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I'm Kirby Allison thank you for allyour comments and questions that you guys have posted on our YouTube channelafter reading them all and answering as many as possible I've selected five thatwe're gonna feature in today's Q&A video each of these individuals I haveselected will receive a complimentary pair of our Wellington shoelaces as atoken of our appreciation for their participation and our channel in today'sQ&A video we're gonna be answering your questions about Suede Care so our firstquestion today is from Jade Chung and it reads how does a Suede eraser work is itnot just vibration so a great question Jay there's really two different typesof products you need for you know the regular or daily maintenance of Suede sothat's not including any of your cleaners or conditioning sprays one ofthem is a good Suede brush that's gonna help you you know really get into theNAP and and clean any dirt that's gotten into the Suede itself now we sell avariety of Suede brushes you know here at Kirby Allison's Hanger Project thisone is a brass bristle with a little bit of synthetic bristles on the edge soldby severe now but we also have a beautiful boar bristle natural bristlebrush that we sell that's my favorite there's a Crepe brush that you can usethat is going to be a little bit more gentle than something like a steelbristle brush this is especially useful for something like a new buck which is amuch finer Suede but then you have the gum it in Suede eraser and so this is areally unique product that is used for dry stains it looks just like an eraserand if you have anything that is you know fallen onto your Suede and driedlike any type of food or I don't know maybe some hard dirt or something that'sdifficult to get off now this is a great product so you might not be able to seethis in the video but here's a small little you know kind of embedded stainso you know I could try it first with the Suede brushand you know that got the small one this one right next to it's still there sofor the Suede eraser you're just gonna work that in to the map just like youwould you know a pencil eraser honestly and what this does is these small kindof rough you know particles in the Suede eraser get into the Suede and shouldpull whatever that off is on there off now you'll see it does leave a residueof the eraser behind but this just brushes up you know really easily andyou can see I really kind of have removed for the most part what was thereso the Suede eraser you know isn't an essential part of Suede care but it'scertainly a nice product to have here's another stain you know right here youknow as you can see I'm using the Suede brush it really doesn't get that off sothe next step would then be to use the Suede eraser and again you want to thinkof the Suede eraser not as a daily care but is really more of kind of like aspot treatment occasional care so I'm gonna work this into the Suede for thoseof you that are wondering what shoe I'm using this is a pair of my AlfredSergeant cap toe Oxford semi brogues beautiful shoe dark brown Suede can Iget so much use out of this but as you can see that's helped and a furtherremove that spot it's certainly less and less noticeable you still can see itthere a little bit you know the next step to really get into this might beused to use this severe immunity Yount Suede shampoo which is really kind ofthe next step but this is great at kind of removing those really difficult toget embedded stains our next question today is from BenjaminSchnell and it's on our video on how to waterproof Suede shoes and this is thetype of comment that I just absolutely love reading it just validateseverything that we're doing on our youtube channel and really brings asmile to me and it reads I've avoided suede shoesof the care my next shoes I purchase will be suede I think you should do avideo on leather briefcase care which we've done and a presidential briefcaseshine so great suggestions and you know what I love about this comment is thatyou know a lot of people shy away from wearing Suede shoes because they don'tknow how to care for Suede they think you know a Suede shoes get dirty reallyquickly and after a year of regular use my Suede shoes look terrible and I haveto throw them away so why would I invest in a really high-quality pair of suedeshoes and that couldn't be any farther from the truthyou know Suede shoes are some of the easiest shoes to care for the beauty ofSuede is that you can't scuff it you know so if you're traveling and youknow kick the seat in front of you or if someone steps on your shoe you're notgonna ruin Suede the same way that calf skin can be easily ruined throughabrasion so Suede in many ways is a much more durable material than calf skin andfor that it's very long lasting and hard wearing now Suede is incredibly easy tocare for if you can wash your hair at the end of the day you can take care ofSuede shoes I mean the most important things are one regular brushing with theSuede brush now a tip on this is that if you don't have a Suede brush you can useany type of short bristled shoeshine brush anything that has a bristle that'sgonna really get into the Suede you know get any type of embedded dirt out andfluff that nap is is essential for daily care and then from a regular occasionalcare it's essential to use a Suede shampoo now Suede shampoo like thesevere Omni Nettoyant is a miracle worker it can take an incredibly dirtyworn pair of Suede shoes and totally revitalize it I can't overstate howeffective a suede shampoo is at taking care of suede shoes it's you know cantake a pair that you'd throw away and really bring them totally back to lifeso you know regular shampooing you know a few times a year or at least wheneveryour shoes are looking really dirty I will really go a long way to allowingyou to wear a pair of Suede shoes for yearsif not decades and it's incredibly easy to use I mean you just put some of thisin a bowl we have a nice large deluxe Dabra that makes it very easy to quicklyshampoo a pair of shoes rinse it under water you don't have to worry aboutgetting it wet it's certainly okay and then allow the shoes to dry and thenrepress you with a suede brush and there you are so we have an entire video youknow really detailing how to care for suede shoes that goes into great detailhow to use these products you know but really suede shoes should not besomething that intimidates you they're incredibly easy to care for they're veryversatile I love traveling with them I love wearing them whenever I'm out withmy kids and just because I don't have to stress about you know messing up myshine or having anyone step on my shoes so if you don't know para nice suededress shoes you know I would certainly encourage it our next question is fromAnton Bock and it's on the same how to waterproof suede shoes video and it saysdear mr.

