Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses – FRAMES FOR $6.95!!! – Zenni Optical Review

Hi everyone so today I am going to be talking about an eyeglass compnay know as Zenni Optical.

So a couple of weeks ago I went on my social media and I was asking peoplewhere I could order my glasses from I it had been forever since I had a pair ofglasses.

Four years! I got the ones that I have worn in all the previous videosfour years ago so that was before kids and finally I was like you know what youneed to get your eyes checked so I knew I wanted to order my glasses online butI really didn't know where to go I had heard of Zenni Optical before but I justI wanted to see what else was out there so I looked at about I think six toseven different online ordering companies that you can order youreyeglasses on and I decided to go with Zenni Optical and I am going to sharewith you why I decided to go with them so first and foremost let me just saythat I am a loving the red frames I have wanted a pair of red frames since Ibegan to wear glasses I was 6 years of age when I had to wear glasses but I wastold that I couldn't wear red glasses because of my skin tone andit wouldn't work with it as well as when I got older that red lipstick wouldn'twork with my skin tone well obviously I'm 34 and I don't know what folks we'retalking about basically I'm saying that don't let anyone limit what you can dobased on their insecurities so if it's something that you want to try and youlike it then go for it so let's just getright on it for starters I went with Zenni Optical because of their pricepoint for their frames.

these frames were $15.

95 my purple frames were $6.

95 like whatwhat the what in the world are you serious so right after that as far aspriceless concerns Zenni Optical was it I like the aray of frame selection thatthey had and I also really liked their price point second reason why I decidedto go with is Zenni Optical over all else is because I also live in Florida and soI wanted to have something that was a transition lens I had a transition lensbefore in my old glasses and I wanted to have that as well in my new set ofglasses so when I looked online at all these othercompanies all they had to offer was the transition lens and that runs about ahundred dollars and I'm like okay there has to be a better way Photochromic which isbasically your lenses are clear and then when you get out to the sunlight theywill tint so as any optical has different versions of tent I believe ithas the green the blue the amber or like the yellow color and the gray I optedfor the grey for my red lenses and the amber are the yellow color for my purplelenses so the difference they had three different tiers the one that I haddecided to go with was the Zenni Opticals one it was the cheapest of allthree options it was $19 so the two colors that I decided to get which wasthe grey and the amber color they have between a it's 50 to 80% transitionobviously the 50% is for the colors of the blue and the green you get thehigher percentage with the two colors that I decided to go with which was thegrey and the amber I'm not mad at the fact that it was $19 to add that andlike I said before I got the specific transition lens are that type that'sthe name of the type of photochromatic transition and that was a hundreddollars it was the same price if he went through Zenni Optical and then theyhad a second one and I that was like $60 I can go to the website it actually kindof breaks it down and I'll put that in the link below where it breaks it downand gives you the percentages and everything so I decided to go with Zennibecause $19 for a transition was amazing I don't have to buy a prescriptionsunglass which was running anywhere even on the cheaper end with my even on thecheaper in with just the lenses prescription was about $54 and I justreally didn't want to do that because I would have to carry around my sunglassesmy prescription sunglasses on top of my glasses so I just opted for the for the transition and it worked out better for me that was a better choicefor me and like I said Zenni was the only company that offered that at alower price everyone else was $100 or more and Zenni offered it as a threedifferent price point so it had something for everyone's a price pointwhich I really appreciate it so that's why I went like that a little thing thatyou guys should know when you're ordering your glasses online whether youhave astigmatism you're near-sighted you're far excited when I went on thereI ordered it as a single lens a single lens frame and then you make sure tohave your prescription from your eye doctor when you're getting yourprescription you need to ask for the PD or your pupil distance because whenyou're ordering your glasses online a company that you go with they are goingto ask that Zenni Optical was very very easy to order from i was able toput in my prescription as well as my pupil distance and seriously it was alot easier than what i thought i like Zenni Optical because not only dothey have the option for you to upload a photo for yourself i ordered mine onlinewith my computer my husband ordered his through his phone and we were both ableto upload a picture of our face so that we could see what the frames look likeon our faces before we ordered it Zenni also has a 30-day money-back guaranteeexcept for your shipping cost we decided to go aheadand I think we did the $18 shipping so that it could be fast and we ordered ourglasses last Wednesday and today is Wednesday August 30th and we receivedour glasses today in the mail so that's pretty quick 5 business days to createyour lenses as well as the frame so I had no complaints in that departmentwith my glasses I also opted to add the anti-reflective on them because I makevideos and because I live in a very sunny area I decided to add that andthat was an extra $4.

95 on top of my frame and my lenses and the transitionon top of it now all of Zenni's glasses I'm gonna have to read this off so makesure it does so all of the Zenni classes that you getthey come with free anti scratch coating Free UV protection and free hard case andcleaning cloth other companies that I looked at they didn't come with a caseto put your glasses in now I'm not saying that this is the best this is thebest of cases however it is clear plastic so you can see the lenses thishas a nice little soft area that you can put your lenses face down so they're notgonna get scratched and then obviously it comes with your cleaning cloth sothat is pretty nice I like that it does have the anti scratch and that thatcomes standard in your glasses again other companies that I was looking atthey were charging extra for that so let's talk pricethese red frames which by the way are so light I was shocked at how light theyare and they fit amazing so these frames alone were $15.

95 like Istated at the beginning you add on to the lens which is the transition whichis the Zinni's version which was $19 and then be anti glare which was $4.

95 mytotal price for these pair of glasses was $39 $39 purple is one of my favoritecolors and so I had to get a pair of purple frames and these ones like Istated at the beginning the frames themselves were $6.

95 I also got the anti glare which $4.

95 and Zenni version of transition which was $19 so my grandtotal for these was $30.

90 The other glasses, The ones I got four years agowhat's four hundred and fifty dollars complete complete $450 was me going tothe eye exam place, getting my eye exam getting my glasses.

That all adds up to fourhundred and fifty dollars so my glasses alone were four hundred because the eyeexam itself was fifty I went right up the street just up any place to get myglasses I need to get my eye exam which was $45.

to get my eye examsthey literally gave me my prescription that day I came home and I ordered myglasses and total I paid eighty two dollars and sixty-seven cents that waswith expedited shipping say what now I will never what if I tell you Iwill never order my glasses from an eyeglass like going into a optometristagain no no I will just get my prescription from them because Iobviously need to go to an eye doctor to get that but I will cut that middlemanout and I will just order them online from now on I have astigmatismmy husband is farsighted and both of us love love the glasses that we were verysurprised at getting them and and wearing them and actually using themso we were both but what we were both very happy about that also if you arenew to Zenni Optical they will send you a 10% off coupon for your order which isalso something that I use now this video in no way is sponsored I am not bigenough for them to recognize my channel something that I have been thinkingabout doing and I kind of wanted to break down and let you guys know howeverything went because if you are looking into ordering your glassesonline as well this is specifically why I went with this company and like I saidI looked up about I think it was like 7 to 8 different companies my choice is umlike I narrowed it down between Zenni optical and Eye Buy Direct.

those were thetwo that I was kind of battling to see which one I really wanted to go with andis Zenni Optical won hands down just because of the type of frames that I waslooking for their price point and the fact that they did offer those threedifferent tiers for the transition lenses which is something living in asunny state so there you have it on why I decided to go with Zenni Optical overall the other eyeglass online ordering companies that are out there I hope thisis very informative for you guys if you have any other questions maybe I missedsomething and you want to know a little bit more please feel free to put thosedown below in the comment section and I will answer them for you and thank youso much for watching I will bye.