Perfect Sunglasses For Face Shape | How To Buy Right Shades | Aviator Wayfarer Sun Glass Styles

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

Today, we're going to talk about sunglasses.

Specifically, I'm going to help you find theperfect pair for you.

What I don't want to have happen is you goout there and you buy an expensive pair of sunglasses and you never wear them.

Guys, that's the worst thing that can happen.

In today's video, I'm going to give you threetips general tips about buying sunglasses.

Then I'm going to get ultra-specific.

I'm going to give you talk about six faceshapes and five styles and which styles to avoid with the face shapes, and which onesare pretty good.

Then I'm going to get into a little bit more.

But guys, go check out the free e-book.

I've got it for you right here.

In that free e-book, I cover a lot more.

I talk about frame types, frame materials, lens types, lens materials all of that, I get into right in here.

I'm not going to be able to cover all of thatin today's quick video, but again, it's covered right here in this free e-book which you cangrab.

All right, guys.

Let's get into tip number one: confidence.

You have to be confident in whatever you areputting on your face.


Make sure those sunglasses just make you feelgreat.

The best way to do that go into a store inperson, try them on, look in the mirror, and say “Do I like this?” Go with your gut instinct, guys.

This is going to point you usually in theright path.

Sunglasses are all about confidence.

It's all about feeling great in them and beingable to carry yourself.

If you don't have that, guys, nothing elseis going to matter.

I can tell you, you can have the right sunglassesfor the right face shape, and it's not going to matter if you're not confident in thoseglasses.

Tip number two is to buy the best pair thatyou can comfortable afford.

I know a lot of you guys like to save moneyand get the three for $20.

The problem with that is that you treat themlike really cheap sunglasses.

You don't buy a case.

You throw them around.

You're like “Ah, they're just cheapos.

” You mistreat them.

They break down.

You just don't care for them.

They never feel great, because if you lookat the selection, oftentimes, they're made more poorly, and they're just not as gooda quality.

The lens are definitely not very good quality.

When you spend good money sometimes a littlebit more than what you're comfortable spending usually going to be the most expensive glassesyou've ever bought.

You put them on, and you feel great.

You look great.

Guess what, guys? You start to take care of those sunglasses.

You buy them a case.

You actually don't throw them around.

You clean them not with your shirt but withactually a special cloth.

They're actually made of a higher-qualitymaterial, so they start to last longer.

I can tell you, I've got glasses that areeight years old.

Before that, I had the el cheapos.

Those el cheapos, I treated like that.

They broke within usually a few days if nota couple months.

But I can tell you, because I now treat thesebetter, and I feel better every time I wear them, I get compliments.

Because I feel confident in those glasses, and because I treat them well, they have lasted a long time.

Guys, don't be afraid to spend a little bitmore.

You're going to feel better every time youwear them.

Tip number three is to experiment with a varietyof styles.

Men, we are creatures of habit.

We find something that works for us, and westay with it.

You possibly have been wearing the same stylefor 10, 20, maybe 30 years.

If that is the case, guys, consider changingit up.

But I'm not talking about changing going toa wild side.

Maybe you like aviators.

Maybe you like wayfarers.

All of a sudden, you start going with maybea variation in the color.

You start changing up the tint of the lens.

You may be going with something.

But stick with something classic.

If you like wayfarers, you try aviators.

The point is, guys, is experiment.

Get outside your comfort zone.

Because glasses are worn right here on theface and they're worn during the summer, they are very much a style accessory.

You can change it up.

It can really change your overall look.

I do recommend each man maybe have one, twoextra pairs out there.

Some of you guys probably have ten pairs ofsunglasses.

Now, let's talk about sunglass styles, andlet's talk about the face shapes that they complement and they don't complement.

I summarize all of this in a chart.

You can go check it out right over here.

This chart's going to go into a lot more detailthan I'm going to quickly cover here.

But right now, let's start off with one ofthe most classic in men's styles out there: aviators.

I can tell you, I'm starting with aviatorsbecause they work with pretty much every face shape out there.

If you've got a round face, if you have asquare face, if you have a rectangle face, if you have a heart-shaped face, it is mostlikely aviators are going to work.

What you want to be careful of with aviators, though, is that there are variations.

There are thicknesses of the frames that willchange.

If you're going to go with square-shaped aviators, be careful.

Go back to that first rule.

All of a sudden, if you have a square-shapedface, you probably don't want to go with square-shaped aviators.

You want to maybe look at something that'smore teardrop.

Now, teardrop, you want to be careful if youhave a round-shaped face.

But overall, you go with a classic pair ofaviators.

They're going to do a great job for protection, and there's a reason why they're classic.

They've been around for a long time, and theywork for a wide variety of men.

Now, let's go to wayfarers.

Wayfarers, by just basically the way they'rebuilt up, they are going to be more square.

The one face shape that needs to be reallycareful here are going to be square-faced men.

If you have a square face, be careful of wayfarers.

I'm not saying you can't pull it off, butit's going to be much harder than if you have let's say a round-shaped face or an oval-shapedface.

The key if you've got an oval- or a rectangle-shapedface is to make sure the wayfarers are not too wide.

Now, let's talk about round frames.

In general, not one of my favorites, but Iknow a lot of people like it.

It can work to soften the edges, especiallyif you have a square face shape.

If you perhaps had a head that is going tobe shaped like a diamond or if you have a rectangle.

In those cases, then definitely round-shapedlenses can help.

Again, size is going to be very important.

Next, let's talk about the club master.

Club master is where we have half of a frame.

Usually, up here at the top, you're goingto see a heavier frame.

Now, club masters are going to work out reallywell if you've got a round-shaped face, or if you actually have one that is going tobe a little bit thinner.

They can actually help again.

But you don't want to go too far out, otherwise, it's going to draw too much attention to the glasses, and it's going to make them looka bit odd.

In addition, it's also going to work wellwith a triangle- and a heart-shaped face as well.

The final style I want to cover here is goingto be the wraparound.

Made very popular nowadays with sports andall types of sunglasses like that.

I'm going to say pretty much they work withany face shape because of the function.

That's the first thing you need to focus onwith sunglasses is making sure that you're wearing them for the right function.

These are mostly going to be sport-oriented.

The key here it to get the right size.

If you have a really narrow head, you don'twant something that's really going to be out there and wrapping around.

That's just going to look odd.

Make sure that you bring it into the rightsize.

I would say if any face shape needs to becareful of the wraparound, it's actually going to be the rounded face.

Sometimes, it can just look a little bit odd.

I alluded to it in the last section, but let'stalk about glasses size.

If you look on the inside of the arm of apair of sunglasses or sometimes prescription glasses as well, you usually see three sizes, especially if it's a higher-quality sunglass.

What we're going to see is the first sizeis actually going to be the lens width.

Then the second size is going to be the bridgewidth.

The last one is going to be the length ofthe actual arm right there of the sunglasses.

Why does this matter? Well, it doesn't matter if you have a regular, normal-sized head, which about half the population does.

You'll be able to pull off whatever most likelythe company is putting out.

But if you have a smaller head, if you havea larger head, which is going to be the other half of the population, all of a sudden, youwant to have something that is going to be proportional to the size of your head.

Guys, that's why getting back to point numberone about confidence, it's so important that you try them on and you get a gut reactionthat they're too big, a gut reaction that they're too small.

If that's the case, then look to size up.

That's when you would actually want to searchonline.

Oftentimes, specialty retailers will actuallygive you one size but a little bit larger overall proportionally.

