ATREYU SHOE REVIEW: My Favourite New Running Shoe Company

jeez Warren trainee acts almost fell there these just might be one of my new favorite running shoes these are the trail runners it's by a start-up out of Austin Texas and I really like them they're brand new is a really small company this is like a pre-release that I got my hands on and I'm really excited about new things happening in the shoe industry so trainee acts these Trejo shoes aren't necessarily my favorite running shoes that award will go to the vapor fly for percent not even the newest ones but this is probably one of my favorite shoe companies to follow right now because it's actually been started by a trainee AK somebody who has taken up triathlon the last few years has been a runner historically and they wanted to make a running shoe that just kind of got through a lot of the overhead and the red tape and the height of the running shoe industry and the fake studies and the fake reports and really just make a good running shoe and that's what they've made so while this isn't my favorite running shoe it's one of my favorite running shoe companies to follow because it's got personality we see what they're going through as they're bringing in shoes and as they're figuring out how to stock all the shoes and I think it's really interesting so let's get into how this shoe actually performs the stats on it are that it is a $95 shoe very very accessible it's a 5.

6 ounce shoe very very light it has a six millimeter heel to toe drop being 21 and a half millimeters in the heel and 15 and a half millimeters in the forefoot really good stats there this is a very flexible shoe the upper on it is one piece really really light and BRE the bull on the surface all the stats show that this would be a really fast shoe a shoe that's similar to some racing flats but it doesn't necessarily perform exactly like those racing flats and one of the interesting things about this shoe is that a trio does not really pinpoint this as a fast shoe or a high mileage shoe or a daily trainer shoe or a trail shoe anything like that it just kind of positions it my impression as a good shoe and that's sort of my impression – I would say that this shoe is really good for your general runs not necessarily your fast runs not necessarily super long runs but just your general 30 to 60-minute runs and I'll get into why I think that's what it's good for look at the stats of this shoe it starts becoming fairly comparable to something like a New Balance fresh foam Zante or the Saucony kin vara something that's light ish decent for racing can get a little bit snappy and fast but also fairly inexpensive not a whole lot of structure not a lot of bells and whistles just a decent shoe that's comfortable I use these for some fast runs and they did perform very well and I'll share some stats with you on why I think that is I also use these for some longer runs I wasn't a big fan of them for longer runs because they are so light something that's five point six ounces is not a big burly beefy shoe with lots of structure to take on a lot of load so I found that I was a little bit beat up towards the end of a long run I also wouldn't really use these for trail running I use these a little bit on some gravel on some trail like light light trail and even some like slick grass and on that alone the sole which is basically just designed for rode it got a little bit slippery so I wouldn't really use this for offroad running I would use this for your general meat and potatoes kind of thirty to sixty minute runs my impression of it basically is that it's a very very comfortable shoe I like a nice light shoe because I find that a light shoe allows my feet to just feel kind of snappy and quick this being 5.

6 ounces is probably the second lightest shoe that I've ever run in the other one basically being a running slipper at three ounces which was not very enjoyable to run in but this at 5.

6 ounces it allows you to get off the ground really quickly it's also got a really nice sole I like there's not a lot to it but what I found is that the sole tends to just encourage you naturally to kind of move forward to land on your mid or your forefoot and just easily roll forward and that's kind of interesting because it's not as much of a heel to toe drop as something like the vapor flies that are completely structured to absorb some cushion here and then boom really snap you forward this just with the structure of the sole the density and the type of foam that they've used in a sole it's got a really nice natural feel to it like I say I would compare these to a sake Nikken vara and New Balance fresh foam Zante just something that's a decent feel a nice comfortable feel smooth inside nice small thin little tongue really long laces for a double knot or a runner's knot that you can tie tightly and you're not gonna have to worry about it coming undone just a good shoe but where I struggled a little bit with this shoe is in what its kind of good at and what it's like not so clearly good at I think it's that fact that it is just kind of a generally good shoe it's not great at being anything so like I say the long runs probably a little bit light to absorb all that pounding also being fairly light what I found is that it performed a little bit like those racing flats that don't have a lot of miles in them a lot of those racing flats are rated for like one race this I give the benefit of the doubt that it could last a lot longer than that I've probably got somewhere around thirty to forty miles in it still some snap in it but I was certainly noticing that after 15 miles or so it was losing some of that early snappy mess so with all that said I wanted to actually see some performance numbers so what I did was I actually got out the vo2 Master mask and I did 10 minutes with the Nike infinity runs this is kind of like a heavier daily trainer high mileage kind of shoe then I did ten minutes in the U trays and then I did ten minutes in the vapor fly four percent and with each of them I captured that vo2 mask data to see how hard I was working I used the stride foot pod to see what the run dynamics were and I had the treadmill on the exact same settings the entire time I didn't even turn it off in between when I change shoes we're gonna throw out the 10-minute do to numbers from the Nike infinity runs because that ended up being like a warm-up and basically it skewed how hard I was working down because my heart rate was climbing in those first 10 minutes but some of the things that we can see are that the vapor flies actually put out more watts so I was putting out more power even at the same setting on the treadmill than I did with the atreya while I was not working as hard my vo2 numbers the amount of oxygen that I was requiring to put out that power was actually lower with the vapor fly the pace that the stride power meter actually perceived was fastest on the vapor fly the leg spring stiffness was also better on the vapor fly so what we see with these shoes is that they are going faster while it's feeling easier and my perception is exactly that but does that mean that the atreya are not good shoes no what we're doing is we're comparing a $300 shoe the most expensive dollar per mile shoe that you can possibly get that is completely engineered for absolute performance to $95.

00 shoe and the difference is fairly marginal what we can also see is that the pace that the stride power meter detected between the issues was actually faster on the Atreyu shoes than the Nike infinity run the average cadence was also higher in the Atreyu than it was in either of the other two shoes so that confirms that the lightness of the shoe allows you to get off the ground really quickly and while I realize that this is like an N of one completely unscientific test it is still data and it can confirm a little bit of these subjective measures about what I feel about this shoe that being that this is a good shoe it's a comfortable shoe but because it is so light because there aren't a lot of bells and whistles going on with it you're not gonna get a shoe that does a lot of the work for you but you're getting a shoe that at ninety five dollars is still very comfortable and very capable so with that said I've got no problem at 95 bucks recommending that people give them a try where I would say that you slot them in but you'll find out where you slot them in in your individual running is basically in that thirty to sixty minute general kind of run maybe some faster brick runs and saving this for those certain days that you just want to feel kind of light while doing a slower shorter run there's a lot to be said for making those shorter kind of otherwise plotting garbage mile runs or just general fitness building runs whatever you want to call it if you can make those more enjoyable by having a lighter shoe you're gonna be more encouraged to get out and do it a little bit more often so that's what I like these shoes for that said on a dollar per mile kind of basis you're probably gonna go through them fairly regularly but it's not gonna break the bank because it's not a super expensive shoe that you have to replace constantly so thanks Michael founder of a trio for sending this out really interesting to follow along people should go follow it and give it a shot I think it's one of the most interesting shoe stories that's going on out there and if you aren't already subscribed and you like shoe reviews and a little bit of pseudoscience like this hit the subscribe button below later trainee axe.