Electric Shoes?! | DOPE or NOPE?

I want to put this in beginner mode.

I said what I'm going to do here is I'm going to kind of my gosh dude, oh My gosh, no no no no no no no What's going on guys welcome to another duh duh, duh, duh? Dope or nope! Yes, that is right today.

We are looking at a really cool interesting product And I'm going to let you guys know whether I think this is dope or no But I'm not the only judge here you guys get to be the judge as well So stay to the very end to find out how to vote if this is a dope or a no you decide now This is not a product that's been on my channel before you know sometimes.

We do like to buy and stuff like that This is just a product that Brian felt very confident that this wasn't Interesting enough product before begin make sure you click that bell I come to get notified.

Oh our uploads am I right Because you're not gonna want to miss them still messin seriously Well, I mean like what else do you have to do let's be real.

You know I'm saying let's be real dude What else do you have to do homework? Am I right check this out? This is the product rocketskates? R5 so I don't know if you can really tell it from this but but your heel goes in From left to the right and there's like little electric motors in there.

I have actually seen these puppies on Shark tank I'm pretty sure that the guy didn't make a deal.

I think he like asked for money, and they're just like you're crazy dude You're like a 50 million dollar evaluation for your company I'm doing shark tank right right now.

I'm just kidding.

I'm actually a big fan of that show, it's cool Show modern times are just the best with around town up to seven miles per hour rockets gates R5 is powered by two brushless DC.

Motors get a range up to five miles five miles dude I feel like doing that would work out very specific muscles in your legs, you know make us I feel like you have to put your heels up Or is it like the healey thing where you put your feet together like this not so I don't know like You're going to fatigue Because you're going to fatigue Like one single muscle because if you're doing this and like you're resting that's going to be Painful if you're going five miles at seven miles an hour that may not be true That's just hypothetical okay now check this out guys this scares me a little bit That scares me I feel personally and like I'm not trying to knock action acting Act in the brand Rocketskates for doing this But it's a little iffy I mean they do accept returns in exchange for items that have manufacturing defects, but I mean What's the manufacturing defect I mean obviously if you just destroy them yeah, you're not going to return them I don't know sometimes.

I feel like there's a gray area and that makes me scared to buy things They're just like you're an idiot you're going to break it We're not responsible for that personally if I was making something like this, I would be like that's part of the risk But I want customers to be happy you know because it's like you break this and you're like.

Hey, listen guys I broke it in the first week like can you help me out here silver? I would I would be like yeah I'm going to help you out and then that person is just going to be a champion for your brand because they're like bro!! They just sent me a free pair after I broke it.

I love these guys they like sell it to all their friends It's just how business works, but this all sales the final thing Eeeh?! five mile range seven miles per hour 2.

5 hour charge time not bad I like it because it might cut almost like fit in your backpack right maybe you get an extra backpack Duffel bag, so they're kind of big you kind of you look like iron, man Just a little bit if you get the red ones and you get like the iron man Suit you can kind of pretend like you're hugging it looks interesting it also looks like you could really hurt yourself 7 miles per hour, 7 miles per hour is fast enough to kill yourself absolutely fall back and hit your head jog at 7 miles per hour yeah And you can fall down and hit your head at 7 miles per hour and die let's watch the tutorial here really quick Wait strap on your skates.

What did you see that? There's a shoe already in it or is that? Yeah, the shoes included what that was so weird to me.

I was like wait.

Is there an invisible person on it? Yeah, so it's just like it's just like Rollerskates on the back of the skate Press and hold the Red action button on the remote to turn it on Let go of the Throttle is slow down and pull back to brake if you should lose your remote we can also use our back up remote Also, if you lose your remote I'm dead inside That you can download from the app store stop you're not using your phone to control your skates As I said make sure you position your legs in an inline stance In order to ensure balance well, we'll see maybe there's no fatigue at all.

I'm hoping that there's not i Bet you.

I mean, I wonder if you can switch leading legs.

He's got the wobbles already man Yeah, he's got the wobbles digital trends.

Wrote an article as we learned Firsthand Oh geez stop it with all the ads dude as we learn firsthand graceful and rocket skates.

Do not go together.

Oh, dude They're brutal I'm at least going to give it a chance dude what they only wrote like two sentences on it They're like suck unfortunately they weren't as easy to read as I anticipated maybe it's because I never had a pair of healy's Maybe it's because I'm more accustomed to bores and skates, but despite my best efforts I Couldn't get the hang of it to be fair.

I only spent five minutes trying Maybe you know you're on digital trends if you're not a physical person haha oooooooooh ROASTED or ike I'm not like I'm not saying like, (roasted!!).

I mean, I'm a technophile, right? I love tech and I and I'm a super geek, but I'm also pretty active I'm also coordinated.

So not everyone's coordinated That's okay.

Everyone has skills attributes, but maybe you don't bro maybe you can't knock the product that's like me like that's like me writing like let's say a Motorcycle for the first time and I just eat it, and I'm like motorcyclesuck dude time to test it out guys add to cart Let's see it poppa! that is big box.

That is big box Okay, you guys know what that means let's get the real unboxing experience here We get components in here some chargers Yeah, okay so far decent packaging Okay, wow these things are hefty dude They don't feel cheap.