It's just going to look so much better.

In addition, it's going to be more comfortable.

Guys, I've covered a lot in this video, butlike I said, I cover a lot more in the e-book.

In the e-book, I talk about all differenttypes of frames, talk about full frames, half frames, no frames.

I talk about frame materials.

We go into each of the lenses, too.

We talk about coverings and coatings.

We talk about lens colors and why they matter.

Guys, a lot more in the e-book.

It's free right here for you.

Again, I would love to hear from you guysdown in the comments.

What is your favorite style? What is your favorite type of sunglasses? What did I miss? What would you like to see? Guys, take care.

I'll see you in the next video.


Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses – FRAMES FOR $6.95!!! – Zenni Optical Review

Hi everyone so today I am going to be talking about an eyeglass compnay know as Zenni Optical.

So a couple of weeks ago I went on my social media and I was asking peoplewhere I could order my glasses from I it had been forever since I had a pair ofglasses.

Four years! I got the ones that I have worn in all the previous videosfour years ago so that was before kids and finally I was like you know what youneed to get your eyes checked so I knew I wanted to order my glasses online butI really didn't know where to go I had heard of Zenni Optical before but I justI wanted to see what else was out there so I looked at about I think six toseven different online ordering companies that you can order youreyeglasses on and I decided to go with Zenni Optical and I am going to sharewith you why I decided to go with them so first and foremost let me just saythat I am a loving the red frames I have wanted a pair of red frames since Ibegan to wear glasses I was 6 years of age when I had to wear glasses but I wastold that I couldn't wear red glasses because of my skin tone andit wouldn't work with it as well as when I got older that red lipstick wouldn'twork with my skin tone well obviously I'm 34 and I don't know what folks we'retalking about basically I'm saying that don't let anyone limit what you can dobased on their insecurities so if it's something that you want to try and youlike it then go for it so let's just getright on it for starters I went with Zenni Optical because of their pricepoint for their frames.

these frames were $15.

95 my purple frames were $6.

95 like whatwhat the what in the world are you serious so right after that as far aspriceless concerns Zenni Optical was it I like the aray of frame selection thatthey had and I also really liked their price point second reason why I decidedto go with is Zenni Optical over all else is because I also live in Florida and soI wanted to have something that was a transition lens I had a transition lensbefore in my old glasses and I wanted to have that as well in my new set ofglasses so when I looked online at all these othercompanies all they had to offer was the transition lens and that runs about ahundred dollars and I'm like okay there has to be a better way Photochromic which isbasically your lenses are clear and then when you get out to the sunlight theywill tint so as any optical has different versions of tent I believe ithas the green the blue the amber or like the yellow color and the gray I optedfor the grey for my red lenses and the amber are the yellow color for my purplelenses so the difference they had three different tiers the one that I haddecided to go with was the Zenni Opticals one it was the cheapest of allthree options it was $19 so the two colors that I decided to get which wasthe grey and the amber color they have between a it's 50 to 80% transitionobviously the 50% is for the colors of the blue and the green you get thehigher percentage with the two colors that I decided to go with which was thegrey and the amber I'm not mad at the fact that it was $19 to add that andlike I said before I got the specific transition lens are that type that'sthe name of the type of photochromatic transition and that was a hundreddollars it was the same price if he went through Zenni Optical and then theyhad a second one and I that was like $60 I can go to the website it actually kindof breaks it down and I'll put that in the link below where it breaks it downand gives you the percentages and everything so I decided to go with Zennibecause $19 for a transition was amazing I don't have to buy a prescriptionsunglass which was running anywhere even on the cheaper end with my even on thecheaper in with just the lenses prescription was about $54 and I justreally didn't want to do that because I would have to carry around my sunglassesmy prescription sunglasses on top of my glasses so I just opted for the for the transition and it worked out better for me that was a better choicefor me and like I said Zenni was the only company that offered that at alower price everyone else was $100 or more and Zenni offered it as a threedifferent price point so it had something for everyone's a price pointwhich I really appreciate it so that's why I went like that a little thing thatyou guys should know when you're ordering your glasses online whether youhave astigmatism you're near-sighted you're far excited when I went on thereI ordered it as a single lens a single lens frame and then you make sure tohave your prescription from your eye doctor when you're getting yourprescription you need to ask for the PD or your pupil distance because whenyou're ordering your glasses online a company that you go with they are goingto ask that Zenni Optical was very very easy to order from i was able toput in my prescription as well as my pupil distance and seriously it was alot easier than what i thought i like Zenni Optical because not only dothey have the option for you to upload a photo for yourself i ordered mine onlinewith my computer my husband ordered his through his phone and we were both ableto upload a picture of our face so that we could see what the frames look likeon our faces before we ordered it Zenni also has a 30-day money-back guaranteeexcept for your shipping cost we decided to go aheadand I think we did the $18 shipping so that it could be fast and we ordered ourglasses last Wednesday and today is Wednesday August 30th and we receivedour glasses today in the mail so that's pretty quick 5 business days to createyour lenses as well as the frame so I had no complaints in that departmentwith my glasses I also opted to add the anti-reflective on them because I makevideos and because I live in a very sunny area I decided to add that andthat was an extra $4.

95 on top of my frame and my lenses and the transitionon top of it now all of Zenni's glasses I'm gonna have to read this off so makesure it does so all of the Zenni classes that you getthey come with free anti scratch coating Free UV protection and free hard case andcleaning cloth other companies that I looked at they didn't come with a caseto put your glasses in now I'm not saying that this is the best this is thebest of cases however it is clear plastic so you can see the lenses thishas a nice little soft area that you can put your lenses face down so they're notgonna get scratched and then obviously it comes with your cleaning cloth sothat is pretty nice I like that it does have the anti scratch and that thatcomes standard in your glasses again other companies that I was looking atthey were charging extra for that so let's talk pricethese red frames which by the way are so light I was shocked at how light theyare and they fit amazing so these frames alone were $15.

95 like Istated at the beginning you add on to the lens which is the transition whichis the Zinni's version which was $19 and then be anti glare which was $4.

95 mytotal price for these pair of glasses was $39 $39 purple is one of my favoritecolors and so I had to get a pair of purple frames and these ones like Istated at the beginning the frames themselves were $6.

95 I also got the anti glare which $4.

95 and Zenni version of transition which was $19 so my grandtotal for these was $30.

90 The other glasses, The ones I got four years agowhat's four hundred and fifty dollars complete complete $450 was me going tothe eye exam place, getting my eye exam getting my glasses.

That all adds up to fourhundred and fifty dollars so my glasses alone were four hundred because the eyeexam itself was fifty I went right up the street just up any place to get myglasses I need to get my eye exam which was $45.

to get my eye examsthey literally gave me my prescription that day I came home and I ordered myglasses and total I paid eighty two dollars and sixty-seven cents that waswith expedited shipping say what now I will never what if I tell you Iwill never order my glasses from an eyeglass like going into a optometristagain no no I will just get my prescription from them because Iobviously need to go to an eye doctor to get that but I will cut that middlemanout and I will just order them online from now on I have astigmatismmy husband is farsighted and both of us love love the glasses that we were verysurprised at getting them and and wearing them and actually using themso we were both but what we were both very happy about that also if you arenew to Zenni Optical they will send you a 10% off coupon for your order which isalso something that I use now this video in no way is sponsored I am not bigenough for them to recognize my channel something that I have been thinkingabout doing and I kind of wanted to break down and let you guys know howeverything went because if you are looking into ordering your glassesonline as well this is specifically why I went with this company and like I saidI looked up about I think it was like 7 to 8 different companies my choice is umlike I narrowed it down between Zenni optical and Eye Buy Direct.

those were thetwo that I was kind of battling to see which one I really wanted to go with andis Zenni Optical won hands down just because of the type of frames that I waslooking for their price point and the fact that they did offer those threedifferent tiers for the transition lenses which is something living in asunny state so there you have it on why I decided to go with Zenni Optical overall the other eyeglass online ordering companies that are out there I hope thisis very informative for you guys if you have any other questions maybe I missedsomething and you want to know a little bit more please feel free to put thosedown below in the comment section and I will answer them for you and thank youso much for watching I will bye.