Allison on the renovated on the renovating spray it says that it alsocauses the material in this case suede to become water repellent would you saythat the renovate or spray is and not enough and that the severe supernovasshould be applied so there's two different products at aerosols that arereally dedicated to kind of advanced suede care and here at kirby allisontanker project you know these two products really go a long way towardsyou know advanced suede care if you will now they're different products so thisis the severe rent of a tour for suede and new buckand this is the severe supernova now the severe renovating spray you know youwant to think of this as an alternative you know to you know basically apomander cream polish now this has an almond oil in it it's gonna help nourishthe suede it's gonna renew the the nice soft patina or the slight shine that youget on a beautiful pair of suede shoes and then what's nice is that it alsocomes with various and various colors now it's not as many colors is with thesevere pomodoro queen polish but the pigment helps renew the the colorsaturation and a pair of suede shoes now i think there's a three or fourdifferent colors we have and you want to think of this is not really needing tobe an exact match but close match because the pigment and thisbecause it's an aerosol is really transparent and so it's not gonna changethe color of suede shoes it's really just gonna merely tint the color andbring in you know kind of that background any type of fading you mighthave so I recommend the renovating spray really for regular maintenance I meanevery you know a few months take your shoes and into the garage or outsidespray it down it's gonna help you know again you know really nourish the suedekeep it soft and supple it's gonna renew that nice soft little shine and it'salso gonna help you know bring it back the color a little bit now this mightprovide a little bit of waterproofing but really you know the waterproofingproduct that we sell is the supernova now this is really great for high-endshoes because it doesn't contain any silicone products and just slow dryingnow you honestly want a slow drying waterproofer because if it dries tooquickly before it has an opportunity to soak into the suede it can cause whiterings to form and so any type of you know nano protector or any type ofreally you know Scotch Guard or anything that you would find commonly at thestore you know that dries in minutes you absolutely do not want to use that on areally high quality pair of shoes now what's nice about the supernova is thatit really had a waterproof anything I mean you could spray it on your calfskin shoes if you wanted to and you can also use it on fabric slippers you knowI use it on my son's boots so this is a great product and this is really gonnaprovide that water protection that is so necessary for really any pair of shoesbut especially suede shoes because unlike calf skin you're not putting anywax on top of the suede so it's not gonna get any of that waterproofing youknow that a cream or a wax polish would traditionally Perry bring a pair of calfskin shoes so I highly recommend it it'll really again help help extend thelifetime of your shoes another great property of the severe supernova is thatit's not permanent now that might seem a little bit of counter intobut you want this to wear off so once the water stops beating on top of thesuede it just means that the product is worn off and you want to reapply it nowthe reason that's important is that I've actually sprayed this of what is it thethe turaga nano protector on a pair of suede Cheka boots I would never use iton any of my fine suede shoes but you know on a pair of boots that you knowwearing to go hunting or something I've used to done and it's so effective thatwhenever I went to go clean the shoes using the Saffir omni that to me onsuede shampoo I couldn't even get the water back into the suede it was reallyincredible you know I had to take ammonia and on a cloth and rub the shoedown in order to pull the Saffir nano protector off so you know nana protectorit's a miracle worker it's great for like a pair of hiking boots but I wouldnever use it on a nice pair of shoes because it'll also prevent you fromgoing back over the shoes and properly shampooing them so another great thingabout all of our suede and nuba cleaning products that have two discussed herewith the exception of the brushes is that they can also be used on fabricslippers right so suede nubuck and textiles these are a pair of my fosterand sons grade slippers and you know I can shampoo these you know with thesevere Omni Netanyahu I can waterproof them with the super nova now youwouldn't use the renovating spray but again a lot of these suede products canbe used to clean fabric slippers also our next question today is from shin kuand it reads hi Kirby which between the CREP brush or the bristle brush wouldyou recommend for cleaning full grain leather shoes with a suede upper quarterinserts