That's for sure they feel very hefty Whoa, one is way heavier than the other one believe what so wait this end you had a motor in it No, stop, are you kidding me ? danggg! It doesn't only one has a motor you can only lead with your left foot Or your right depending on which foot you put this on.

power this on There you go Very smooth seems very refined seems like engineered very well I'm disappointed there's not two motors honestly It's probably a super bad idea to have two motors and they probably did it for a very specific reason most likely because you're just Going to go haywire.

One foot probably needs to follow the other foot otherwise.

You're just going to do the split, bro See that lock oh wow that's tight ouchies.

ouchie ouchie! Okay, buffer is in beginner mode it feels really awkward right now feels very awkward yet.

Oh Geez okay, okay, okay? We're gonna do the split oh geez oh my gosh Well the wall dude dude.

I'm almost going to do the splits bro, dude So you need to kind of walk around on your tippy toes if you don't want to die When you're not ready, and then you kind of push back You don't have a clue that we filled up Gotta get it though hey I'm I'm telling you you set the bar high by roasting that I know I said before I can do this, bro And I'm a super geek, but I'm also pretty active I'm also coordinated.

So not everyone's coordinated It's probably says wrong carpet Okay, okay, okay? Good so heres the thing I'm going to get a running Start Okay, okay clunky.

You're gonna rip your This is too small to space to do this let's go downstairs in the warehouse where we got nice flat ground all right guys We're in the warehouse now as you guys know.

I am a fairly coordinated person, okay? That's why I win so many team Edge challenges Brian.

You know it's true.

The non-physical of you this Count of all up guys in the comments down below count of all the team Edge wins who's got the most well I thought I have more than you and you're in ten times as many as I am boom we'll find out roasted!! I've tried the unicycle thing.

I've tried the pocket bike.

I've tried a lot of different products.

This is difficult Hoverboards I picked up pretty quick This is difficult you you you Have to forfeit some type of control this way you're going to go left or right this way you're going to go front and back Right so you have to forfeit a lot of like stability second off So your shoe my my my shoes coming out of this really difficult if You're if you're actually planning on traveling places your best.

Hope there's no stairs around because you've got to take these things off entirely Hold them walk up the stairs then put them all back on It's not very efficient way to travel however the hoverboard can't go up stairs Unicycle can't go up stairs.

So maybe that doesn't mean anything.

I'm going to put this in beginner mode I assume what I'm going to do here is I'm going to kind of my gosh, dude so fairly straightforward to turn however Since my lead foot is left It's not easy to turn left right so I can turn right but turning left Very unstable I feel like I'm going to fall over and I don't have that control braking ooh That's me breaking.

Oh my gosh.

It is fatiguing my leg for real And you can't you can't like switch You have to like take them off and switch them and you can't put the lead foot in the in the back Because you just have like oh Geez because your weights not on it your weight needs to be on your lead foot If I put my weight on my back foot, oh My gosh, no no no no no no no I'm not going to pull out anyone in the high five crew to test these because I think it's a liability Straight-up Brian he's coordinated.

I'll let him test them.

I'm in Pro mode now It just it's got some kick got some power.

I'm going left Whoa, oh Dude don't do the splits I am a hundred percent positive, that someone can get the hang of this, but it's not for the Faint of heart oh oh gosh That was a bad steering on my part aeeeeeiiii Dude when you lose control you lose that you lose control for real dude? owww My knees.

MY KNEES!!! I am a fairly coordinated person MY KNEES!!! Sometimes I exaggerate for comedy.

This is not one of those times I'm getting out of these things.

Oh, how do I get out? HELP! if I go home With more than one grooves a day I get in big trouble with the wife.

That's one.

I'm calling it You're up alright Brian how confident are you that you're going to be better than me well? I mean, this is my first time wearing I'm even practicing for a little bit, but I think I'll pick it up pretty easily careful I'm gonna get in trouble with my sister his wife.

If he goes home broken.

He's in easy mode right now.

Oh There you go Where I think I'm supposed to do the other way.

I'm no no your lead foot I know, I'm saying my lead foots my right, so he's gonna swap them right now because he feels his lead Foot is his left or right foot.

I shouldn't even know.

What's my lease for difference.

Oh I feel like I feel like I'm just watching an impending death right now.

Is that better yeah? Okay, you've got the hang of it “Im flying like an eagle tonight see” Can you rotate rotate the other way? wow! RELAXX!!! i can't turn thats what I'm saying dude! he can't turn right There we go there you go.

I should turn my tree branch No, oh he mastered the tree Branch oh So you're doing you're using like balance And you look like a baby like a baby cow right now dude like waddling for his first time my back leg is burning good Okay, okay.


Are you ready to go pro mode to a pro mode chill chill chill? Pro mode oh gee You got it.

You got it dude figure-eight I Can't turn oh Okay, Brian come to me and break use the break You're like a pigeon dude.

I thought I got our cab do a little 360 spin just a 360 friend dude bravo Three-sixty spin What I know what that was, but it wasn't a 360 cent dope or nope nope Definite nope like you don't even fun too right even though you got the hang of it my back leg my hip is burning So I'm just locked in like yeah, exactly I would I would Agree I Personally say it's a nope But we're not the deciding factors you guys are is it a dope or is it a nope click that info card right there? Decide help us decide vote right now guys see this video right here That is a video that you Tube things you specifically will enjoy Let's find out if Youtube is right click it and we'll see you over there high-five.