Hey guys welcome to my grandma's house in Canada I am back in Canada visiting my family just for a few days It's a very quick trip.

It's the shortest trip.

I've ever done in Canada, but it's cool to be home It's nice to be back the weather is kind of crappy It's been pouring rain all week, but it's so good to be home, so today is an exciting day I'm going to get my hair done, and as you can see I haven't done my hair.

It was eight months I think the last time I got it colored or cut was eight months ago.

I was originally gonna Just grow out my natural hair color, and you know maybe get a couple highlights or something But after growing it out for a while, I noticed that I have tons of white hairs, so Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to put some highlights or balayage or something in there to kind of cover this up If you don't know I have vitiligo which is a skin condition patches of my skin turn white Randomly and the patches of skin that have turned white the hairs on that skin also turn white so it's been affecting My hair on my head as well, so I'm gonna get a balayage today I'm pretty excited It's a time for a hair update.

That's for sure and also I have These to try on new glasses today's video is sponsored by glassesusa.

com Thank you so much.

They sent me six pairs of Brand new glasses, and I'm so stoked because it was time for some new frames.

They have a really cool website where you can upload a picture of your own face, and then try on any frames They have for sale on your face so you can see what they look like before you buy them.

So I got two pairs of sunglasses and four pairs of regular glasses and all of them have prescription which is exciting, I've actually never had prescription sunglasses before so it'll be nice to be able to see when I my sunglasses on now I really really was looking forward to these ones.

Okay, so these are a really cute pink frame I wanted to try something new you know why not so I got pink ones and they're round I really like round glasses recently.

I hope these look okay on me all these are cute.

I like them.

These are definitely yes, I will probably be wearing these a lot.

I like the color.

It's very subtle It's not as harsh as my usual black frames.

Okay, so these are more of a square shape Which is something I would have gone for years ago.

I was totally into square shape once.

I thought I would try them again These are also pretty cute.

I feel like square shaped glasses give off like a really nerdy vibe I think they look cute when you have your hair up In a ponytail or something.

These are quite similar to the ones I own But they are these thin, quite thin framed round glasses that are really popular in Asia right now How is it overseas? Do you guys see these in like America and stuff? I really like them They're really comfortable because they're so thin, and they're so light you just kind of forget You're wearing them, and the frame.

You know doesn't get in the way of your vision which is cool Oh, I thought these ones are so cute.

They're black and gold Which are like my two favorite colors together.

Gold arms and then the black frame.

I also, really like these ones I'm really happy with all of the ones that I chose Oh, this is so exciting and I could see I had to update my prescription a little bit my eyesight is getting worse unfortunately.

Which one should I wear today to get my hair done? I kind of like these ones they also really liked the first pair Which ones do you guys like the best let me know in the comments, okay, let's try on the sunglasses.

These are super light these are gonna be comfy How cute! I like that I can see! This is crazy.

It's a brand new world.

I have never been able to wear sunglasses and see like further than arms like the way And the glasses are so affordable on this site you guys.

I don't know why I ever bought glasses like in person at the store.

They cost hundreds of dollars in Canada It's quite insane, and my last pair.

I went for some Ray-Ban's This cute like pastel kind of purpley pink fray Yay, I like them They're really cute I will link all these frames down below if you guys want to match with me get some matching frames.

There are over 4000 styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses available and they have both in-house brands and also designer brands as well And there's an awesome 50% off deal for you guys as well if you go through the links in my description box so check That out thank you glassesusa.


I'm so happy.

This is like Christmas for me.

I love getting new glasses it's so exciting.

So this morning all I've been doing is just chilling around the house.

I got up at 4:30 Thank You jet lag I had a really delicious lunch It's so nice being back in Canada where it's so easy to get veggie food I open up my mom's freezer and she had like 5 different kinds of veggie meats and like coconut ice cream and all this awesome stuff, so I had a like fish fillet thingy from Gardein and a salad with hemp oil and balsamic vinegar Which was really nice, and then my mom made a homemade veggie soup, which was super delicious, so that was my lunch But let's head to the hairdresser I don't know if I'm gonna vlog there because I've only been there once before and I don't really feel comfortable Vlogging there yet, but we'll see see what happens either way you guys will see my transformation Three hours later.

I am home from the salon.

The lighting in here is horrendous So it's not doing my new hair color justice, but Sophie did an amazing job There's some really pretty highlights all throughout the front here.

I don't know if you can tell they're really subtle It's exactly what I wanted she did such an amazing job blending The blonde at the bottom with my dark roots look at how pretty it is Some more highlights like underneath here, and the best part is when I put my hair up In a ponytail or a bun or something there's some really cute highlights underneath.

It's probably impossible for me to film I'm sure I'm feeling horribly right now 20 minutes later.

My grandma and I are heading out now to go to the thrift store that she works at.

I want to see if I can find any cute clothes I always like looking at their store when I come back to Victoria.

Hopefully they have something So I found this really pretty tea set but the problem is we don't have room for it in our house It's gorgeous.

It's made from silver It's a teapot It doesn't have a name on it or anything, so I don't think it's you know worth hundreds of dollars or anything But it's just super pretty the little sugar dish and For the cream.

It's really pretty right but Don't have room for it in my apartment tempted to get it and just kind of store it in my Grandma's attic until maybe we have a place in Canada that would have room for fancy stuff like this but Aww I don't know what to do So I ended up passing on the tea set because I don't need it right now even though it was really pretty and I'm leaving with one white collared shirt for a dollar.

This is for my Hermione costume I'm going to a Harry Potter themed party at the end of the month in Korea But it should be interesting so I need a costume for it so so far I brought the shirt and the gray skirt I think I'm gonna need to order a tie off of Amazon because I don't think I'm gonna be able to find the proper Colors out of thrift store, I'm gonna try one more store on Monday, but I might get lucky But I think I'll probably get the tie on Amazon We're going to do some grocery shopping now.

I want to get a couple things to send to my friend in Japan Banana bread flavored shreddies What has anyone tried these are they any good? And they also have the Oreo cereal that used to only be in Korea It's actually kind of gross I remember I was really excited about trying it and then I tried it and I was super disappointed I'm home.

Let me introduce you guys to my other cat Chanel some of you've met her before cuz I've shown her in the video before but not for a while because I haven't been home Say hi she hates cameras like she gets Genuinely pissed off when I take pictures of her you angry angry So I got Chanel about mm eight or nine years ago When I first moved to Japan and she lived with me there for a few years And then when I came back to Canada to finish off my degree I brought her with me obviously and then I decided to just keep her here with my family because she really liked being able to go outdoors and Frolic in the backyard she couldn't do that in my small little apartment in Japan so She's the same kind of cat as Luna and she looked a lot like Luna when she was younger But now that she's getting older her stripes have faded a little bit, and she's a little lighter color I got some nice teas Decaf I wanted it to be caffeinated, but they didn't have one decaf vanilla nut cream and Double bergamot, Earl Grey was craving smoke right and then I found this soy coffee creamer Which I thought would be good in tea, so I'm gonna try that overall you guys know how it is.

