10 Shoes Every Woman Needs!

– There's essential shoes we all need for the fall/winter season.

Hi ladies, it's Erin andwelcome back to my channel.

My goals for my channel, make style simple.

And really help you getyour style back on track.

One of the ways that I'vealways done this with clients and with you all here on YouTubeis by talking about basics.

There are certain basicsthat your wardrobe needs in order to function.

So you also should have some basics for your shoes and boots.

I wanna focus in on 10 pairs that I think you should have forthe fall/winter season.

These are all shoes and boots that will be theheavy-hitters in your closet.

They're the ones you'd reach for again and again and again and again.

And so they're reallyimportant shoes and boots, and I'm gonna talk about different ways you can modify along the way.

I'm also gonna talk about, if you wanna step upyour game a little bit, some things you mightwanna consider adding.

Shall we get started? Let's do it, talk about shoes.

It's like one of my favorite topics ever.

I love shoes.

The first essential pair of shoes that we all need are a pair of flats that are comfortable that we can walk in.

A lot of you had recommended Rothy's.

This brand that I had not heard of before.

So, I went ahead and I got a pair of black knit-textured Rothy's.

They are pointed toe, so I felt like they looked pretty modern.

I also like the texture, they are very comfy.

They do come with these separate insoles that you can buy to makethem even more comfortable, and they do have a rubbersole so you don't slip around.

They run really narrow, so just be aware of that.

I have a narrow foot and they'reeven a little tight on me.

Are they my favorite flats? I don't know, I think I'd still go with the Sam Edelman Felicia or the Sam Edelman leopard print flat that I featured during the Nordstrom sale.

I think that would probablybe my all-time favorite, but a black pair'sgonna be more versatile.

So thinking about gettinga pair of black flats that could be ColeHaan, that could be AGL, that could be Sam Edelman, that could be Rothy's, that could be Tieks.

Whatever brand that you prefer, I happen to think theones I just mentioned are the most comfortableand, if you missed it, I did a whole video on flatshoes and the most comfortable and what's really invaluable in that video besides the content itselfare all of your comments.

So you all had great suggestionswhen it came to flat shoes.

So if you missed that oneand you wanna know more about flats or do a littlebit more research on flats.

Definitely go back and watch that one.

The second pair of shoesthat I think we all need is a pair of black heels.

Let me add a caveat to that.

If you can't wear heels, obviously, you're gonna skip this one, right? You're gonna do something different.

You're gonna add anotherpair of black shoes to your shoedrobe, butif you can wear heels, I have two pairs I wanted to talk about.

The first is this pair.

Low heels are really hard to find, especially low, cute heels.

I love this d'Orsay cutout.

You see the cutout right here? By Sam Edelman, these areso comfortable, so lovely, so chic, so classic butstill feel modern and cool.

The other pair of pumpsthat I love are these.

These are by Jimmy Choo, they're called the Romy pump and I've had them for a couple years.

I wear them all the time.

I wear them on date night.

I wear them to a party or a dinner party.

I'll wear them during the holiday season.

They're always occasionswhere I wear my black heels.

So if you work in an office, I think you're gonnawanna go with this one.

If you want one forholiday party, date night, that kind of thing, Iwould go with this one but again, if you can'twear heels, I'd put another black flat on your listbecause you're gonna need at least two pairs of cool flats.

So maybe do one black flat and one of the leopard print flats I talked about before.

The third pair of shoes Ithink we all need is a pair of neutral, skin-tone, leg-lengthening heels.

Shall I say it again, if you can't wear heels we're gonna swap these out for flats.

These pumps are by Ann Taylor.

I love this scalloped detail.

I hadn't really bought shoesfrom Ann Taylor in a while and then I loaded up this summer 'cause they had so many cute options I'm blown away by these.

I love the way they look, I love the way they fit, I love the way they feel.

They're comfortable for heels.

There's like a disclaimerthere: comfortable for heels (laughs) You know, they're not likesomething you're gonna run around town in, run errandsin, but you need a great leg-lengthening office pump.

These are awesome; theseare also awesome, again, for those date nights, forthose dresses and skirts where you want something thatreally elongates the leg.

Another option that mightbe a bit more modern and less classic, is something like these.

These are a suede, thecolor is called mushroom.

These I wore a ton.

Again, leg lengthening, comfortable for heels and cool, modern, fresh, exciting.

Not just the same old, same old.

So you could go either direction, or you could do both, right? 'Cause I said you might wanna do the basic and then add a coupleof fun things in there.

The next pair of shoesthat we all need to have in our closet is a pair ofblack, low-heeled booties.

I remember people asking meif booties were just a fad and if they were gonna stick around.

