EXTREME Shoes Closet Cleaning & Organizing (We have A LOT of shoes too… lol) | Q2HAN

all right I love you thank you bye what's up jeans your favorite [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] what's okie blue helloo helloo so welcome to our lady era this curtain sorry so welcome to beauty so today we're going to do a massive cleaning and organizing of our

shoe collection entire shoes even before we did our extreme Catalina we already got rid of so many of our shoes not knowing that we're gonna make this video pretty sure there won't be a lot of shoes that we're gonna get rid of because we already got rid of

so many but this one is more like since now it's spring summer we kind of want to get it all like the boots and stuff that we were during follow with your back into the shoe closet and bring out like slippers and getting heels out into the open

shoe cause then we're gonna literally literally clean our shoes it's like how many times in your life do I shoot clean your shoes like you wash it here you wash your clothes you clean the house let's think about us is we never clean or shoot have you ever

like wash your shoes sister all bacteria and those shoes we all just bring it to our house if you just think we only have a lot of clothes we have a lot of shoes too but then we really got rid of a lot of our shoes yeah like

a platform heel a long time ago a Jeffrey Jeffrey Campbell you know that platform boot heel the only popular in the California yeah we've got rid of all this I don't even know how I would I shoot us really high and we were like this sister [Applause] [Laughter]

Pence's we're gonna put all the shoes here you see the personality difference or shoes have feelings too [Music] there's a lot of color I don't know where to go see a lot of color I'm feeling blue there's a lot of color so kitties we actually have more shoes

underneath this curtain but they're mostly like fall winter shoes definitely some clothing so much dust gonna clean these boxes men that's you too you know it's not empty box oh man shit so we're gonna first like organize them based on like boots and running shoes and sandals like

that and then it will start don't rely on other to get you through them name the dream no same for me so why [Music] we're missing shoes oh you are this green one yeah I left it in LA rent car yes sir just like you can't throw it

well so the other half is in the LA and somewhere no way it sparkles but one downside is that these sparkles like come off this flower evolve cuties what do you think sister after seeing all in like this well these are only shinnok don't we actually you wear

them we got rid of a lost uh yeah we got the tissue I mean oh then we're literally gonna like clean all of them you know we're gonna spray this antibacterial hand sanitizers we're gonna start with the our running shoes please already saw this doesn't this is no

naked wool yes so many cooties eyes where are these shoes are from that we always wear and show it on Instagram it's from London BAM yes of course where we got this it was Frank get heavy yeah but now we got so used to it I can actually

drive wearing this as well looks like this TV they're so cute okay so um we were walking up the stairs and the subway and then I heard these two couples saying oh they smell so good Oh smells like soul another one of my favorite platform shoe from Buffalo

yep this also gives it instant hi heavier than the naked wolf just sometimes my knee hurts yeah in there for too long yeah this one is pilau we love this one too it's so cute and we actually have a pink one that we haven't worn yet this is

brand-new this is the one that you're not want yeah look at the school it's so cute it is really really comfortable the question the bottoms like that too so when we came to Korea we found about this shoe brand called sweet fish and we just love the color

they use this was a collaboration with the Star Wars and this was a collaboration with Kellogg's cereal yeah aren't they so cute and I really love this kind like a squashed looking for yeah just really coffee yet they're really light yes freaking line these are are any patterned

converse shoes that we have these are actually from first collaboration between converse and Bershka so this one's power like that yeah this was kind of like Jamboree and the so never keys always ask her where these are from when every time I wear it yeah and they're from

Bush parking converse shoes white dirty is to look yeah you don't wear it clean yeah I retain e-commerce we also have white converse just wearing a white converse incident gives you that fresh I find it like you know like I handsome guys waiting okay so this one we're

gonna throw it away because in LA we got this until we got this in Aldo that time it's cuz she was really popular yeah it's not like platform get it kinda looks like like a hot high-top shoe mine is freakin stuck like shit this is like good like

this boy I first came to Korea we're really like obsessed with my shoes for some music well obviously you girl like black so she got this she got that one this one's really interesting yeah success the Thalia is like almost a song you your that's it so anytime

the other do you want us to the best wine the pink run like this you know this is sober home it's almost like a Sox really you should start wearing that dude I'm in q1 where there's so much higher duties also yes this shoe goes with any other

so this one I award this so many times I'm still wearing a lot it's from yes style of surprising thing if you help some good their shoes don't really come to win yet stuff and the reason why we get shoes from yeste is that they have our side