It's the so nice brand This one I wanted something like thicker and creamier in my tea cuz' I was using heavy milk before it was kind of water in weird Hmm That's a really good.

This is a vanilla one Today's really good with Earl Grey tea.

Tastes like a London Fog without like the best part the foamy milk But but the flavors there it's kind of sweet For this stuff if you want something a little thicker in your tea or coffee.

It's pretty yummy.

Alright guys, I think that's it for today.

I'm just gonna go chill with my dad I think we're gonna go have dinner together.

If you're interested in getting some awesome glasses from glassesusa.

com My links are all down in the description box to the parts that I got.

Thanks so much for watching guys Next video will probably be back in Korea, so I will see you soon.


How to Buy Glasses Online | EyeBuyDirect x Cortney Ewonus

everyone today I am so excited to befilming this video because it is an unboxing ever view of these littlebeauties from EyeBuyDirect so a little backstory, I don't personallyhave a prescription for glasses however I'd love to wear them as a fashionstatement or just as an accessory.

I think they're so cute and so much fun.

Ifound it really difficult to find good quality glasses that aren't either superexpensive or prescription glasses a lot of the non prescription glasses thatI've tried out the past a few have been really heavy or made of plastic and kindof just hard to see out of I guess so when I heard about EyeBuyDirect I was so excited that they had non prescription glasses.

Not only do they have clear lenses but they also have digital screen protection lenses.

I just think that's such a great idea in this digital age, so many of us are staring at screensall the time.

I know for me personally at work I'm in front with screen if I'mediting videos I'm staring at a screen for a long time even just looking at myphone and I never really thought to protect my eyes.

So EyeBuyDirect kindlysent me two pairs of glasses to try out which I have just so excited about, thequality is just unreal a guy can't wait to get into it.

So to start off I justwant to quickly talk about the EyeBuyDirect website and you haven't heard of EyeBuyDirect before they are an online glasses and sunglasses company.

They have over a thousand styles of both prescription and non-prescriptionglasses and I'm pretty sure they start at like $6, which is so awesome.

So with that many styles it may seem like it would be a little bitoverwhelming to change your pair of glasses but oh my goodness their sightis so easy friendly there are tons of resources in so much detail and justeverything is really easy to navigate.

One of the things that I really loved isthat you can virtually try on the glasses by uploading a selfie so Idefinitely tried that with tons of different styles and colors and you canjust see how each frame will look on your face which is really handy whenyou're shopping online for something like glasses.

Another thing that's reallycool about their site is that they have a whole section about what type offrames to get for your face shape so it gives you an idea of what shapes andstyles and sizes will flatter your face shape the best, which for me was excusebecause I had no idea what we look best on my face shape.

So yes when you're onthe site you basically choose the frame choose the color and then from there youcan choose the lenses whether they're prescription or non-prescription ifyou're getting just clear lenses or digital screen protection lenses thereare tons of options and you can really narrow it down to be the perfectpersonalized pair.

Perfect personalized pair.

That was a tongue twister! Okaynow on to the exciting part so my glasses came in these silver boxesthese ones say Happy Holidays on it because I bought them around the holidaytimes a year might not look exactly like this.

So it's pretty simple sleek packagingthere's a little ribbon that you can pull to take out the glasses.

Inside thebox you obviously get the glasses case with the glasses in there, as well as a lenscloth and a little tool for the glasses and lastly you get a little card thathas their social media information and mine says RFLKT on it because it'sboth of the glasses that I got were from the RFLKT collection by EyeBuyDirect.

So these are what the cases look like that my glasses came in they're reallysleek which I love and they have just a little RFLKT logo on there as well.

I don't even know which ones I want to start with such as love them both somuch.

Okay so just in case any of you watchingare using my face as an example of what type of glasses to get I have aheart shaped face or a base up triangle shape.

So it's a little bit wider at the topand then it kind of goes down a little bit slimmer towards my chin so based oneverything I read on the site about base of triangle shaped faces first pair ofglasses I chose are the prism lenses and I chose to get these ones in thechestnut color.

So for these ones I opted for just clear lenses and they have antireflective and UV coatings.

They have a keyhole nose bridge and double studaccents on the side as you can see and these ones are a medium sized frame.

Now the moment you've probably been waiting for *doo doo doo doo* so this is what they look like on Iabsolutely love them I think the size and the frame is perfect for my faceshape.

I also just love how light they feel, they just are so comfortable.

Theydon't get that kind of behind the ear ache that sometime after classes give.

Do you know what I'm talking about about? Hate that.

But these are just so comfy Iforget that I'm wearing them and also they're just crystal clear so itgenuinely feels like I'm not wearing glasses.

Which is really awesomeespecially if you're like me and aren't used to wearing glasses regularly itmakes them really easy to get used to.

As I said earlier because I don't have aprescription for glasses I just really enjoy wearing them as an accessory so Ireally love how these ones look but yeah I love these so much.

Again these are the Prism lenses in Chestnut.

The second pair of glasses Ichose are the Shade frames and these ones I did get with the digital screenprotection which I'll go into more detail in, in a second.

So again theseones have the classic keyhole nose bridge and the double stud accents.

Ichose a thinner rim for both of the glasses that I picked up because againlike I was reading on this site or my face shapes the rimless style is mostflattering and these ones are considered a small side frame.

So this is what theseframes look like.

I think even though the frames are relatively similar they bothhave a different look which is awesome.

So for these ones I chose to get theEyezen digital screen protection lenses which are designed to shield youreyes and provide comfort during screen time.

So what they have to say is extendeduse of digital devices can make our eyes work harder.

Prolonged exposure requiresthe eye to constantly maintain focus.

This may contribute to eye dryness andfatigue and an inability to maintain focus, headaches and long-term wear on yourvision.

Before sitting down and doing this review, I obviously wanted togive you the good test run before I started talking about them just becauseI feel like that is much more beneficial for any of you thinking of getting thedigital screen protection lenses.

So over the last month or so I've been wearingthese while doing any video editing or watching Netflix or movies and Igenuinely notice the difference I felt like sometimes my eyes would start tofeel as if they were burning when I would stare at the screen for a longtime.

They would of course get tired and dry but with these I find that if I'm staring ata screen for prolonged amount of time my eyes don't get that fatiguedfeeling that they often would without the glasses so I'm really into that ideaand I think it's obviously beneficial for your eyes as well.

These glasses arevery comfortable they're very light.

My vision is crystal clear through them.

I100% recommend eyebuydirect.

com They just have so many options and thecompany is really great about working with their customers to ensure theyget the best possible glasses.

They also have amazing prices for quality of theirproducts so I hope you guys found this video helpful thank you so much forwatching make sure to check out EyeBuyDirect.

I'll leave all of their socialmedia at the end of this video and with that I hope you guys all have a wonderful day.


The Clubmaster Sunglasses Primer – Ray Ban vs. Shuron vs. The Rest

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! Today's video is about clubmaster sunglasseswhich are also known as Ronsir or Browline style.

We're here to talk about the history, howto wear them, how to buy them, and what to look for when you buy these sunglasses.

They were originally invented by Jack Rohrbachfrom Shuron LTD.

At the time, he was the vice president ofShuron LTD and the goal was to create glasses that allowed the owner to customize fit, size, and color.

