Does Reshoevn8r spray really work? Keep your golf shoes looking brand new

hi everyone Kevin here from golf guyreviews and in today's video we're gonna be taking a look at this it's thereshoevn8r water and stain repellent spray now this currently retails in theUK for around 15 pounds and how idea of it is that you give you all trainers oryour shoes a coat or in fact two coats ideally and then they will have waterand stain repellent properties so that's gonna be ideal if you want your golfshoes you're looking as fresh as possible so I thought in this video Iwould test them out today so what I've done is I bought a pair of thesebeautiful Primark trainers I suppose you call them pumps actually they're onlycheap they're canvas material on the top so they have no waterproof propertieswhatsoever and definitely no stain proof properties either so what I've done isI've given the right one a spray in fact I've given everyone a two sprays withthe repellent and the left one we have left as normal so we're going to putthese through their paces we're gonna stain them up we're gonna get the muddywe're gonna see how the stain repellent actually works and how itholds up so I really hope you enjoy the video today and you find it useful ifyou do hit that like button and if you haven't already why not subscribe to mychannel where you can keep up to date on all my latest reviews of golf shoesclothing and tech right here on golf guy reviews let me know in the comments doyou use the reshoevn8r spray and how have you got on with it and let me knowhow you think it's gonna fare when tested on these cheap Primark plimsollswhat do you think is gonna be the results let me know down in the commentsso as I mentioned I've given the right shoe two coats of the water and stainrepellant spray and we've left the left one like normal so make sure I don't getconfused I've even put a little tick in the right one to know that it's got thespray and a little cross in the left one so I know this one doesn't so I thoughtthe first test we're gonna try is the water repellency so these are canvaspumps they're gonna have zero water repellency naturally built in so let'sgive them a test and see how they hold up right here we go with the waterrepellent test so on the right foot here is this shoe that's got the repellentspray on it and on the left foot it's got no spray so let's have a look andsee what happens so I've got a jug of water here and if we just put it on theleft shoe to begin with if I just on the toewhat kind of beads off initially but then you can see it kind of stains in itit kind of settles in there my toes are definitely getting wet through the shoelet's see weapons with the right one that just bead straight off that's crazyit's actually working exactly how it should workokay do a bit more yeah so there's a tiny little bit maybe starting to justget through there now but if you take a look compare that to the left a bit moreon the left but you can see there's the left one there's the right one beadsstraight off that's really impressive actually if we come a little bit closeryou can see there hopefully the camera picks it up but the damp has definitelykind of soaked in on the left hand show there my toes aren't definitely feelinga little bit wet on the right hand side there's nothing I'll brush it off thereactually yeah it's not sitting whatsoever I'm actually really impressedthat so the waterproof test since we passed so the spray doesn't just saythat it's water repellent it also says that it's stain repellent as well solet's step this up a notch lets see how it copes with some goof old fashioned tomatoketchup.

Right, because I'm an absolute muppet even though I had two separatecameras rolling I forgot to press record on either of them so I'm gonna have toredo the test again so you're going to notice that the shoes look a little bitmarked up you might even see a stain on one of the shoes which maybe indicateshow the test went first time around but never mind we're gonna do it again herewe go don't forget this is the shoe that has got the receive a native spray andthis is the shoe that hasn't got any spray on it whatsoever so here we gowe've got good old-fashioned tomato ketchup right here so we're gonna put adollop right here on this shoe there we go and we'll put a dollop right here onthis shoe as well we'll just give that a second you know to settle in see whathappens take his time and I was really impressed with the test first timearound so hopefully this is gonna work second time around as wellnow with the reshoevn8r spray what they say is that you shouldn't necessarilyrub off any of the stains if you get anything like this on you can just usewater and that will then just kind of let thestain just kind of rinse off the show so what we're going to do is we've got ajug of water here and we're just going to pour it over the stain on this shoeand look at that it's seriously impressive so there's been no residue onthere whatsoever if you take a look at that gun close-up you can see hopefullythere's no element of tomato ketchup stain has managed to stick to the canvasof that show it's really impressive now if we do exactly the same thing with thenon spray version so you can see there that the tomato ketchup is now well andtruly baked in so that canvas material on the show hopefully that's picking upthere on the camera and the camera there you can see that so that's quite asignificant difference