Brooks Revel 3 Review | Best Running Shoe for Daily Training Dollar for Dollar

oh we warning trainee axe come over here so lately one of my go-to running shoes for like the meat and potatoes runs just general endurance building like right now I did 75 minutes zone too not too long not very hard but just like general fitness building runs I've

been using the Brooks rebels which have been a real staple in the running industry for a long time we're gonna go over these shoes why everyone should have a pair of shoes either like these or these but like just general trainer shoes and what to look for in

a shoe that's like this why you'd want to use them all so I'm done with winter I'm over it oh alright trainee axe this weekend with all the craziness that's going on in the world we have worked with Road Runner sports and instead of just reviewing these shoes

we've worked with them and said you know what let's do something good for the viewers here so today we are gonna be reviewing the Brooks rebel 3 running shoes and at the end of this video I'm gonna tell you how you can win yourself a pair of your

choice of any one of these runners not these runners new runners that fit you you don't want these runners so let's get in to the Brooks rebel 3 the reason I chose the Brooks rebel 3 is because this is a go-to for a lot of people that were

telling me that they love this shoe as their go-to daily trainer and they want to get my opinion on the shoe so I never run in this and I went into Road Runner sports I like you know what a lot of people are telling me about this might

as well give it a shot so what do you need to know about the Brooks rebel 3 it's not a fast shoe it's not a racing shoe what it is is a general high mileage daily trainer this is something that you'd use for your long runs for your

zone 2 runs comparable actually to the Nike react infinity runs the thing about this is that it's much more traditional feeling to just daily trainers that I personally find a little bit clunky reason that I went with this shoe is because as opposed to a lot of those

10 11 ounce daily trainers that are built like a tank this is actually a fair bit lighter it's eight point seven ounces which is a fair bit lighter that it's even lighter than these but the thing about it is that it doesn't really feel like a really superlight

trainer it feels a lot more like those clunky ER everyday trainers so if that's what you like that's what you're gonna get now the thing that I think makes this fairly special as a your legs aren't going to get his tired because it is a little bit lighter

and B it's really inexpensive it's a hundred dollar shoe and it's still built like a tank it's got the rubber outsole it's got the thick mesh upper it's got a thicker tongue so this thing is gonna last for forever this is gonna be your two three four hundred

mild kind of shoe and a hundred dollars for a daily trainer you are going to get some of the best dollar per mile usage out of this so if you're looking for a daily trainer kind of shoe you don't mind that slightly clunkier feeling and you want a

really good bang for your buck this is certainly worth considering it's gonna be a way better buy than those hundred and fifty I've seen two hundred and eighty dollar high mileage kind of shoes this is gonna be a much better choice now the specs in the shoe are

that it has a 26 millimeter heel an 18 millimeter forefoot so we've got an eight millimeter heel to toe drop that's right on the edge of what I would recommend new runners start to stay away from because new runners in their first year running they're still developing their

lower leg strength and what we find is big heel to toe drop shoes actually increase the likelihood of now on the nike react flying at infinity run I found that it didn't feel like it ran like a big heel to toe drop kind of shoe but this it

felt a little bit more like a heel to toe drop kind of shoe so this would be something more for the athletes that have been running for a year or more developing that lower leg strength and haven't experienced any injuries during that first year now as I said

before and a lot of my other shoe reviews and in these shoe reviews my question of are these good shoes do I like these shoes always comes back to do I gravitate towards these shoes when I know enough about them that the review is done in this case

the answer is no actually I loved running in these I loved running in these even though I have fresh new pairs of Nike Vapor fly four percent waiting for me I kept gravitating towards these and I'm gonna run in them until they are completely dead these tend to

collect a little bit more dust I'm very biased I tend not to like big thick clunky daily trainers and that sort of what these run like now if that's your jam definitely go for it you're gonna have a shoe that lasts a super long time rubber outsole basically

looks like it's untouched by guarantee I promise that I did running these the thick almost canvas like shoe on the upper here the really thick tongue this is gonna last for forever but it's a lot of those things that caused me to not gravitate towards this shoe I

like to feel light and springy and like I've got some sort of pop off the ground these have that these have that in this case this shoe is a lot more dead feeling well you do have some decent cushion here and it's not hard on the body when

you run in it it's just not springy it's kind of like if you ran in the original Hoka MOX which are really expected to be springy get you off the ground this is a lot like that you're doing a lot more work it feels like you're working a

lot more for every single foot stride which I mean frankly it's fine if you're doing low intensity zone 2 runs just general long runs fitness building runs you don't need to go fast the pace doesn't matter the foot turnover doesn't really matter at all I just tend to

like to feel a lot more springy and in this case you don't have that the upper is also like really really thick and I like to feel if you've noticed on my Instagram like I'm basically make it as a jaybird I like to feel free and easy I

like to run with a shirt off I like my feet to not feel constricted and sweaty I like things to feel light and airy you don't get a lot of Sun here so I like to have Sun on the skin yeah and it's Sun on my skin in

a while here cuz it's still winter the upper in this it's gonna be thick and the tongue in this I've become a bit of a tongue snob the tongue in this is definitely really thick so that means it's gonna last a long time it's gonna keep its shape

but I find that really big thick squishy tongues really just they more get in the way than anything and yeah I find as you start tightening up the shoe and you want to lock it in up here where the runners not you end up having just scrunches and

it's more things that can go wrong in addition to that the lacing system you know what it's fine it's a typical barrel lace you can tie it up really tight you don't have a lot of length on it so I would recommend using runners not on this and

then finally as far as like barefooted NISS goes if you want to use these barefoot to toughen up your feet because I would not be running triathlon with this they're just that slow I probably wouldn't run in this barefoot little bit rough on the inside just just that

much now this isn't to say that this is a bad shoe this is just a bad shoe for me if you like though more structured those bigger shoes you don't feel like that clunkiness holds you back at all you don't want that superlight springy feeling and you want

just a high-mileage kind of shoot that's gonna last for forever and you don't want to constantly be replacing shoes every few months or if you are replacing shoes every few months and you want to save some cheddar get these hundred dollar shoes and here can last for forever

so yeah fine shoe just not for me sizing is accurate durability is accurate weight is good heel to toe drop is fine so with that said if you do want to try to win one of these pairs of shoes one of these pairs of shoes one of these

pairs of shoes your choice of any of these pairs of shoes in your size brand new not sweated up whatsoever hit the link in the description below all you have to do is enter your email address and you can enter to win the giveaway from roadrunner sports thank

you so much to Roadrunner Sports for having an TK and I out there and letting me try these shoes and hopefully this brings a smile to at least three people's days because there are three prizes and three shoes so those are the shoe reviews for this weekend trainee

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