So they weren't really sunglasses and in the50's and 60's, people would just wear them as regular glasses and sometimes you couldsee them with metal snap-on sunglasses.

By the 1970's, those glasses were out of styleand Hollywood only used them to portray an older man or a geek.

By the 1980's, the TV series moonlightingcame out and Bruce Willis famously wore the Ronsir from Shuron in that show.

They're called browline style because theymake people look at the browline because of the contrasting colors and dark on top.

Typically, lenses are held in metal frames.

Today, sunglasses are much more popular thanthe regular glasses style.

Shuron allowed the customers to basicallychoose any kind of color for the dark parts, the metal parts, and the tinted lenses.

RayBan liked the style and copied it and simplycalled it clubmaster.

They were also much stronger on the marketingdepartment which is why today, the clubmaster is much more well-known and synonymous withthe browline style than ronsir is.

In 1993, Michael Douglas wore the browlinestyle in the movie Falling down and as such, it became synonymous with an angry man.

At that time, it seemed like the clubmasteror browline style were on life support but they really came back strong and today, theywere one of the most popular sunglasses in RayBan.

So what are the hallmarks of Clubmaster orbrowline style sunglasses? Well first of all, it's the frame on top thatis thicker than at the bottom.

The upper part is usually made of plasticor acetate and the bottom part out of metal.

Also, it comes in various color combinationsand so there's nothing really special about it.

Other than that, it really comes down to yourpreference because there's no certain color scheme, combination, or metal color, it alldepends on your personal choice or preference.

Of course, the classics are black or tortoiseshell, gold, in either gray, green, or brown lenses.

If you want the red and white frame with thepink tinted lenses, go for it but it's not a classic.

So how should you wear clubmasters? The look is instantly classic and hence, it'sperfectly suited for a gentleman who likes to wear suits, whether it's a two-piece suitor a three-piece suit.

It just gives you a more timeless appearanceand it's definitely very suited for style reasons than aviator sunglasses.

On the other hand, if you want sunglassesfor function, the clubmasters are not your friend, there are simply too many gaps.

On top, the sun comes in.

When you walk outside, around noon, the sunis all the way on top.

It can come in from the side versus a pairof aviator sunglasses which really covers you much better.

It really hugs your face.

Of course, you can also wear them with blazers, or chinos, or more casual combinations.

it will always give you that slightly vintagelook.

They're great for round, oval, and rectangularface shapes but if you want to learn more about how to find the perfect pair of sunglassesfor your face shape and skin tone, check out this video.

I definitely suggest you try them before youbuy because otherwise, the gaps can bee too big.

I don't have a small head and I'm wearingthe smaller of the two clubmaster sunglasses which is the 49.

So try it before you buy it.

Which brings us to the question, where shouldyou buy your clubmasters? If you want to stick with the original, youshould go with Shuron LTD.

The company has been around since 1865, stillaround today but unfortunately, they are not the strongest in the marketing department, their website is a bit dated.

While you can see all the styles they offer, they don't show you the lenses they have and you cannot really order online.

You have to call in and unless you know exactlywhat frame size you want or like, and what suits you, you're going to have a hard time.

Therefore, I suggest you call them, figureout what local optician carries Shuron so you can go there, try all different optionsand basically create your made to order pair.

Pricewise, it should run anywhere from $165.

00which is what I was quoted from the company but I've also seen it for $75-$115 online.

If you like the regular glasses style, theyalso have the clip ons which look quite cool actually.

They have tinted glasses in literally anyshade you want, polarized only comes in brown, green and gray.

If you want something off the shelf, I suggestyou go with RayBan clubmasters, they're around $150 and you can also customize them in madeto order on their website.

Alternatively, you can go to Amazon and buydirectly from RayBan or to an optician of choice so you don't end up with fake sunglassesand you get something that looks good on you.

Personally, I prefer the classics so I liketortoise shell with dark glasses and gold.

Also, goes well with my skin tone but youcan pick other things and if you want to learn more about how to find a good quality pair, check out our in-depth guide here.

Overall, it's a classic style and I love itbecause it goes well with suits but I suggest you try it before you buy it because unlikeother sunglasses, it comes in so many different shapes and because of the gap, you want apair of sunglasses that fit.

If you enjoyed this video, please give usa thumbs up, subscribe to our channel so you get more videos about sunglasses and otherclassic style things.


7 Ways Sunglasses Make You More Attractive (Backed By Science)

7 Ways Sunglasses Make You More Attractive(Backed By Science) [0:00:00][Music] So, do sunglasses make you more attractive? What kind of question is that? Is the Pope, Catholic? Of course, sunglasses make you look more attractive.

And, in today's video, gents, I’m layingout for you the seven scientific reasons why.

Reason number one, you are going to standout from the crowd.

So, pop quiz here, let me bring up a picture.

Look at all the guys here.

Which man do you notice? Well, they all look the same except for thatone man with the sunglasses.

And, that's the point, gentlemen, sunglassesin a crowded field can help separate you from the pack.

So, I was reading the research of VanessaBrown.

She's a historian that studies dandies ofthe 18th and 19th century.

Well, what she talks about they would infiltrateparts of society to actually try to make change.

So, they would dress in a manner that theywould somewhat fit in, but they wanted certain pieces they wanted certain accessories thatwould say, you know what? There's something different about this guy.

Example being the poet, Oscar Wilde who inhis time period was a rock star.

Here's a guy that didn't come from high-levelsociety, but he would dress in a manner to be able to infiltrate.

And then, he would use accessories like sunglassesto basically stand aloof and to separate himself.

And, people would, no, wait a minute, he'sin here among us, but he, in his poetry and what he's writing about he's actually tryingto create change and actually transform things.

Pretty powerful if you think about it.

Next up, let's talk about facial symmetry.

The idea here is that glasses actually bringbalance to the face.

A balanced face looks healthier looks moreattractive.

Oftentimes, when we look at a person closely, you're going to notice one side of the face is not the same as the other.

We do not find this attractive.

Why? Because it talks about that person's history, their long history that maybe as a child, they dealt with illness.

Maybe when they were still inside their ownmother, they actually dealt with a bit of adversity and they actually had a defect orsomething.

All this people pick up on.

So, if someone's looking for a mate someone'slooking for a partner, we look for these clues that, is this person actually healthy? By wearing the right pair of sunglasses, youcan start to bring more symmetry to the face.

And by the way, if you're wondering wheredid I get these awesome shades from, guys? Enemy Sunglasses, I'm linking to them downin the description.

This is not a sponsorship, I bought thesesunglasses.

My friend, Aaron Marino runs this companyand I support other entrepreneurs.

And I want you guys to go check them out, it is a great company.

I can tell you these are quality shades ata great price.

You're not going to find a better deal outthere.

You'll find more expensive shades that arebasically double the price and are the same quality.

So go check out the specs on his website.

Go – I’ve got also a review, I'll linkto at the end of this video in which I go through all the different styles.

But, it's a great company.

I'm proud to support them and, yeah, I'm goingto go ahead and put a link down in the description and I'll talk to Aaron as well.

I'll get a special discount code which youwill be able to use down in the description because I love what he's doing and they’regreat shades and I use them and absolutely love them.

Next up, let's talk about hiding emotions.

So, if you ever watched professional pokerplayers, these guys are wearing sunglasses they're wearing hats.

They don't want to give away any cues anyindicators of their hand and they understand that the other poker players are constantlyreading each other.

They're looking for body movements, they'relooking for anything a twitch that can somehow give away what is going on with this person.

