How to Buy Glasses Online | EyeBuyDirect x Cortney Ewonus

everyone today I am so excited to befilming this video because it is an unboxing ever view of these littlebeauties from EyeBuyDirect so a little backstory, I don't personallyhave a prescription for glasses however I'd love to wear them as a fashionstatement or just as an accessory.

I think they're so cute and so much fun.

Ifound it really difficult to find good quality glasses that aren't either superexpensive or prescription glasses a lot of the non prescription glasses thatI've tried out the past a few have been really heavy or made of plastic and kindof just hard to see out of I guess so when I heard about EyeBuyDirect I was so excited that they had non prescription glasses.

Not only do they have clear lenses but they also have digital screen protection lenses.

I just think that's such a great idea in this digital age, so many of us are staring at screensall the time.

I know for me personally at work I'm in front with screen if I'mediting videos I'm staring at a screen for a long time even just looking at myphone and I never really thought to protect my eyes.

So EyeBuyDirect kindlysent me two pairs of glasses to try out which I have just so excited about, thequality is just unreal a guy can't wait to get into it.

So to start off I justwant to quickly talk about the EyeBuyDirect website and you haven't heard of EyeBuyDirect before they are an online glasses and sunglasses company.

They have over a thousand styles of both prescription and non-prescriptionglasses and I'm pretty sure they start at like $6, which is so awesome.

So with that many styles it may seem like it would be a little bitoverwhelming to change your pair of glasses but oh my goodness their sightis so easy friendly there are tons of resources in so much detail and justeverything is really easy to navigate.

One of the things that I really loved isthat you can virtually try on the glasses by uploading a selfie so Idefinitely tried that with tons of different styles and colors and you canjust see how each frame will look on your face which is really handy whenyou're shopping online for something like glasses.

Another thing that's reallycool about their site is that they have a whole section about what type offrames to get for your face shape so it gives you an idea of what shapes andstyles and sizes will flatter your face shape the best, which for me was excusebecause I had no idea what we look best on my face shape.

So yes when you're onthe site you basically choose the frame choose the color and then from there youcan choose the lenses whether they're prescription or non-prescription ifyou're getting just clear lenses or digital screen protection lenses thereare tons of options and you can really narrow it down to be the perfectpersonalized pair.

Perfect personalized pair.

That was a tongue twister! Okaynow on to the exciting part so my glasses came in these silver boxesthese ones say Happy Holidays on it because I bought them around the holidaytimes a year might not look exactly like this.

So it's pretty simple sleek packagingthere's a little ribbon that you can pull to take out the glasses.

Inside thebox you obviously get the glasses case with the glasses in there, as well as a lenscloth and a little tool for the glasses and lastly you get a little card thathas their social media information and mine says RFLKT on it because it'sboth of the glasses that I got were from the RFLKT collection by EyeBuyDirect.

So these are what the cases look like that my glasses came in they're reallysleek which I love and they have just a little RFLKT logo on there as well.

I don't even know which ones I want to start with such as love them both somuch.

Okay so just in case any of you watchingare using my face as an example of what type of glasses to get I have aheart shaped face or a base up triangle shape.

So it's a little bit wider at the topand then it kind of goes down a little bit slimmer towards my chin so based oneverything I read on the site about base of triangle shaped faces first pair ofglasses I chose are the prism lenses and I chose to get these ones in thechestnut color.

So for these ones I opted for just clear lenses and they have antireflective and UV coatings.

They have a keyhole nose bridge and double studaccents on the side as you can see and these ones are a medium sized frame.

Now the moment you've probably been waiting for *doo doo doo doo* so this is what they look like on Iabsolutely love them I think the size and the frame is perfect for my faceshape.

I also just love how light they feel, they just are so comfortable.

Theydon't get that kind of behind the ear ache that sometime after classes give.

Do you know what I'm talking about about? Hate that.

But these are just so comfy Iforget that I'm wearing them and also they're just crystal clear so itgenuinely feels like I'm not wearing glasses.

Which is really awesomeespecially if you're like me and aren't used to wearing glasses regularly itmakes them really easy to get used to.

As I said earlier because I don't have aprescription for glasses I just really enjoy wearing them as an accessory so Ireally love how these ones look but yeah I love these so much.

Again these are the Prism lenses in Chestnut.

The second pair of glasses Ichose are the Shade frames and these ones I did get with the digital screenprotection which I'll go into more detail in, in a second.

So again theseones have the classic keyhole nose bridge and the double stud accents.

Ichose a thinner rim for both of the glasses that I picked up because againlike I was reading on this site or my face shapes the rimless style is mostflattering and these ones are considered a small side frame.

So this is what theseframes look like.

I think even though the frames are relatively similar they bothhave a different look which is awesome.

So for these ones I chose to get theEyezen digital screen protection lenses which are designed to shield youreyes and provide comfort during screen time.

So what they have to say is extendeduse of digital devices can make our eyes work harder.

Prolonged exposure requiresthe eye to constantly maintain focus.

This may contribute to eye dryness andfatigue and an inability to maintain focus, headaches and long-term wear on yourvision.

Before sitting down and doing this review, I obviously wanted togive you the good test run before I started talking about them just becauseI feel like that is much more beneficial for any of you thinking of getting thedigital screen protection lenses.

So over the last month or so I've been wearingthese while doing any video editing or watching Netflix or movies and Igenuinely notice the difference I felt like sometimes my eyes would start tofeel as if they were burning when I would stare at the screen for a longtime.

They would of course get tired and dry but with these I find that if I'm staring ata screen for prolonged amount of time my eyes don't get that fatiguedfeeling that they often would without the glasses so I'm really into that ideaand I think it's obviously beneficial for your eyes as well.

These glasses arevery comfortable they're very light.

My vision is crystal clear through them.

I100% recommend eyebuydirect.

com They just have so many options and thecompany is really great about working with their customers to ensure theyget the best possible glasses.

They also have amazing prices for quality of theirproducts so I hope you guys found this video helpful thank you so much forwatching make sure to check out EyeBuyDirect.

I'll leave all of their socialmedia at the end of this video and with that I hope you guys all have a wonderful day.