How To Style A Petite Body Type / Short Torso

Hello and welcome to StyleSaturday so I started this short style series because I was getting somany frustrated ladies writing in and saying like how do I do this how do Iwear this how do I fix this issue and so I thought instead of replyingindividually to everyone I thought I'd start the style series and respond toyou because I think that many of us have the same frustrations so today's frustration comes fromJennifer and she writes in “I have a short torso I have a hard timefinding tops please help with this issue” Jennifer i feel your pain because I havea short torso myself and so anytime I go shopping I get these topsthat are way too long now with t-shirts I'll give you a quicksolution but it is a little tougher when it comes to sweaters so I have anothersolution for you there all right so what happens is that whenyou have a short torso, basically you have a shorter torsolonger legs and most clothing designers are designing for women that have abalanced body shape but I'm saying most, not all.



we stillhave hope ladies so if you do have a short torso what youwant to opt for is to shop in the petite section for tops now you might be likefive nine and have a short torso and you stillmight consider looking at petite tops because that waythey are made for a shorter torso woman now if you're tryingto elongate your short torso then of course you dowant to wear longer tops and asymmetrical tops however for me personally what my struggle is is that I don't necessarilywant to make my torso look longer Ijust want to create a balanced body.

So once againshop in the petite section for tops even if you're not petite.

The next tip I want to share with you is to opt for cropped tops.

yeah I know you're not a 15 year old trying to show off her tummyif you have a short torso you're actually not going to show your tummybecause the top is already going to be on the longish side so it's more likethat cropped top for you and I is the same asfor somebody that has more of like abalanced torso so I have a lot of cropped tops myself andthey fit me perfectly and then I don't have to necessarily do all those tricks that I'm about to share with younext.

Now if you do already have a lot of longer tops and you're like what do I dowith this of course you can have them tailored andhemmed I've had many of my tops taken up just so that they are notall bunchy when I tuck them into my jeans but you could also do the side kind of knot trick so that's one thingor you could actually take the entire shirt fold it under and tuck it intoyour bra and most likely it'll fit you kind oflike more like a cropped top and it's not constantly coming out the other strugglethat's for real with us ladies that do have that shorter torsois that the cool trendy high-waisted jeans don'tnecessarily look super flattering on us because it looks like weare wearing a boob on a shelf right and so what I've figured out for the rise of jeans is you could still weara high-waisted jean but pay attention to the rise of maybe like a nine inch nine and a half don't go over a 10, 11, 12 rise because it's going to just look waytoo high on you so a nine and a halfis a really nice rise for most of us if you want to learn more onhow to dress for your body shape you'll want to check out the dress yourshape body shape guide that I have down below it'll help you calculate your body shape and then I also have suggestions foreach body shape for you there you can alsojoin me for my Friday style session where I am talking aboutfit fabric silhouettes and how to dressfor the body shape you have now all right I hope you found value in thisvideo thank you so much for watching hit thethumbs up and subscribe button and follow me overon instagram where I'm sharing with you daily tips tricks and lots of things in my stories thank you again so much for watchingbe sure to leave a comment for me below maybe there's something that I didn't mention that would also be helpful or you could also share with meany of your style struggles in the comments section and I'll be sureto answer either here in my style minute or in my Friday stylesession thank you again so much for watching and I'll see you next time on Ada Style Minute.