And, that's the beauty of sunglasses, theycreate a sense of mystery.

We don't know what's going on on the otherside of those sunglasses.

Next, up let's talk about power.

Very closely related to mystery, but do youever notice how police officers, the Secret Service, people that are in charge, they'rewearing glasses.

What's up with that? It's about not knowing their intentions, veryrelated to the whole mystery thing.

But when people in power why do they havepower? Because that you feel that they've got somethingon you, somehow they maybe it's force maybe it's strength, you don't actually know what'sgoing on.

So, when somebody wears sunglasses whetherit's even a lifeguard, you feel is that person watching me, am I doing something wrong.

But, it is something that we do feel peoplethat wear sunglasses they just give off this sense especially the Aviators a sense of power.

And, next up let's talk about the Hollywoodfactor.

So, when you think of Aviators, you thinkof what? A jet pilot maybe Top Gun.

When you see Wayfarers, who do we think of? A wide variety of different actors, but maybeyou think of Jack Nicholson.

In any case, we've got the whole Hollywoodfactor.

For the last hundred years, the idea of whatis cool and sunglasses have gone together.

So, when you wear sunglasses, you're coolyou've got the Hollywood feel.

I mean look at the cool emoji, it's wearingsunglasses.

Now, this next point was relatively new tome and this is that sunglasses can help to prevent wrinkles.

And this is basically because your eyes arenot going to be squinting, you're going to open up your eyes and I actually I was ableto read some of the research on this.

It wasn't like to me a huge difference, butif you're starting to get wrinkles in and around the eye basically that crow's feet, you may want to invest in some sunglasses.

If you're in a sunny area and you're constantlyexposed to a lot of sun, you want to be wearing sunglasses because you want to protect youreyes from UV rays.

And I think being able to have good visionand have eyes that are not always squinting, that is attractive.

[0:05:02]And, let's talk about the power to conceal.

So, when you're wearing sunglasses, guesswhat? We can't see all the things going on withyour eyes.

Maybe you were out partying and drinking lastnight, you've got the whole red eye thing going, guess what? You can cover it up.

Or you've got the baggy black, you know, rightunder the eye kind of thing going on.

Again, you can cover it up.

And I can tell you that that is a lot moreattractive.

Yes, you want to take care of yourself youwant to drink more water you want to maybe use a cream on there that’s going to helpto get rid of that, you want to maybe not go out and party as hard.

But point being, if you need to look goodand you simply can get away with wearing shades, do it because you're going to be able to coverup that, yeah, that glaring kind of look that you don't want to get caught in a picture.

And, let's talk about how glasses draw attentionto the face.

So, the research I read is actually basedoff of regular glasses and it talks about how they can draw attention to the eyes andsunglasses can do the same thing.

So, if you're outside if you're giving a presentationto a lot of people, you all of a sudden instead of squinting all of a sudden you've got thislook right here people are going to be more likely to look at your face which is exactlywhat you want.

You don't want them looking at the pen, youdon't want them going off, you want them focused in on you and the message you’re tryingto get across.

Now, everything I talked about all the research, guys, I will be linking to down in the description to an article that has more information ifyou're looking for.

And, what video to watch next? Well, guys, how about how boots make you moreattractive? Yes, let's do the whole attractive thing andboots are going to make you sexier, they're going to make you better looking.

I cover that in this video right here.

[0:06:28] End of audio.

The Eyeglasses Guide for Men, Part I: History & Style Overview

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette andour series on eyeglasses.

In today's video, we give you a brief historyof my glasses, we'll discuss the anatomy and construction of eyeglasses, and we'll talkabout different frames and what they say about you.

If you have watched this channel for a while, you know that I've never worn eyeglasses and frankly, I just wore them for this video, however, I know someone who has a long history of wearing eyeglasses and he's also a newaddition to our team.

Welcome with me Preston Schlueter to the Gentleman'sGazette! Preston: Thank you very much! Happy to be here! Raphael: Awesome! So, Preston, you're a jazz singer, you like30s style and classic men's style.

For how long have you been wearing glasses? Preston: I've worn glasses since I was threeyears old so it's been quite a long time.

Raphael: Alright and what's the style youare wearing right now? Preston: Well these are basically a classicround frame in a tortoiseshell color with a keyhole bridge and if that doesn't makesense to you right now, we'll cover those terms later in the video.

Raphael:Yeah, so with that being said, Prestonis the expert and I'm not so I'm heading out and he's taking over.

See you later! Alright so let's get to it! Part one of the eyeglasses video.

In the first part of this video, we're justgoing to cover a brief history of eyeglasses and how long they've been around.

The first mention of eyeglasses, as we knowthem today, which is to say two lens corrective frames, comes all the way back from the 13thcentury in Italy.

With this said, however, it's also true thatother cultures around the world had been experimenting with similar kinds of ideas.

It wouldn't have been perfected until thispoint in the 13th century however, for example, there's an Arabic text from the 11th centurycalled the book of optics which essentially laid the foundation for modern eyeglassesbut again, it wouldn't be for another hundred years that we would really see something resemblingthe first modern pair.

Bifocals which are lenses with two opticalpowers date to roughly the 1760s.

They may have been invented by Benjamin Franklinbut we're not absolutely sure about that.

What is known is that he definitely had ahand in creating them.

A short time later in the early 1800s, a Britishastronomer named George Airy created lenses that can correct astigmatism which is a fancyword for blurred vision.

Handheld glasses or lorgnette were the firststyle to be used.

Followed later by pince nez or glasses thatwere secured just on the bridge of the nose.

Of course, we also have to mention the monoclewhich was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

That's a single lens held in the orbit ofthe eye and it was popular among the upper classes in that time period.

By the late 1920s, glasses with temples orarms fitting over the ears became the dominant style.

Well into the 20th-century, eyeglasses werestill considered primarily a medical appliance and weren't designed with fashion in mind.

But by the 1970s, designers caught on thatthere could be a market in designer eyewear and since then, we've seen all kinds of differentfashion forward frames abound.

So what does that mean for eyeglasses today? Basically, they're no longer an accessoryto hide but instead, they're a stylish accent that you can use to complement your wardrobeor accent your own personal style in general.

So what's to love about eyeglasses today? First of all, they're optional.

Since they're no longer the only way you cancorrect your vision, we've got contacts and laser corrective surgery.

You can wear them as often or as seldom asyou like.

Another big plus is that glasses today aremuch more affordable.

Especially now that online retailers havegotten into the game and we'll send you multiple pairs to try on at home for a relatively lowprice.

It's easier than ever to find frames thatyou're going to love.

Furthermore, retailers these days are offeringa wide range of materials other than just plastic or metal so you can definitely findsomething that will suit you.

Finally, it must be said that glasses makeyou look smart.

It's not just a stereotype, it's actuallybeen scientifically proven.

Also, glasses can add maturity to youthfulfaces and the youth to mature faces.

If you find the right pair, they'll do whatyou need them to.

So now let's get into the basic anatomy ofwhat my glasses eyeglasses.

As you might well imagine, they're constructedof several different parts that work together.

Most pairs typically consist of a pair ofrims which secure the lenses.

A bridge which connects the rims, and templeswhich extend over the ears.

Depending on the style of glasses, other detailsmay also exist including nose pads, temple tips, or a brow bar across the top.

But we'll get into those details later.

First, let's talk about the various constructionmaterials that can be used to make eyeglasses starting with plastic.

Cellulose acetate is a plastic polymer that'smade from wood pulp and then molded into sheets.

