prevent that as well even all the way into the toes even the toe post is uniquely designed to because I think a lot of people would shy away from a toe post not realizing the way this one is designed even the way it's shaped it almost like whittles in in the middle you don't have any seams on the back or the sides in fact there's no seams anywhere on this it's like oh well Yee so comfy and I'm telling you guys day in and day out you were gonna find these for $60 plus this is a global brand and people know and love them for that custom orthotic that is built into every single shoe how would you ever put an orthotic into a sandal you couldn't just slip one in and if you could you'd spend $60 just on the orthotic alone so to get it as a smart deal for six dollars and 98 cents on a flex pay is such an opportunity and you know we're all saying home more get them and wear them as a house shoe for just a day and see what we're talking about if you have tile or hardwood you know what happens the the balls of your feet your heels your back everything starts to hurt get these home and try them out we have a 90 day return policy we do not have 90 days on this price smart deals are temporary don't spend $60 once this goes away try it out because Laura you're gonna be wearing these at home and you're gonna notice oh my goodness I get some bounce back they're so light weights and you've got it floating in water there forgive me this is water it's floating on top so that's the important part that you can understand that it's lightweight but also you can easily just dip this so if it's raining or if you want to wear this to the pool or you want to do some gardening inside of it you don't have to worry about these getting wet because they are entirely waterproof and the water just beads right off the other thing that I love is that especially important right now I don't know about you but I'm trying to wear shoes that I can easily wash at home I don't like to bring much into the house so these are very easy you know obviously they're anti antibacterial to begin with and then on top of that you can feel free to spray them with any cleaners or just wash them with soap and water as well so with them your course getting no matter what color you have they all have that dual density cushioning system you can see the support built into the bottom here this is for that plantar fasciitis is for the heel pain that you're feeling this is the met pad so anybody who has metatarsal burning in for the front and the other thing to about flip-flops is a lot of times Michelle you've probably done this haven't bought a pair of flip-flops and you crunch to your toes and are in the truck it's the moment the cling that you do when you walk did yeah absolutely so you'll start to notice that you out your feet are actually laying out through there getting the support that they're supposed to get but your toes are actually flattened straight yeah because your heel is supported it's not going to move there is like a little heel cut on the rack here it's gonna stay in place because we have this glorious you know a lot of flip-flops don't have any support built in this has the support and the arch it has it in the heel cup it has a met pad you can barely see it but there's a little bump a tiny one right here that's the met pad and that actually helps to support your foot and keep it from sliding forward to gives you more comfort inside of there you will actually feel these in the metatarsal area as well and all the way into the toe area so even your toes are comfy when you're wearing it is it's seriously an experience if you've never tried these it will blow your mind I'm not even kidding because especially with something like a flip-flop Laura we just normally it's like a flat piece of plastic a couple of straps it's like a one season thing these are durable they're comfortable there's an orthotic built into them if you're just joining us this is a trucks this is a third-generation company they started out making custom orthotics for actual foot doctors and doctors offices and now they've taken that as you can see on your screen and billed to this fantastic shoe around it right Laura exactly right we're an American company we are headquartered here in New Jersey we have been around since 1946 started by orthopedic doctors and we continue to have the three sons now further down the generation are all podiatry and of course they were all now running this company too so their whole thought process is that they want to bring us some shoes that aren't just comfortable because years ago I don't know about you I've had foot problems for years and had terrible plantar fasciitis and when I started that problem looking for shoes that were cute we're not comfortable and comfortable was not use so their entire goal is to be able to give us something that's fashionable that nobody has any idea that there's that secret technology hidden inside this shoe because you argued your orthotic but they don't have any idea because they just think that you're wearing an adorable flip-flop and asking you where you got it right so Bora while I have you first of all the colors that we have you can see well over fifty three hundred of these sold already smart deals or temporaries so this price I mean nearly half off for you to get it home we have the Aqua the watermelon the gray the white and the black let's talk sizing real quick because it's whole sizes only 5 through 11 so what do I do if I'm in-between it besides us so it's really easy they're very comfortable they're totally true to size and if you're an in-between size you size up and by the way one of the really nice things that they're doing right now – is that a trip is actually donating tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of pairs of our orthotic shoes there is similar to this one it's actually we have a clog if available on hsn.

com – and we're donating that to first responders and medical care workers around the United States right now and so you know everything that we can do in order to help make even more of those shoes go out the door we would last amazing thank you so so much Lori you guys make you on this smart deal while we have it I had a great time shopping with everybody tonight I hope you found something that you loved but don't go anywhere if you're feeling a little bit hungry it's time for a new today's special adam freeman's gonna take you shopping with our best value of the day here we go Oh Michelle you're gonna be so jealous I got some juicy steaks that I'm cooking it's only taking me 10 minutes to get them to absolute perfection folks this is it this is the number one selling hottest kitchen gadget in America today it's the ninja foodie and right now on HSN we're about to launch a Best Buy deal that is the best we've ever been able to do we're gonna be able to grill to roast we're gonna be able to bake reading be able to dehydrate all the flavors of the outdoor grill inside or the fun and also all the eating starts right here right now.