actually so if you're looking to keep your shoesyou know box fresh and you're worried about stains being picked up on themthen you can see here that the reshoevn8r spray is not letting thatwhatever it is so in this case of tomato ketchup stain into the shoe there's aprotective barrier overtop of it whereas definitely on this version here you candefinitely see that that's lame it's kind of baked into the show I'll evenkind of rub it off a bit so if we can first got rid of a little bit more butyou can still see there definitely now that's gonna be a bit of a pain to getout of that show there so that's another pass for the reshoevn8r spray so thereshoevn8r spray has passed the wall repellent test and also the tomorr ofketchup tests they're all important tests and so actually I'm reallyimpressed with so far you can see here that they are looking spotless they'renot going to stain on them whatsoever actually that is really reallyimpressive compare that with the number of pellet version and these are startingto take a bit of a batter in the toe box is all nice and wet and you candefinitely see that you've got a nasty looking tomato ketchup stain on the sideof the shoe now we're going to do the all-important test which is the everydayuse test now my channel is all about golf and golf shoes as well as clothingin tech don't forget to subscribe so I thought it would only be fair if weactually test the shoes with a few golf swings so I'm going to put some water onmy ground here I'm going to muddy up the floora bit and I'm gonna take a few swings and then we're gonna see how the sprayholds up let's give it a go right the grounds nice and wet I've gota trusty three Hybrid let's hit a few swings you know what I don't think that's areyou gonna cut it I'm gonna have to scuff these up a bit more I think that's notreally cutting it either it's got a bit more hardcore that's more like it right here we go final test so we've gotthe nun spray one here and the spray one there as you can see I've given a goodold coating I think the spray is going to strugglebecause by kind of swiping along the ground as you would with a golf swing orwhen you walk then actually I've got a feeling that you'll probably just gonnabe wiping the spray and the repellent off the shoe and it's still gonna getdown on the canvas let us see weapons so I've got a jug of water here so let'sjust tip it over see what happens Oh fair amount of this of the dirt andgrime that she disappeared that's pretty impressive there's about half a jug givethis one over here without the repellent yeah I would say a bit more of the dirtis actually baked in on this one over here finish this one off mmm that'squite interesting actually I would say that the one with the spray this oneover here has definitely held up better than the one without the spray if wehave to take a look kind of don't know if you can quite pick that up on therebut you know you've got a little bit of staining over here on the side but nottoo much to be fair bearing in mind that these are free pound 50 Primark canvasshows they've got no water repellent this naturally as to them is only whatthe spray is done compare that with these ones here whichdidn't have to spray and actually I would say yeah there's definitely a bitmore of the baked in kind of dirt and grime and you can see the tomato ketchupstain still there what happened forgive them a bit of wipe it's just a plaintissue yeah nothing comes out of them then it'sactually baked into the canvas now that stain give these ones a bit more of awipe definitely nothing coming out of thesethose stains I don't think you're ever going to come out okay so that is quiteinteresting actually that although yes there are a few stains on the show thathad the spray take a little bit of a closer look youcan definitely see it's not fared too bad so there you go that's the end ofour test and I've got to say I'm actually really impressed with how thereshoevn8r spray has managed to protect these cheap canvas plimsolls anddefinitely the versions which had the spray I have got far fewer stainscompared to the versions which didn't have the sprite so I think that'sactually really really impressive so for 15 pound a can I gave it two sprays onthose pumps you can definitely get plenty of use out of this one Ken you'regoing to be able to protect a fair few amount of shoes and obviously you'regonna want to keep doing it on a pretty regular basis to make sure that theshows have the water and stain repellent has a good layer on your shows the otherthing to bear in mind as well is that if you're going to be protecting golf shoesthe majority of your golf shoes are gonna be leather anyway so you knowthey've already gonna have an element of any stain and even water repellent onthem so this is only gonna add to it but this is ideal if you've got summer shoesthat you're a little bit worried that might get caught in the rain or evenjust using them on a jury morning something like the foot two a flex whichhas only got you know that mesh coating on the top this would be absolutelyperfect for so definitely go check it out let me know in the comments do youuse the reshoevn8r spray how'd you get on with it I really hope this reviewhelped so hit the like button if it did and if you haven't done so already makesure you subscribe to my channel so you can keep up to date on all my latestreviews of golf shoes clothing the tech right here on golf guy reviews.