Individual frames are then cut from thesesheets and hand polished.

This is a little bit more labor-intensivethan using simple extruded plastic so that's where a little bit of the extra cost comesfrom.

As a plus, acetate is stiffer, heavier, andmore durable than standard plastic so that's why it's a good choice for eyeglasses.

Multicolored patterns such as tortoiseshellare far more beautiful and acetate since the pattern was created over an entire sheet.

If it were extruded plastic, that patternwould have to be painted on which generally doesn't look as nice.

There are a few disadvantages to acetate eyeglasses.

In general, they're harder to adjust thanmetal and they can be a little bit heavier.

They're alsoslightly more prone to snapping.

Overall, because of its beauty and durability, we would definitely recommend acetate as a choice for your eyeglasses.

Next up let's talk about a lightweight easilyadjustable construction material, metal.

Often you'll see glasses constructed fromtitanium, aluminum, or various alloys.

They're typically corrosion resistant whichis a good thing if they're going to be sitting on faces that might sweat.

Metal is particularly well suited to thinnerframes especially in round or rectangular shapes.

At the same time, there are a few disadvantagesto metal frames too.

First of all, they can be easily bent or misshapenand because metal often has a strong memory, they can't necessarily be reformed to exactlythe way they were before if the bending was severe.

There are people out there with metal allergiesand they may run the risk of reacting to metal eyeglass frames as well.

Finally, coated metal frames can also losetheir finish over time which will cause them to age faster than plastic frames.

Lastly here, let's talk about natural frames.

Though they're a bit harder to find and generallymore expensive, you are still able to find natural frames and such materials as wood, bone, or shell.

Wooden frames are a more recent trend andthey're constructed similarly to plastic frames, for the most part.

They're typically made from hardwood and thenfinished with a more precious wood on top.

Horn is another option often from a buffaloor a deer they're usually hand-carved and then polished and because of their striationsand matte finish, they end up being a really elegant choice.

Tortoiseshell is largely illegal these days.

Any shell that was harvested after 1973 isnot allowed to be sold but if you're particularly determined, you could probably find a pairat a vintage retailer.

Be warned, however, they are fairly expensivebecause they're so rare.

Overall, natural materials can be a distinctivechoice but they require a little bit more effort and maintenance on the wearer's partso metal and plastic might be easier choices to go with at least at first.

Next let's talk about some recommended stylesof eyeglasses.

Fortunately, for the stylish gent, there aremany types of classic frames that are currently back in fashion.

Note that there are many variations on allof these styles so if you don't think that some of the samples we're going to show todaywould necessarily suit you, there's a retailer out there that will probably have a slightvariation on what we are showing that might fit you a little bit better.

First, let's talk about brow line glasseswhich are defined by a top-heavy strong frame along the brow line and across the temples.

The frame is completed along the bottom bythin metal wires which have the general effect of drawing the eye upwards towards the moredefined part at the top.

This style is particularly evocative of the1950s and 1960s when it was worn by notable figures including Malcolm X or President LyndonB Johnson.

This style is particularly good at addingmaturity to youthful face but if you are an older gentleman, be careful with the typeof brow line frames you choose because they can risk looking a little bit dated.

Browline glasses are great for creative peopleor those who are simply looking to blend a bold statement with a more classic styleof frame.

Round metal frames have typically been thechoice for the counterculture, youth culture, and other sorts of resistance movements, andin the last few years, we've started to see them re-enter the mainstream again.

Favored by people including Steve Jobs, Gandhi, and John Lennon, they're a choice for somebody who feels that they are just a little bitoutside of the mainstream.

Overall, round metal frames are great forpeople who are creative and a little bit quirky.

Unlike round metal frames, round plastic frameswith a keyhole bridge are the epitome of stylish mainstream menswear.

These frames can add maturity to youthfulfaces but unlike browline glasses, they also work perfectly well on seasoned gentlementoo.

For example, my own glasses happen to be inthis style with a little bit of squaring across the top and just a suggestion of a keyholebridge.

So they're a little bit more modern but definitelystill in this mold.

Finally, in this section, let's talk aboutrectangular frames which can make a variety of statements.

Long thin frames are more simple and pedestrian, while thick rectangles in darker shades make a bold statement for a man of any age.

This style is particularly good at addingyouth to more mature faces particularly if you opt for a bolder color such as dark blue, clear, or tortoiseshell.

Next, let's talk about how to find the righteyeglasses for you since finding a pair that suits your own personal style, skin tone, and face shape, can require a little bit of trial and error.

We've done some previous videos on how tofind the right pairs of sunglasses for your skin tone and your face shape which you cancheck out here and luckily they cover much of the same territory but we'll still discussa few of the key points here.

The biggest difference between eyeglassesand sunglasses is that most men are typically wearing sunglasses for only a brief stretchof time.

On the other hand, you could be wearing eyeglassesas often as all day every day so you want to make sure that you're choosing the rightpair for you.

So stay tuned for part two of our eyeglassesguide which we'll discuss in depth how to pick the right frames for your face shapeand skin tone and also the best ways to shop for glasses.

To wrap up today's video, glasses are nowtreated more like fashion items than the medical appliances they once were.

They strike a unique balance between fashionand function and they can often be a great visual shorthand for a wearer's personality.

So if you wear glasses, what kind do you wearand more importantly, how do you pair them with your outfits? Share with us in the comments below! In today's video I'm wearing a vintage camel-hairjacket and a green shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt the tie from Fort Belvedere is silk and featuresa houndstooth pattern in pearl gray and bottle green also from Fort Belvedere are the cufflinkswhich are gold-plated sterling silver they're an Eagle Claw design and they feature tiger'seye as the stone furthermore the boutonniere is an Edelweiss also available from Fort BelvedereI'm wearing an English silk pocket square the green echoes green elsewhere in the outfitand its primary colour which is a burnt orange ties in with the various shades of brown thatI'm wearing my trousers are plain brown my socks are green and feature a zig-zag patternand my shoes are tan derbies which feature full broguing and as always don't forget tosubscribe to the channel so you never miss another one of our videos.

The Eyeglasses Guide, Part II: The Right Pair for Your Face & How to Buy

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! Today's video is our second part of our serieson eyeglasses in which we'll discuss how to determine your face shape and skin tone, howto find the right glasses based on these factors, and some considerations for buying.

One reminder before we jump in today, youcan find the first part of our guide on eyeglasses here in which we discussed a brief historyof how glasses came to be and some different types of eyeglasses that are considered classicsin menswear.

So today let's talk about how to find theright glasses for you.

As we touched on briefly in the last video, there are some different considerations to take into account when choosing eye glassesover sunglasses which we've talked about previously.

Unlike sunglasses which are typically onlyworn for short stretches of time, eye glasses can be worn all day every day.

As you might imagine given this, finding theright pair of eyeglasses that suits your face shape, your skin tone, and your own personalsense of style can take a little bit of trial and error but it is possible.

Luckily, most of the same processes that gointo choosing a pair of sunglasses also apply to eyeglasses.

If you haven't done so already, you can checkout our previous guides on sunglasses here.

In general, make sure to adjust your expectationsto the fact that you'll be wearing eyeglasses for longer stretches of time.

For example, aviator styles might look goodas sunglasses but they might not work as all day eyeglasses.

So how do we determine what style of eyeglassesis right for you? Well, the first thing we should do is determineyour face shape.

The shape of your frames must play well withthe shape of your face and as you might imagine, a pair of frames that looks good on one manmight look completely out of place on another.

