From Shoes To Shirt – Build YOUR Outfit From The Feet Up (In 5 Steps!)

so the average Joe when he's getting dressed the first thing he does is look at his clothes next he chooses his shoes now you you're not the average Joe you watch my channel and you love good shoes and you want to build the outfit around them today's video

gents its feet first building your outfit around your shoes so let's start things off with the whole cut as you know a modern classic a great-looking dress shoe one that in many ways can be worn in almost the same situations as a cap toe Oxford you notice here

I didn't go with black I didn't even go with a dark burgundy I went with a medium brown so how would you wear these shoes what would you pair them with so let's start things off at the classic navy suit what I like about this is that allows

the whole cuts to shine these are shoes that really the colors isn't going to grab too much attention it's all about the style there's not much contrast between the shoes and the suit and that's perfectly fine now the navy suit those are a diamond dust and everyone's got

a classic navy suit but look at that whole cut it's very subtle it doesn't scream for attention but it is something when people look at your shoes they're gonna notice the style is different and that color there's something about it now could we have gone for a more

attention-grabbing color of course we could have we could have gone with ox blood right here that would definitely have drawn more attention to the shoes but me personally I like the brown blue combination now what about those same whole cuts with a more casual look maybe a casual

suit in grey now a lot of people stay away from gray and brown or black and brown but guess what look at the shoe right here it actually is taking black and mixing Brown and that is a perfectly fine combination if you have the confidence to pull it

off and if you like the look now that Brown may look good but the oxblood combination with that gray that looks amazing look at this combination here the shoes right here steal the spotlight in this case if that's what you want to go for I love this combination

ox but works with black it works with all variations of gray just brings just a color punch to this entire outfit now what about taking whole cuts and dress them down let's look at this combination right here we've got the light brown trousers dark green jacket light blue

shirt overall a good combination again what I like about these whole cuts is they don't draw attention they kind of blend in overall they look fine now what about the oxblood whole cuts similar to the casual suit they're screaming for a and I think they're a little bit

too overpowering for this outfit I think the confident man can pull it off but I really like something a little bit more subtle to me the shoes just a bit too loud and now let's talk about whole cuts in jeans should you go this casual notice that the

Browns those actually you could pull these off but I would be very careful I think whole cuts actually deserve to be and a little bit more of a dressing your company they're too formal I think for wearing with jeans and guys if you disagree we or agree with

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yourself some amazing Footwear next up we've got the double monk in Burgundy now the double monk the single monk the whole buckle type of she was been around for hundreds of years but it's really been the last two decades that the double monk has started to become popular

in menswear the last decade it's actually become a fashion trend and I think for good reason it is a great shoe that when fitted to the foot properly is very comfortable in addition it's just got the right amount of flash those little buckles right there it's something that

draws attention to the foot at the same time it's not overpowering what I love about these is their versatility and let's put it to the test so first up we're in the double monks with a navy suit classic navy suit everyone has it in their wardrobe but right

there you set yourself apart with those double monk straps look at that look at that combination right there the shoes are what grab attention and set the whole look apart now let's go over to the casual suit what do we see again the double monk is right at

home so overall double monks are probably too casual to wear with navy if you were actually to follow the rules but they're perfectly fine to be worn with a casual suit like this especially skip the necktie going for something maybe a little bit lighter and grey like we've

got here a perfect combination or is this the perfect combination look at this right here we've got the brown trousers with the green jacket blue shirt again and I just think that this combination right here is perfect it may be that that burgundy just works so well with

the green it works incredibly well with the brown overall great color combinations alright so I feel like I'm flipping all over the place look at this combination right here the double monks with the jeans absolutely love this color combination the burgundy with that indigo right there and then

right there you just yeah the green jacket this is a solid combination hence why I love the double monks they're so versatile you can dress them up you can dress them down there at home and if you're traveling they slip on slip off just a great pair of

shoes guys make sure you've got them in your wardrobe so what other dress you can give the double monk a run for its money how about a dress boot guys the Chelsea dress boot this has been around for 50 to 60 years made popular by the Beatles but

it goes a lot farther back than that right here is a classic Chelsea in a very sleek overall look and what I love about this guy's look no frills and very functional so you'll notice the higher heel right here slips on off if you're gonna be traveling and

inclement weather guys look for the Chelsea boot and let's look at how this Chelsea boot works with that navy suit guys classic simple clean combination what I love look at that clean line there there's no buckles there's nothing to grab your attention just a sleek looking pair of

shoes yes you can pull this off with a suit and it looks great but let's say you want to change it up you want to add a bit of texture can you actually pull off a pair of suede Chelsey's with that Navy suit well let's look at the

combination I personally think that this has a little bit too much contrast it makes it a casual suit combination can you pull it off yes would I pull it off I would be careful here so let's actually look at another type of suit the more casual gray suit

look at the combination now you see I think that this is better we don't have as stark of a contrast and we have a casual suit with a more casual shoe or dress boot type of combination here now what if we want something sleeker with that casual suit

something we can wear out at night to dress it up a bit look at this combination right here this would be great for going out on the town you're in New York City you're downtown Chicago you want to look good feel good look at this combination right here

now let's take it down a notch let's go a bit more casual let's bring in those brown flannel cotton trousers along with that green jacket blue shirt combination actually looks really great with those Chelsey's especially right here with the suede again a great combination just look at the

color contrast beautiful combination or maybe that combination is too casual you want to dress it up just a bit you can do that with simply changing out the fabric the material on the shoe look at that combination now look just beautiful right there and again it takes this

casual outfit business casual and dresses it up just a notch how would it look with jeans well let's look at the combination I think that this looks actually pretty darn good gives a nice monochromatic look notice how there's almost no contrast this would be great for going out

at night but my favorite look right here look at the suede combination boom right here we've got that suede the light tan works with that indigo just beautiful and the suede the texture just a good combination now what about sneakers now I have to admit I have a

lot to learn when it comes to sneakers but let me show you a few combinations sneakers with a navy suit now probably not gonna work sneakers with a casual suit maybe if you're a rock star but yeah for me I don't think I could really pull this off

sneakers with those brown cotton flannels in a sports jacket maybe I think I maybe could pull this look off sneakers routines yes this is the combination I feel most comfortable in and yes I would actually wear this outfit out what do you think let me know down in

the comments so at this point you may be wondering Antoni oh that's great formation but actually which shoes are more formal those shoes right there or these shoes and how do I actually understand all this well guys I've got you covered in this video right here where I

break out the formality of shoes I help you understand I give you the rules to understand why some shoes a more casual why other shoes are more formal so check out this video right here guys to understand more about shoes