you know for example of Balmoral boots with suede inserts my Carminacordovan boots are exactly what you're talking aboutsince the suede quarters are sewn right next to the full grain leather how wouldyou clean and condition that section without impacting the full-grain leathersection so a great questions gets into a little bit of advanced suede care youknow first and foremost you know traditionally on a pair of dress bootslike that you have a much finer nap to the suede and so for that reason Ireally would recommend using a CREP rush over a bristle brush because it is goingto be much more gentle on that suede so any type of swatednubuck or any type of really fine swated caps can that again doesn't have youknow kind of a large larger kind of more robust at nap pattern you want to usethe crip brush this operates in much the same way where you're gonna brush thesuede and what's nice is because the gumminess of the the crip it actuallyhelps again pull some of that dirt off now in the same way that you wouldn'twant to use a shoeshine brush that you just buffed a pair of black shoes on alight brown pair of shoes with the crip press you really you know need one ofthese for your dark shoes and one of these for your light shoes i mean youwouldn't want to just clean a pair of dark brown suede shoes and then takethis same brush to a light brown curb shoes because you could get some dyedischarge onto that lighter colored pair of shoe so absolutely I would recommendgoing for a crip brush for any type of finer grained suede and then a bristlebrush now the next question with regard to cleaning is that you still couldshampoo you know the suede using and the Omni Netanyahu you just would need to bemore careful maybe you use a smaller bristled dauber to help you bettercontrol where that is you know I probably have like a small washcloth orsomething to help prevent this from getting onto the leather now this won'tdamage the leather but you just would want to keep that shampooing you knowreally onto the suede but I wouldn't worry too much because it again it won'tdamage the leather I mean in the same way that a saddle soap that wouldn'tdamage the leather and then if you want to use any of the sprays you know againyou could take a a washcloth and just simply place that on top of the thesmooth leather and then spray these products onto the swated part of yourshoe and that would work fine if you have any questions about that chin feelfree to ask them in the comment section below or post the pictures on instagramand tag us and that's another way I can provide some help to youour last question is from Paki and this is on our how to condition leather beltvideo where we conditioned and allen edmondscalfskin belt and it says that how would you clean a nubuck belt I have a nubuckbelt that's beautiful but if I ever get it wet it's ruined yeah I touched itwith wet hands once and it's still stained to this day anyway to renewsuede and new buck after getting it wet or would you just stand the whole itemwith water so that it matches so a great question you know I love new buck beltsyou know it's a beautiful soft kind of swated texture and again I would clean anew buck belt the same way that we really do our suede just with theexception that I would use a CREP brush you know to brush it but the Saffir omninetanyahu again it's safe for suede a new buck soyou know if you've ever discolored your belt because you got some oils on to itfrom your hands I honestly would just shampoo it with the Omni netanyahuand then brush the suede I mean you could always condition it using therelevant renovating spray and of course you could waterproof it with the superand over now all of these products would be completely safe to use on your newbuck belt so those would be my suggestions and I would bet that if youwere to actually try to use the sapir I mean Netanyahu you'd probably get thatstain that you left on the belt whenever you touched it off so feel freeto post some pictures on Instagram I'd love to see what you're talking aboutand let us know how these products worked in the comment section belowonce again I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their comments andquestions it's your engagement on our YouTube panel that make these Q&A videospossible not only do these Q&A videos give me an opportunity to answer ingreater depth a lot of the questions that I'm already answering but theyallow me to take a moment to just acknowledge my appreciation foreveryone's involvement in this channel I cannot overstate how much I'veabsolutely enjoyed this platform and how it's allowed me to connect more directlywith all of you I really have fun interacting with you all and answeringyour questions I read all those questions and commentspersonally and really do enjoy getting back to them as many as possible all ofthese products that we discussed in today's video can be found on KirbyAllison's hangar project and we appreciate your 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