HOW TO STYLE BAGGY JEANS | Casual Streetstyle & Dressy! Christine Le

hello friends welcome back to my channelif you're new welcome my name is christine today we're gonna do a how tostyle baggy jeans lookbook i feel like baggy jeans can besuch a vibe you can style them casually with sneakers or dress them up withheels i wanted to show off

a pair of kasubi jeans that iwear all the time that you've seen all over my instagram and previous lookbooksand i also have a new pair that kasubi actually sent me this video is notsponsored but i also thought it would be a fun idea to show you different ways

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and without further ado let'sgo ahead and get is started me fart trying to take a deep breath but i justcan't control my lungs it's a funny situationthat i got myself i think i like like it to lose make it look easy it's not all in my head it's

a funny situationthat i got myself into i can help my own frustration cause i think it i think i think i like it um so the first pair of jeans i want tostyle is the kasubi playbacks i'm obsessed with these these have thelike leg tears and some of

the distressingaround the knees as well every time i wear them i get like 15questions at least i have both of my jeans in asize 25 these are ultra ultra high waisted likeprobably the most high-waisted jeans i have but they fit me so beautifully ifeel like these jeans are

almost made for me i'm five six and125 pounds so i have a little bit more of an athletic build don't have thatwaist gap or anything like that they're super long and baggy and i feel likethey're super versatile they fit me perfect and i wanted tostyle these with a

more like cooler vibe so i did style them with myair jordan ones and i do have a video abouthow i style my jordan ones if you haven't seen that yet i'll go ahead andlink it up in the corner i wanted to pair it with a baggy t-shirt and

kind ofjust have like the cool girl laid back vibes the tea that i styledwith this outfit is actually a vintage harley-davidson tee and i actually stolethis from brandon's closet we love picking up oversized vintagetees at like flea markets and thrift shops and i do have a video about

how istyle oversized tees as well so definitely check out that video if youhaven't already i love a good basic graphic tee becausei feel like it helps to elevate an outfit it's better than justlike a plain t-shirt i like that the logo kind of makes the outfit a littlebit

more interesting i have another top here from ariza and this is just a superpretty t-shirt blouse situation i love this top so much i have it in twodifferent colors but it kind of has like puffy balloon sleeves i alsolove the color it's a beautiful like bone cream colorit's

also cropped and i feel like cropped long sleeves are one of the mostflattering tops on my body type since these jeans are longand baggy i feel like a crop top was a really nice contrastand i also paired with it these heels these heels are from revolve and they'rethese

long lace-up heels from the brand ray ibelieve they're sold out on their website but go ahead and link similaroptions for you and one thing that i've been loving todo is lace up my heels over my jeans and i first saw this oninstagram like a year ago and i

was like that isgonna be a trend for sure it's so unique and kind of a fun way todress up baggy jeans but you're still able to show off the shoesplus i feel like with the distressed jeans and the lace-up heels i feel likeit was a really cool contrast

super casual but alsodressy at the same time i feel like it's very versatile look plays really nicelywith the proportions makes my legs look ultra long which ilove for the next outfit i kind of wanted tochannel a more like tomboy boyish vibe and i actually styledthe same playback jeans

with a oversized hoodiefrom essentials i got this hoodie not too long ago and i love it it's soplush and thick it has quickly become one of my mostfavorite hoodies i got it in size medium and i was debating between getting amedium and large and i'm glad i got

a medium because it issuper oversized i love the way that this looks paired with the jeansif it's just like a lot of bulk for you you can always like tuck in one cornerof the hoodie or tuck the hoodie into itself so it has alittle bit more of a

like cropped feel with that outfit i actually paired itwith these new shoes that i got and these are actually from fear of god i'mobsessed with these i actually ended up picking these up for a really good deali was looking at getting the black and white jordan ones for

a while but ididn't want to spend like four or five times original price iinstead opted for these fear god shoes brandonhas these same exact shoes and he loves them i love how cool they look i lovehow chunky they are and i feel like they would pairreally well with

shorts skinny jeans with baggy jeans with my kasubi jeansthere's actually two different ways that you can style them you can either pullthe jeans over top of the shoe or you can kind oftuck the jeans into the shoes a little bitsince these are almost kind of like a boot