Here we are, still talking about booties.

I have three pairs ofbooties I wanna show you.

So when you're thinking about your bootie, obviously, I would getsomething with a low heel.

That's a pre-requisite, has to have a low heel, has to be comfortable.

For me, it has to have a side zip.

I don't want to try and slip on, slip off a bootie that'sa little bit taller.

What I wanted to show youare three of my favorites.

So this one is actually a comfort bootie, it's by Ecco, E-C-C-O andI like about this bootie that it's both black and brown.

You're covering allyour bases there, right? Totally versatile, neutral.

This is not a waterproofbootie and it's not warm.

Which could be an issuefor you if you live in a cool climate, but I thinkjust in terms of a great fall bootie that you can weareveryday, that you know you don't worry about your feetand the comfort level.

It also goes with everything, these are really it.

The second pair of bootiesI wanted to show you is this pair by Everlane, anotherlow-heeled Chelsea bootie, side zip, you see that'sa pre-requisite for me.

And then these are justa beautiful leather, it's really soft, it molds to your foot so it's a little bit stiffwhen you first put in on, but it really doesn't takethat many wears to mold.

You can see it's already molding, it's got my bunion right here.

Which is just a bone people, it's not gross, it's a bone.

Anyway, so it molds to your foot and it's just a beautiful bootie.

Third pair of booties I wanted to show you is this pair, it's got a hidden wedge and it's a shiny, patent leather.

These are by Aquataliaand these are waterproof.

So if you really needsomething that's waterproof but also chic and sophisticatedthat will go with everything in your wardrobe, I wouldsuggest this bootie.

And then, if you need a bootiethat's warm, waterproof, that you can extendinto the winter season, you must look at the line Blondo.

I will put a couple ofrecommendations below, but those are lined withwool, and they're comfortable so they're warm, comfortable, and waterproof, okay? So those are like the perfect rainy, fall, into winter type bootie.

And we talked about thelow-heeled bootie, but now I wanna talk about the dressy bootie, and I think this is another must have.

Dressy booties are differentthan your regular, every-day Chelsea bootie or low-heeledbootie because you can wear them with skirts and dresses.

That's the key distinction.

They're gonna be dressier, they're going to be elevated and you wear them withthings that are dressier.

So this would be the traditional, dressy, side-zip bootie.

Gotta love a side zip, andthese are by Louise et Cie, Louise et Cie is the wife of Vince Camuto.

Her shoes are very comfortable, just like his shoes.

These are a great dressy bootie, easy to get on, easyto get off, comfortable This is the pair I probablylove the most to dress up in.

I just love the sleek stilettoheel, so sexy and fabulous and then I love the pointedtoe, I love the sock bootie aspect, it really clings tothe leg and so, if you wear it with tights, I think it's a really sleek, sophisticated, sexy, look.

You can also wear it withouttights, but I feel like it's more of a lengtheningeffect when you do wear it with tights and skirts or dresses in the winter or the fall.

With these, you're just gonnahave to have your husband drop you off at the door.

They are not super comfortable, but they're also manageable.

You can walk in these, you just can't walk for blocks and blocks and blocks in these.

The next must have pair ofshoes is a pair of sneakers and I love that sneakersare very trendy right now.

I think, in terms of function, it doesn't get better than a sneaker.

So if you haven't embraced this trend yet, I highly recommend you tryit and I know a lot of you feel like (sighs) makesme feel frumpy and shorter and stockier and all that, so I have a work-around.

These, it's like a threeor four inch wedge.

I love these sneakers, theytake a little bit of breaking in, I would say six to sevenwears but they're awesome.

So I wear these all the time to travel in.

So I have this pair oflighter camo and then I have this pair that's black and blue camo.

I feel like it's casual butit also gives me some height, which I love but, if I don'twanna wear the wedge heel, I cal always pull my Veja's and these are really chic and lovely for sneakers.

The only thing with these is that the leather is really stiff.

So it takes a long time to break these in.

We're talking about weeks, maybe months.

Keep that in mind, you'regonna need to give yourself some time with these in orderto properly break them in.

Like I still feel likeI am breaking these in.

So I would say one pairof sneakers is a must.

Just be thinking about what you want and what makes the most sense for you.

Do you want the wedge, or not? Do you want white? Do you want black? Do you want trendy? Do you want classic? I would go with something thatyou're very comfortable in that you really are drawnto and work around that.

Next, I wanna talk knee-high boots.

This is not one of thosethings that you need to have loads of them, youreally only need one pair.

If you're only going to getone pair, there's certain things I would look for in the bootie.

I would look for somethingwith a modern toe.