There are six basic face shapes that everyman fits into, you're either square, round, oblong, diamond, heart-shaped, or oval.

To find out what shape you are, you will needmore than just a mirror.

Ideally, you'll also have handy a pencil andpaper and someone to help you.

To begin the measuring process, we'll startat the forehead measuring across from the widestpoint.

Remember, don't wrap the tape measure aroundthe curvature of your head.

We're going to be measuring its dimensionsas if it were a flat two-dimensional object since that's essentially how it's going tobe seen when people are looking at you.

The tape measure should only be touching onepoint on your head like a line tangent to a circle.

Write down the number you measured for yourforehead, it goes without saying that we'll be writing down all of these numbers so youcan compare them at the end of the measuring process to determine your face shape.

Next, move downward to measure your cheekbonesand then move downwards still to measure your jaw line at its widest point.

Finally, measure the length of your face bytaking the tape measure and placing it vertically, first at the top of your forehead by yourhairline and then down to the bottom of your chin.

To determine which face shape you have, lookat the numbers you've got and compare them to the advice we're about to give for howto spot different face shapes.

First, we'll talk about oblong faces whichin general are longer than they are wide.

For the most part, the measurements of yourjawline, cheeks, and forehead will all be fairly similar for an oblong face shape.

Smaller frames probably aren't going to doyou justice instead you should be going for a larger frame with some thickness to it.

Sharp angles and concise lines are going toadd some definition to your soft facial features and give you a more masculine look.

So in general, rectangular frames could bea particularly good choice for an oblong face.

Next, we'll talk about heart-shaped faces.

These are basically inverted triangles meaningthat you have a smaller more pointed chin in comparison to your cheek and forehead measurementswhich are wider and roughly about the same.

The best frames for you are going to be onesthat even out your faces proportions so opt for rimless or semi-rimless frames that arethinner in nature.

If you do want a little bit more thicknessin your frame, focus on finding a frame that points the attention downward toward the narrowerpart of your face at the chin.

Next, we'll talk about square face.

As you might well imagine, these are prettymuch as long as they are wide and the edges of your face are probably going to be mostlystraight up and down or straight across.

In particular, at the jawline, you're probablygoing to notice concise sharp corners rather than a more rounded gradual edge.

Since you have a distinctive and chiseledface with bold features, you're going to want round frames that softened the appearanceoverall.

You should opt for a circular or generallyrounded shape possibly with some frames that have some variation in thickness at differentpoints around the rim.

Next are oval faces which you can also thinkof as being roughly similar to the shape of an egg.

Oval faces are typically longer than theyare wide with a wider forehead a shorter jawline and a chin that's typically more rounded.

In general, be happy! Having an oval face means that you can wearalmost any style of frame with ease.

If you are finding a frame that you don'tthink looks particularly good, it is possible that you have a different face shape thanan oval and you might want to measure again.

Next up are rounded faces which are also aboutas wide as they are long.

The difference between a rounded face anda square face is that a rounded face typically has a narrower forehead and a narrower softerjawline.

To provide contrasting balance here, opt forsomething that's more geometrically shaped.

In particular, a rectangular frame will lengthenyour face a little bit and make it appear more like an oval shape.

Finally, we'll talk about diamond shaped faces.

If your face is widest at the cheekbones witha narrow forehead and a narrow jawline there's a good chance that you have a diamond faceshape.

With this shape, you want to focus on framesthat complement your cheekbones but also provide some balance overall.

Look for circular or rounded frames to offsetthe angles of your face and make sure that they're on the narrower side so they don'telongate your face further at the cheekbones.

Now that you know what frames will complementyour face shape, let's talk about finding your skin tone to give you some ideas aboutcolor.

The easiest way to determine your skin toneis to look at the underside of your arm in natural daylight, don't use artificial lightbecause it might give you a false reading.

You're looking for two important factors here.

First is the overall lightness or darknessof your skin and second and perhaps more important is the undertone.

There are three skin undertones; the firstof these is warm which typically has a green, yellow, or peachy golden undertone to it, conversely, a cool undertone appears slightly bluish and the neutral undertone is what youhave if you can't really see a particular color or if you can't determine whether you'reone or the other.

If you have light skin with cool undertones, that's another way of saying that your skin will be light pink with a bluish undertonefrom your veins.

In this case, you should probably considerlighter colored frames perhaps in shades of blue.

Darker frames will make a bolder statementbut they might have the potential to be more overpowering on your face.

If you have light skin with warm undertones, your skin will be golden or peachy and your veins will give a greenish undertone.

In this case, you'll still want to considerlighter frames but they should be in tortoiseshell, brown, amber, or green, for example, we canuse me.

I have light skin with warm undertones andmy glasses are amber with slight suggestions of tortoiseshell patterning here and there.

Again, dark frames are going to make a boldstatement in this case, so you can wear them but exercise caution if you do.

If you have medium colored skin with coolundertones, your skin will generally be pink and the undertones will be blue from yourveins.

In this case, frames in medium to darker shadesof red, green, blue, or brown, will probably look good onyou.

If you have darker skin with cool undertones, dark frames are going to work well for you, black, dark Browns, gunmetal, or deep blues, would be good options.

For a more fashion-forward approach, you canexperiment with lighter frames which are going to give you a more high contrast look.

Finally, if you have darker skin with warmundertones, metal frames, dark Browns, cognacs, and amber shades, are the ones that are goingto work best for you.

Okay so we've established the shapes and colorsthat will look best for you but the question still remains, what's the best way to buya pair of glasses? These days there's an active conversationgoing on about whether or not it's best to buy prescription eyeglasses from an onlineretailer.

With the rise of game-changing brands likeWarby Parker that are selling hip modern frames with a user-friendly interface, the industryoverall has evolved.

So here are a few pros and cons on whetheror not you should buy in-store or online.

The biggest advantage to buying a pair ofglasses in store is that the professional staff there has been well trained.

They'll be able to assist you in all of thedifferent elements of finding the right pair including frames, lenses, coatings, and soon.

If you've bought a pair of glasses in-store, repairing or refitting broken or damaged glasses is easier too.

You can just take them back to the same placeyou bought them and you can sometimes even accomplish this same day which is pretty convenient.

There are a few cons to buying glasses in-storetoo, however.

The first of these is that the overall selectionmight be a little bit more limited.

You don't have a whole internet warehousein front of you.

Optical stores are still businesses afterall and therefore, they still have the same profit motives as any other business.

They might try to sell you an overly expensivepair of glasses.

On a similar note, the pricing can lack transparency.

You might have to make a lot of decisionsand choices before being told a price which can make comparison shopping longer and moretedious.

Conversely, one of the biggest pluses to onlineshopping is that prices are more readily transparent.

Also, competition between these online retailershas resulted in prices being a lot more economical for the consumer.

Generally, it's much easier to comparisonshop between online retailers as you just have to click through a couple of web pagesrather than going store to store.

One of the biggest drawbacks to shopping onlineis that you won't have any direct interaction with an opticianor trained eyeglass fitter.

So if your glasses happen to get broken orimaged it may take longer to send them back and get them refitted.

In conclusion, once you find a pair of glassesthat are right for both your face shape and your skin tone, they're going to suit yourown individual personality and they will be a great fashion statement.

As we said in the last video, glasses aresomething to experiment with and we hope you'll have fun with them.

So now that you have all of our informationon glasses what type do you plan to buy or if you wear glasses already what kind arethey? Share with us in the comments below.

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