yeah because a lot of time Korean online shops don't have our size because our feet is too big I got this because mainly because of this part I love this part it looks like these kitties and these are from Discovery yes yeah right but then discoveries we're much

more heavier sturdy in here this is also from Discovery I think they still sell these on offline I saw thank you bye [Applause] [Music] so our shoes are cleaning you now we're gonna start with the boot section okay so out of first show my little baby buddy they're

like is this one the nice boots don't you love this not this kind of pointy boots really makes your leg look freakin miles long that's why I really love it where's it from package oh look at that the site is so pretty mm-hmm my favorites are these that's

fans all right yeah please zara boots or night they always have a good and so many please ask where I got this never tire yeah yeah whoa look at them they're shining this is also from far fish they actually give you a white lace as well as a

red one but this I might change it to the white one cuz I can wearing the red least often this is the only gucci boots we have yeah and it's quite heavy but once you wear it you can't really feel it yeah cool thing about these boots is

look at those fall there's a snake I love it no it's so pretty we have so many photo wearing this oh it's so pretty it's our Korean designer brand we were these three Seoul Fashion Week look at this not so cute and it's not that high so it's

really comfortable and it's pointy yeah and this is like on spandex material so it's really comfortable this is really comfortable this is perfect for all season remember the Swiss Swiss fish collaboration with Kelly this is their box cereal they're literally have a calorie here got a label here

so my next favorite is these ones from another story they have a store in opcode oh no no and to none you guys Karl go to there to see their shoe collection so read and they always have our sizes it this is why another favorite one look at

this it literally goes all the way up to your thumb Johnny Donna from H&M yeah it was one of their studio collection look it literally hits almost like eating but what downside is that they kind of fall down yeah that's from Charlie key the heel is so interesting

and the height is perfect I didn't walk with this you can't run and it's super pointy guys and this is another one from charts and Keith it's kind of a trapezoid this one's really cute too look at that not cute this one is a suede material and this

one's like a photo that we have fool at the retreat there's a lot of colors I don't know where to go see a lot of color only feeling blue there's a lot of colors don't rely on other to get you through them [Music] same for me [Music] well

my boots are gonna show this one this is from Maison Margiela yeah yeah what a half cylinder because the other side is cut oh yeah it's really interesting but one thing about this is like this servitude all for us dude and I love how does it brick has

spirals around yeah we all have this shoe the boot just well sure you did a photo shoot would cost remember nothing gonna wear this drink bogging open this is from revolver pretty looks like I should know why a brand called ray nice pants open oh it's a suede

material hey kitty sewing out our boots are done so we have these sandals and shields left oh yeah this is from BS style and we've got this one good look the half is a clear no like far away it kinda looks like a shoe to have made this

much but then there's also and these two are from Zara this was really cute and super comfy these kind of sandals are really comfortable I think you see it yes I like how this has like oh and any sandals with these kind of like thick heel it's really

comfortable this way I don't know how to properly cleaned of suede material yeah my huge sucker for loafers and it's more affordable done oh yeah Dave right New York really comfortable these are good for summer this one is from coaching Gabbana OMG we also pray look at I

love the heel and this one is from Proenza Schouler did you say like that so unique there's a little tie here with a ring on it it was really comfy oh this one's really comfortable whoa fits me like a glove Beach oh so cute the ninth point to

things like hexagon is it hex there's more than six men octagon these are a Japanese brand yeah this is such a statement he'll I hope we have like a whole slipper that's kind of y'all wish this was wholly slipper I'll wear this what is this oh sorry these

are my chosen key look at a nice shoe yeah isn't it so cute but I think I should have gone one less size smaller this thing kind of comes off but this one's okay good this one is adjustable but we're gonna tell this cutie this is something that

is so outdated who are this I mean okay okay so I'm gonna worry about women all right first of all we we can't physically wear that this one's pretty too just Santa from H&M so cute oh this was really pretty we got offers from Ellery it's like little

ballerina shoe so pretty this is perfect for love maybe a pants that comes right onto here so this is a divider that we bought it actually comes in a little like almost like a paper then you have to kind of like you know shift it around and they

create this box and then you put in your shoe light and it's a great way to organize stuff that we all like I don't know almost 20 of them go and they're not even heavy that's one good thing oh sure [Music] [Music] so hungry yeah but I'm really

satisfied with what we do today like this is something that we have to do at some point and we did it today okay so hope you cuties enjoy this video and maybe it kind of spy you kitties to clean out your shoe closet too yeah so we can

enjoy this video and we'll see you guys tomorrow [Music] [Music]