I would look for a stacked, short-ish heel like this one, and I would look forone in a neutral color, like this brown tone.

This color will go withboth blacks and browns and that's one of thereasons why, if you're only gonna do one, I would do this color.

Kinda like a cognac or honey brown.

If you wanna add an extrapair, then I would consider getting also a black knee-high pair, and you could do the samething with the stacked, chunky heel, or you can go more like this route where it's more of a specialty boot So this one is stillsurprisingly versatile, but it's definitely moreof a sexy, statement boot because of the texture, it's that croc embossed texture and also the stiletto heel.

These are by Shutz, butfor maximin versatility go with that small-ish, stacked heel, almond toe, brown toned color.

I think it's great to havea pair of statement shoes in your closet that youcan pull out when you're really wanting to look abit special, you wanna wear something that is sexy orjust festive or for a special date night, or for traveling and you wanna really step up the game.

It's nice to have a pair ofstatement shoes, something that really pops and stands out asbeing different and unique.

I probably have a lot of statement shoes.

I only brought two pair to show you.

This is one pair that Ilove, it's by Aquazzura and this is called theAmazonian, so it's like a full lace up shoe andyou can also do something like this in black, or youcould do like a cool gold tone.

It's something that has some pop.

So these are really standout shoes, I also love that they're leg lengtheningfor me because it is really my skin tone color, but youcould also go this route.

Where you just do an animal print bootie.

These are by Halogen fromNordstrom, they're under $100.

Really sexy, reallyfun, sassy, interesting, stand out, pop, not gonna break the bank.

Reasonably comfortable for heels.

Aquazzura, by the way, makes gorgeous flats.

So if you're looking for a stand out shoe or a statement shoe that isa flat, I would definitely look at that line, and Iwill put a couple suggestions below and definitely I'll put a suggestion for flats in a lower price point, too.

The next pair of shoes that Ithink is important to have or consider adding to your shoedrobeis a pair of rain boots.

This is especially trueif you live in a climate where it rains a lot andthen it rains all day.

They're great if you walkto work and it's rainy.

They're also just greatwhen you're out and about running errands and it'swet and damp and rainy and yuck and there're puddles.

It's just a very chicway to keep your feet and your body protected from the rain.

I have a Burberry pair ofrain boots I invested in about five years ago, butyou don't have to spend that much on your rain boots, you can get a great pair, even from Wal-Mart, just be aware that rain boots tendnot to breath that well.

So you may wanna size up a halfa size with your rain boots just to give your feeta little breathing room.

I feel like sometimes ifyou get your regular size, you foot is claustrophobicin the boot and it doesn't breath and so it getsreally hot and sweaty.

So that's just something to think about.

The last pair of shoesthat I think we all need, unless you live in a really hot climate, like southern California, Florida, parts of Texas.

You may need a pair of snow boots.

One of the heavy hitters isjust a pair of slip-on Uggs.

I actually, these are asmall wedge, I actually wear my bigger wedge Uggs more often, but they're slip on/slipoff, but they're low enough where it doesn't bother me and I don't need a side zip forthose, but these are warm, cozy, comfortable, and they add height and I really appreciate that.

They're easy to get on and off.

I also wanted to show youthe newest pair of snow boots that I bought because I'm just really excited about the color.

I know, they're white, you're like what.

They're gonna get so muddy.

Yeah they might, I don't know, but they're waterproof right.

So I'll them out this winter.

I just love the way theylook, I think they're so cute.

These are Sorel's, as you can see.

They have great treads, they have a huge wedge, it's like four inchesand they're very warm, they're very comfortableand they are lace ups, which, usually, I don'tdo because I don't like to lace up boots, but I canactually just slip my foot on and off if the laces are alittle bit on the loose side.

Again, if you can't wearheels, we're gonna modify and we're gonna choose a different pair of flats for the heels I mentioned.

If you live in a super hotclimate, you may not need the rain boots and you maynot need the snow boots, but, in general, for most ofus, that is the top 10 list.

You wanna add to that, great, but these are the basics that you need to have andwhen you're thinking about what pair of bootiesshould I buy, or what pair of knee high boots, Ihope you'll think about the criteria that I talkedabout during this video.

Let me know if you guyshave any questions.

You can comment below.

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I did do a video, if you'relooking for more snow boot suggestions, I did do a snowboot video, I think it was a couple years ago, butit's really still relevant.

So that's another videoI'll put a link to below in the description box andof course I'll put links to all of these boots belowin the description box as well as some othersuggestions as I talked about for the flats and maybeat a lower price point.

That's it, thank you somuch for watching and I'll see you next time, bye.

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