Adidas Mark Suciu ADV – Shoe Review & Wear Test

It's really hot out here reviewing shoes for you.

Hi, my name is Christian Flores.

I've been skating for about 10 years.

We are reviewing the Adidas Suciu ADV So just to be clear I'm not sponsored byany shoe company I don't know anyone at Adidas or Mark Suciu so I will tell youif they're bad.

If they're good, I'll give them a good shoe review and be like “hey you should buy them”.

So we just bought the Suciu ADV's.

ADV is supposed to stand for advanced so were going to try them out, skate them for about a week and see how advanced they are.

I got these brown ones.

Adidas calls them mesa.

These shoes are 80 bucks they should skate pretty good.

Skating ruins shoes.

I know most people like to break in their shoes.

I like my shoes like when they're new and really stiff.

These feel really floppy actually so you guys might like that more.

For the toe cap honestly I don't like it.

I don't like the toe cap at all.

I might change my mind when I skate it.

One of the reasons I did want to skate these is this guy.



It's really thick back here for your heel bruise.

Normally I buy “Jellin” insoles and I'm not doing that for this.

They look like they will be good for jumping down stuff but after two hours wedon't know on the tongue has his name and it's supposedto keep your foot straight or something.

It moves but I guess when you skate you can tell.

On the sole it's like normal Adidas grip.

This part is like a basketball shoe though.

I've always liked Adidas though.

I'm actually pretty excited to skate these.

We are going to head outside and see how they skate.

Alright, let's skate.

They feel stiff but not super stiff.



These insoles feel really good actually.

I really like them.



hit the planter.

They feel super solid.

The toe looks stupid but is working good.

Just got through skating for a little bit.

They feel nice and snug and hold your foot real good in there.

I still don't like the way the toe looks but function wise it's really good.

The insoles feel nice and safe.

I jumped down the set and it didn't hurt when Ianded.

My first impression of these that they are pretty good but that's only a first impression.

I'm going to skate them for about a week.

I'll come back, talk to you guys when I actually feel about them.

First impression was good.

Feels nice, feels nice.

So I'm back.

I've been skating these for about a week every day a couple hours everyday.

and I'm going to go ahead and start off by telling you guyswhat I like about them The good thing about the shoes are they still feel pretty snug like the first time I skated them.

I think it's actually because the tongue didn't move at all and held your foot down.

I really like the shape of the toe.

It feels good.

I feel like my flat game was on point.

I usually super glue shoes after 7 days but these have not ripped open yet.

Where I feel the Suciu's have performed the best is low impact skating.



flatground, ledges.

I just felt like I got good board control.

I don't know if a shoe makes you kickflip better but I feel like I have a better kickflip with these.

I was hopeful and excited to jump down stairs with these insoles thinking that they'd be good for everything but when I actually decided to jump down something kind of big, I realized these were not great for high impact.

It wasn't as good as it was for skating flatground and ledges.

I hit my heel one time pretty hard and got a heel bruise.

It was good for like twoor three tries and then it started to hurt really bad.

It was tolerable but it still hurt.

Like the rest of the shoe, I feel like the insoles are made for low impact skating.

Skating ledges flat ground.

Not really so much high impact.

these are pretty good but they're not gonna replace my gel insoles.

I really enjoyed skating in these shoes.

I reallylike them BUT, these lines are annoying I just don't like them, I don't want lines on my toes.

I got the brown ones and I should have gotten the black and white ones because these go with nothing that I wear and I look ridiculous in everything.

Mark Suciu made a pretty good shoe all around, comfort, function and I would buy them again.

I wanna know what you guysthink so go ahead leave a comment below saying what you think about these shoes, what shoes you want me to review next I'll actually respond to it.

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shoe drop, I'm out!.