like these are much more high risethan my air jordan ones are i ended up tucking the jeans into the shoe and ilove how cool they look and especially pairedwith the oversized hoodie i just look likehypebeast but in a good way the next pair of jeans i styled i'm

actuallywearing them right now but they're also another pair of playbacks like i said atthe beginning this video kasubi actually reached out and they sent metwo pairs of jeans and i freaked out because i love kasubi jeans so theygifted me this pair of jeans and i wanted to style

them because i feel likethey are so unique these are also ultra high waistedsuper flattering on and these have a slightly different wash than my otherdistressed playbacks i feel like they're the perfect light washjean i also love that they're long and baggy and they have a little slitat the

bottom i feel like it's a really unique look and it'sperfect if you wanted to show off a pair of shoes with these jeans i wanted tostyle with it this bustier top from auritzia which i'mobsessed with it's super fitted super cropped and i feel like it's reallyflattering on and

i wanted to show off these shoesthese are actually gifted to me from a brand called aloha and this is actuallya new brand i'm obsessed with these shoesi posted a little sneak preview on my instagram stories the slit of the jeansreally shows off the shoes which i love it's

a really good like simple outfitbut there's enough details that make it really stand out you know what i meanwith that top i wanted to pair with it this leather jacketaritzia also sent me a package of some new goodies and i'm so excited to belike continually working with them

because you guys knowi'm the biggest fan of orizzia and so they sent over this likefaux leather button-up shirt but i love that it's solong and oversized it's almost kind of like a shirtjacket a jacket if you will i love the way that this looks with the outfitbecause i

feel like it just really ties everything together it makes it afun like day to night look next outfit that i put together isanother bodysuit from arizia i didn't realize i had somuch of itsy in here but what can i say i'm an addict this is a babbatonbodysuit from

maritzia and i love this because it's kind of like a high necksituation kind of like a muscle t almost but the color of thisis so stunning i have another pair of shoes here from aloha that are theselike gorgeous square toe brown heels and i knew iwanted to wear

these so i wanted to play off of the like browntones and i feel like these two paired so beautifully together especially withthe light washings i feel like it is so impactful i'm obsessed with these shoesand i love that they have a gold chain because it just makes them

so much moredressier looking the square toe also makes them look ultra expensive whichyou guys know i love and these are also supercomfortable because the heel is not that tallto play off the brown tones even further i paired with it thisblazer and this blazer is also from eritsia this

is theagency blazer i believe from babiton i'll go ahead and list the sizing forall the pieces down below as well but i justlove the way that all these colors pulled together last outfit that i puttogether is kind of like younger looking it'sperfect if you are still in school

and want something that islike school appropriate or if you just want to look super cute and casual ipaired with it this t-shirt from everlane and i love a goodbasic white t-shirt i recently have been reaching moretowards like basic things and making outfits around my basicsinstead of like intricate

blouses and like one-offthings i love kind of just dressing up basic itemsboth of these jeans i have from kasuy are a size 25 and they fit me perfectbut when you first get them they're gonna feel super tight andsuper snug because they're so high-waisted but i promise the more

youwear them the more they're gonna loosen up and they're gonna fitperfect the playbacks are just like one of my favorite fits of all timewith this plain t-shirt and the jeans i feel like it was a little bit more onthe plainer side so i did pair with it a

black bandana this bandana here wasgifted to me from a hair brand so i don't know if youcan actually purchase this but i did find some similar options onetsy that i'll link for you guys especially if you feel like you'rewearing something kind of plain and you just want to

throwsomething on to help make it a little bit more interesting and then with thatoutfit i styled with it these coils and these are my platform biancas i lovethese because they're kind of like a chunky but still very minimalistic shoei love how clean looking they are i lately have

been wearing my air forceones and jordan ones so often that i wanted to challenge myself to weardifferent shoes because i have so many of my collections i threw overa gray cardigan on top and this is the knit cardigan from aboutique brandon's mom actually gave me this so i

don't know where it's from buti'll go ahead and link other options for you guysi've been loving cardigans lately especially with a goodpair of jeans it really can tie everything togetherso those are the outfits i put together and some of my favorite ways to stylebaggy jeans i hope you

guys enjoyed this video ifyou did make sure you hit the thumbs up buttonalso make sure you follow me on instagram and tick tock and you willmost likely see these outfits on there as wellthat is all for today's video thank you so much for watching and i will see

youin my next video bye pretty pretty